What is Zumba?

Already six months that I have been a part of the Zumba Family. I have to say what an incredible journey this is and to know it is just the beginning..just a baby still this excites me on the inside so much!! :”’)) I have learned that being a part of Zumba we are all connected in this special way…Like we are family! You know when you go to a wedding and get down and boogy with all family and friends you may have never even met before. Just a thought Zumba is even more awesome than that because the party does not end. I just had a client ask me yesterday..Do you plan on doing this for a long time? I really don’t want you to go anywhere :””’)) Really??? How could someone not absolutely enjoy this…If I were doing this for free for the rest of my life I would that right there people that come into our lives is priceless..No money could create lasting relationships like this! There are instructors out there that are in there 60s, I even know of and instructor that is in her 70s and even fought off breast cancer!! You are not kidding!! GO GIRL!!!!! I am so proud of her and I don’t even know her. So yeah you can see old Joscelynn Baio still teaching Zumba Fitness Classes here in Buffalo, NY 70 years from now…Okay, I’d be a 100 year then..maybe not that old!! Hahahahahahah

I have come to learn my profession a lot of people truly don’t know of this new Zumba Fitness craze. When I first got involved with Zumba I thought it was already HUGE! Little did I know I was now a part of a movement and this Latin Dance Fitness is just a baby! Slowly, moving up the East Coast, Zumba started in Miami Florida by a smart business man and amazing dance Beto Perez. Beto, was born in Columbia and came to the states with his incredible Latin flavor.

Zumba to me is fun, exciting, life changing, incredible, inviting, sassy, amazing…I can go on and on. I started working out after my second child. With Zumba I lost 52 pounds I am back to the weight I was almost 10 years ago. A Zumba dancer can lose 500-1,000 calories per class depending on how hard one works at it…I am all about in the beginning slow progression leads to results.

I know for a fact this is not only affective in weight loss. It is definately what I needed not having much time to do something for myself and a way to go out and have fun with people who want to do the same. There is no greater feeling than standing there in front of the room and seeing the smiling faces along with some awesome tunes we are dancing to and having a blast together.

So what is Zumba you ask..Zumba is the exercise that you cannot wait to do again..It is in fact addicting! The thought of going to the gym seriously made me exhausted just thinking about it. I do not like the monthly gym fees either. Zumba with Joscelynn in Buffalo, New York at New Covenant Tabernacle Buffalo, NY. avoids all that too. You can count on getting an amazing workout and burning at least 500 calories to 1,000. You will leave the class feeling energized and excited. I usually get my entire house cleaned when I get home. Lol Okay, in the beginning it was not always like this I was tired out in the beginning. After doing Zumba consistently I was most certainly gaining incredible endurance. The workout just gets better and better every time!

So if you are looking to lose weight..Hang with friends who are fun to be with..Feeling of a night out on the town..Ditch the Workout and Join the Party! You will see when you come out that we got it goin on!! I know for a fact you will have a blast!! See you there!

Your Partner In Success, Joscelynn Baio =))