What is Zumba?

I get a lot..What is Zumba?  It amazes me how many people do not know what Zumba is…My sister in law, Shanon Cappola lives in Florida (where Zumba was born) and she tells me how huge Zumba is there.  Shanon called it a “Fitness Movement.”  I have been investigating the number of classes all the way up the East coast.  Let me tell ya something…I know for a fact Zumba will be just as popular up here as it is in Florida in no time!

People ask, Jos what made you pick Zumba?  Well let me tell you…Most of you know that I work  my home based business with 4Life Research, product called Transfer Factor.  Giving me the ability to be with my 2 children always and giving me the opportunity earn that extra income families need more than ever these days.

Until one day recently, I reconnected with my best friend, Alicia Vella (Fiducia).  Which I have to tell you guys.  Alicia and I instead of taking the regular gym class in high school haha her and I the only two brick house females that took our weight training class (yes, yes and we had to even get permission from our principle to do this!) with our incredible teacher we called, “Coach.”  I would love to make a big shot out to him today!  If your out there buddy, “Booooyakah!”  Haha  That was the BEST!  So yeah, when we finally reconnected after all these years (once again thank you Facebook 🙂 ).  If I were to tell her then what she would be doing now I would have totally been able to tell you what the future would bring.  So Alicia excitedly told me of her amazing Zumba classes in New Jersey.  I so wish we are closer but communication is an amazing thing these days!  Any friends and family in New Jersey needing to get out and Zumba I will get you Alicia’s information.  Call me!  Alicia teaches at Bally’s and she is also an incredible personal coach as well!

So when Alicia told me everything I could not get Zumba off my heart and off my mind…So as a result I came to realization with my 4Life business…Now look where I am going with this..It is not that others were not not hearing me out with the Transfer Factor.  Which I truly couldn’t get for the life of me well because Transfer Factor miraculously helps people’s health and lives incredibly and why would anyone not want that?  It was not that at all…I was not hearing myself.  My delivery had to be something more..I needed to learn the body more..Educate myself and yes have a blast doing it.  My motto could not mean any less at all than it did 5 years ago, “If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right!”

Wooh Wooh Yeah Yeah!!!!

So Alicia all Love goes out to you Girl!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing friend that you are!  I love you my Soul Sister!!  Our destination is the result of our journey and I am grateful, and blessed at here and now!! xo

Zumba is a  fun and exciting Latin Dance party held by all like minded instructors who are all in this for you the party goers!  That integrity comes from the top, like 4Life I am truly excited to be a part of two credible companies that are just babies right now.

The 60-minute Zumba program incorporates footwork and body movements from flamenco, salsa, merengue, cumbia,belly dance, reggatone, cha cha, tango, mambo, hora..ect. Participants pump their legs, windmill their arms, gyrate their hips, clap their hands, dip, slide and spin — all to a frenzied beat that leaves them with flushed cheeks and dripping in sweat.

So be sure you get out there make a difference in your life and others now! Dance like no one is watching and work like your life depends upon it!!!