You Were Suppose to Be A Turtle!!!

Its so hard to say goodbye!!  Little Man you have filled us with so much love and joy we can not even know what life will be with you not here.

June 30, 2002 your Dad and I wanted to start a responsibility together for we knew someday kiddos were definitely in the horizon.  We said lets get a turtle so we looked in the yellow pages I can just see the book in our laps and found Lockport Pets and said lets go there it would be cool to get a turtle.

When we got there we were ecstatic we found this Greek turtle he was funny we took him out of the tank and he would have been bigger than you even and slower just.  We started piling everything up all that we needed according to the associate.  The tank, lights, food, bedding, ect.  Everything came to $1,000 and back then with no kids it was easy for Mommy and Daddy to go halfsies with our paycheck.  

As we were standing there with the associate Fate had another plan.  Daddy turned by where the doggies were and I still learning how to care for a huge turtle.  I hear, “Jos come here” I said hang on I will be right back.  And there you were this cute little bunny up in the right-hand corner looking ar us like HI !  With your eyes bigger than your body.  And we were both like, Hi!  Mommy asked the associate right then and there, Can we hold him?  That was it!  The turtle turned out to be Our Pug, Nautica.  The name because that is all Daddy wore. 

I will never forget that ride home to our first apartment we had.  You were the beginning of our Beautiful Family together.  Grandma and Grandpa in NJ would guide Daddy and I on what to do for we had no clue on having a puppy.  Grandma said whatever you do, crate him.  Even if he wines and cries still keep him in there.  It was so funny because getting off the phone with my Dad and Karin I remember telling Daddy what they said, and we were so young we said lets do this.  Ok this was a big fail!! LOL We put you in this crate and we only imagined you were back at the pet store.  You CRIED so loudly it was crazy!!   We were in bed and said ok give it 5 min., 10 min, ugh Baby we gotta get him.  Yup, you guessed we brought you in our bed.  We did try a few nights, maybe even two weeks but then you were like nope that bed is too comfy.  You sure did you had us wrapped! <3 

We are go grateful for these 16 and half years the time we have with you to grow with you.  When we brought you to NJ to see Dad and Karin they would babysit you and tell Mommy and Daddy go you kids have a good time.  I will never forget trying to give them instructions with a coffee can and pennies someone told us to help to have you stop barking.  Hahahahahaha I think that even make you bark louder and longer than you have ever in your life. Grandpa was so thrilled though he got to share love to you like a proud Grandpa was.  He said just go, get outta here have fun!  He didn’t get a chance to Love on your Brother and Sisters while on this earth.  You were the one the first born son and the first grand dog.  

Mommy remembers you always on my lap.  While in our first home I was going to school and I remember being in the office doing work and you always sitting on alllll of my papers you loved to be held so much and also I think of the feeling of paper =’D Mommy got an awesome opportunity while taking the civil service test and passing at Buff State and had to go to training for 6 weeks to Georgia.  God was this hard for me to go.  You have stole my heart but thinking of our future and our future Family Daddy and I agreed he would hold the fort up.  I will never forget my return at 3am you running across the floor slidding with your contant kisses on my face sitting on the top stair.  It was so good to be reunited with my Family again.

We knew you were in great hands, when Daddy had to go to work he had to crate you because of your puppy mischief that we would do them over and over again with just you if we could.  Those same cries you did to us to not ever want to be in the crate you did it to Gigi who lived next door at that time she too couldn’t leave you in there we totally understood you stole all our hearts.

Firsts leading to many years we are so thanful to have shared with you.  As Grandma Karin guided us she told us we gotta keep you active and sure enough you may have been the first pug to have accomplishments in agility.  We brought you to Canines Sports Complex to join in competitions with other dogs your were amazing in the courses running with your Dad the most favorite you loved was the tunnel and the teater and weave not so much.  Table you were a pro!  This was a weekly thing like we were bringing our kid to school it was so cool.  Mommy and Daddy named you then your agility name, Nautica “Competition” Baio.  

We later brought you to PetSmart to compete in big time and I think you finished the fastest than any other dog.  It was awesome!!  Gonna miss taking you to see Santa speaking of PetSmart.  God you loved that place!

You have taught us so much Haasy!!  You taught us unconditional love, loyalty, responsibility, the importance of Family mostly.  Also, you taught us how to pray over our children.  Some may think is crazy but I prayed over you like no bodies business and you always turned out to be A Ok!  God definitely, loves us together as a Family I know many times he has smiled down on us.

You were there for our engagement Mommy and Daddy, you were a happy lil Man when you went to the Amherst Boarding Kennel that was your jam when Mommy and Daddy would take vacations.  You were so excited to go in and see your friends and that much more when we came to pick you up!!  

The time we came back from our honeymoon you were missing us but your personality where ever you went you stole everyone’s heart.  Everyone wanted to keep you and dear friends even got pugs because of your infectious love.  Pastor Steve and Debbie we remember them watching you and you stole their kiddos hearts Alyssa and Josh were like can we get a pug.  They still have their baby now too.  

When we were pregnant Mommy and Daddy we knew we were growing our Family.  You were very receptive to our Rach because that is the kind of heart you had.  You would sit right by her.  Not as a guard dog because you are a sweet temperament but a I am a proud brother stance.  I have tons and tons of pictures I will be putting together of all of the above.  Just such sweet, sweet memories.  

Then when Salvatore came home you were like finally I have a brother!  Sal is going to miss you so much!  If there is anyone that made sure that you were taken care in the small thinks every day was Sal.  

We brought home Aniella and again you loved and kissed the baby and took your proud stance.  I think you were just thinking another person to cuddle with.  The fun that we have all had with you the road trips, the park visits, the visits to the Grandparents, the walks, the parties, the Love we a just so so grateful we had with you!  Trying to keep you alive for the past 6 months has been too much we don’t want you to suffer anymore you deserve to cross that Rainbow Bridge.  With dignity, Mommy and Daddy will say today see you later!  We love you so extremely much!  We will have a big hole in our home now and miss you so much! We know you lived the BEST life you could have ever lived, because we live the BEST life with you so thank you Nautica for this awesome time and Thank you God for Blessing us with Wittle Man!!!