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Team Failure
This is very near and dear to my heart being the fitness industry is my Forte. There are just certain conformity’s that require change and have so needed such change even decades ago. Gym memberships and the requirements they still hold are all a sham. I remember when I was 17 years old and had a gym membership and no longer wanted to be what I call now, “locked and loaded” No customer likes to be bound to a contract and yet companies still refuse to get rid of that mentality and even take it a step forward to displease their clients. Companies and the Customers Who Hate Them”, written by authors Gail McGovern and Youngme Moon is a perfect example of unhappy employees as well.

Team building is in a modern day relic of understanding and growing a team not just a heresy, but actually applying these very morals and values within a team. Granted to cover this basis is not a difficult task to still put the customer first and employees first as well. Failing to instill honesty and integrity from the top is a grounds for failure for the future. Gym often times still make customers sign their life away and lock them in such contracts that force them to stay for such time said. Not to mention the hidden fees. Now to all of us as the customers there is this lie that the employee of such health club that is such a conformity and joke that still exists today.

Review and Evaluate
The authors point this deceptive way of business in many different professions and the main focus here is the health clubs because it is so near and dear to me. The way these authors describe this poorly organized teams I could not have described better any other way. “Health club companies have a long history of luring customers with attractive short-term offers, assaulting them with aggressive sales pitches, and then binding them with long-term contracts. That’s because some of their most profitable customers on a cost-to-serve basis have been those who were enticed to sign up for a long-term membership but then rarely visited the club. Indeed, many companies, knowing that the typical health club customer will under use the facility, intentionally sell many more memberships than they have the floor space to accommodate” (McGovern & Moon, 2007). Not only is this a poor way to perform business in 2007, but it is a way that is still performed in this very many today almost a decade later.

Going back to my experience almost 20 years ago when I was locked into a gym membership with Gold’s Gym. I actually had a lawyer and went to court to get out of such a contract. That’s right that was twenty years ago and still these health clubs are still pulling this same old scheme that they have in fact done so twenty years ago. “Effective team leaders understand that the way they manage the team and individual team members is strongly influenced by the degree to which the team members are skilled and motivated” (Dyer W. G., Dyer, J., & Dyer, W., 2015). Leading me today to open my own fitness complex and not require my clients to sign their life away at the dotted line. In fact, allowing them the drop in

In fact, allowing them the drop in rate that has changed and will continue to change company culture through the years. Not only is the return rate higher and has proven so the past 6 years, but with a conscience here at Sow it Now Fitness that we able to know and understand we are an honest company to deliver service with honesty and integrity.

A wise man in his 80’s once said, “Remember that 80% of the success in any job is based on your ability to deal with people.” ~Unknown Author