Zumba Fitness Instructor Becomes a Personal Trainer Buffalo NY

Waking up today was not only exciting but rewarding.  Although, Zumba has been rewarding all in itself I always knew there was more.  Our bodies are so incredible the anatomy and kinesiology just blows my minds.  In the mix of the 300+ hours I have been studying for this extensive PFT exam for which by the way am excited to say I killed it yesterday.   Over time, I have learned hundreds of things daily and would say are you kidding me the body really does that??  I am so intrigued and excited to implement my specialty in the field right now.

I have to thank Zumba Fitness for showing me there is even more out there to persevere to help others in every aspect of our bodies.  When I was 16 years old up until 25 I was a Certified Pharmacy Technician and my desire, my passion to help others was always instilled in me.  I had customers that had come in that have put such a stamp on my heart still even today.  Something that burns inside of me to continue to show this awareness of health in each one of us.

This brings me to actively getting my Personal Training Career off the ground today.  Anyone reading this I would love to gather as much data as possible.  Possibly for a study I have in the near future working with physicians.  Which when reading this I am currently looking for a possible graphic designer to create an incredible portfolio.  If anyone would like to represent me in any way you believe would assist please contact me.  For my own personal records and data I would be honored to mail a “Self Assessment Quiz” to everyone willing to participate anywhere in the world.  If I know you and you know me you know I pretty much already know a lot about you and if I don’t know you and you don’t know me, it’s quite alright just ask any others and they will tell you your information is safe with me. 🙂  I really am excited as to what results these questionnaire’s gather and know and acknowledge the help of others this will perform.

Most Personal Trainers from what I am gathering this morning charge a least $100 just for this self assessment.  Not me, I believe the information we gather will be worth more than Gold.  If you can help me please message me your address or see me and say I will and I will get one to you.  Remember, no lying or cheating either if you do I will find out anyways.  Lol Just Kidding =P I wouldn’t but why kid ourselves when we will help ourselves and can for others too!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!

I am Joscelynn Ann Baio and Today I am your Personal Fitness Trainer =D

Together, Building Healthier People