I know many of you remember the old school Curves® Circuit when we go to the gym and get our workout in 30 minutes and is so effective because is a low weight bearing, resistant and hydraulic training less the impact of most gym machines on the market today.  Where the Curves are sadly closing across the country, Sow it Now is one of the many few keeping this fitness variation alive.

Zumba” in the Circuit Music and Moves Now you’re ready to begin! Let’s focus on how to use the music, moves, and your teaching skills to teach a fabulous Zumba in the Circuit class. The Zumba program uses the originality, passion, feel and flow of a song to inform the movement, rather than the synchro-synth-mono beat utilized by so many other fitness formats such as freestyle aerobics, step and/or kickboxing, which is all driven by the standard 32 counts. Teaching Zumba in the Circuit will be one of the easiest classes for a Zumba Instructor to teach, though it can be challenging due to the differences in fitness level, varying abilities of the students, as well as your learning to teach in a circular environment while monitoring participants on machines.

How It Works

The high-octane, Latin-inspired dance rhythms of Zumba®combine with the benefits of metabolism-boosting strength training for one complete workout. Oh my gosh, this is so fun and 30 minutes in and out for those busy working men and women, this class is for you!


Boost metabolism and get strong in one fun and effective workout. There are so many folks all walks of life that are missing this fun exercise. Don’t let the fun run out! Your body is your temple, make your choice today to become healthier and fit. It is between you and you. No one else!

Most importantly, relax and have FUN!  Zumba in the Circuit is a flexible program designed to meet the needs of participants at various levels of fitness. Keeping it simple and combining the basic principles of circuit training with the moves, energy, and passion of Zumba – and you are sure to have fun and successful workout at our Zumba in the Circuit classes! Below you will see when Zumba® in the Circuit is being held. If you would like to see our full schedule please click here.