What are your dreams, your goals, your desires, your passion, your greatest excitement?

Do you have something you have been writing in a journal since you were younger that you have been rewriting over and over again that you would just be over joyed if that came true? Have you been wanting to do something that you know you should do or that your really want to do but just have not done it? What is it that your heart longs for…what is it that you want to do or accomplish in this here life? What moves you?

I have to say I do not know if we could possibly be on the same wavelength. In fact, I do not believe two people could ever be on that same pattern. What I feel is that could most certainly be created when two or more people agree on something or accomplish something together. That something could be as small or as big as anyone would want their outcome to be. Me I want more, I strive like most, my heart longs to help others and better my life as best as I can. Happiness is the most empowering thing one could endure!

If there is something you want more than anything in this here life, tell me…If there is something you want to accomplish share with me..If you have the drive to do something you have never done before and know that if and when you do that you will be all that more a better you!

I have been working with a company 4Life and seriously there are a lot of companies out there that have so many products out there I can see where people get all discouraged with what works and what doesn’t. I can assure you Transfer Factor is the ONE and only true love! Do you really like getting sick or do you like being sick? Seriously, that is how I feel people must really not care about there health at all because seriously every body should be taking Transfer Factor..your dog, your kids, your cats, even your horses, and yes even you! =))

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?? So yeah, I truly recommend taking Transfer Factor and giving it to the entire family. It never mattered to me more now with my kid in school. Those of you who send off your children to school hacking all over my kids. Listen, you’re inconsiderate and you really need to become more protected and be mindful of others. No one wants your stinkin germs! Now that I got that off my chest you can make your difference in yours and your families lives by being proactive rather than reactive. Order yours now http://www.freedombeginswithin.my4life.com

Again, we may not be on the same wavelength and I get that but what I hold here with 4Life and the opportunity to help others one person at a time is very well what we do together. So sharing the good news of building one’s immune system allows us to make a little income for ourselves and will be as big as you want it to become. I know we are all in different seasons in life a common goal could align us and help us to accomplish greater good together so let me know if this could be something you would love to grow with. The greatest rewards are self-fulfillment and personal growth…There are no two better feelings that are more to the truth to me to look back at my life and be so excited at where I am today and 10 or 20 years from now I have the ability to do just the same. Which means more growth is available to all of us! How exciting is that??

A great mentor of mine, Michael Bernoff could not have said it better. I don’t remember where he said he heard it but he said, “do you know where the most money is found? Oy, where do you think? Folks, the graveyard!” WOW!!!! Talk about heaviness on a statement. It is so true, we have so many gifts and talents and so many opportunities to accomplish many things that so easily we can let them slip right out of our lives. In fact, I could be missing something right now as we speak, I hope not and try not to but who doesn’t. =P As you have read in previous posts I have lost too many people in my life, near and dear to me making the statement above very true and clear. I used to have very I will call it clean cut mottos like we all hold at least one..which is kinda clever how we can come up with something on the quickness from our mind to define our lives…Hahah “my motto is…….”Just silly!! Well, what’s yours?? I really want to know what you come up with when you said those worlds?? Come on let’s have some fun with this!! =)) So yeah, those of you who don’t know me my motto is…I don’t want to regret not doing something in this here life!!!

As you know health and fitness are soooooooo important to me those with a physical or mental challenge there is definately targeted Transfer Factor for you too..just go under “Targeted Transfer Factor” on site above. I guarentee you when you try these products you will see what the heck I am raving about..I can only share the good news with you..you actually have to take the next step to help your life and the life of those near and dear to you. Or even complete strangers for that matter…

Which brings me to Zumba!! =)) Wow, I never in my wildest dreams be telling you how much I love my job!! Zumba is incredible, just incredible…There is no better feeling waking up every morning know I am helping people. I would teach a class 10 times a day, every day if possible…Though it is not possible I will enjoy every second with each and everyone of my students. Those smiling faces up there enjoying the good times we have, dancing to Zumba Latin rythms, doing something incredible for ourselves, for our bodies, is absolutely priceless!! Do you want to lose weight? Do want a healthier lifestyle? Do you want tight abs? A toned body? More energy? Feel better, Look better, Be sassier, Sleep better? Eat healthier? Get the results you have been longing for too long now? I know for a fact we have what you are looking for..In fact I have recently lost a total of 52 pounds with Zumba in less than 12 months after the birth of our second child. I know for a fact you can too!! I have seen it, I witnessed it, I am living it!! I am so excited to see your results too! That is THE Greatest Feeling of All!!

So whether you are looking to better your life with health, fitness, or finances all is totally on our side..Are you willing to take that next step? Doing what it takes to accomplish where you want to be and become all that your destined to become and more…If so come work with me I am your girl, the answer you have been looking for! The one who will support you no matter what and help to assist to get and achieve the higher goals you w achieve. Together, we can achieve greater heights together!

Let me know if I could help out in any way with Zumba classes as well…For a good cause I am willing to hold Zumba parties as a benefit to help others, help raise awareness to the cause, as well as charities to help those in need. If you invite others to a Zumba event I can assure you your response will definately be excitement =D Talk to me…tell me how I can help and let’s get it done!

When I say we are all in this together I mean it…We are one Love, one Life, one Passion, United that’s how we do! Much Love from my heart to yours! Sound too mushy or you don’t like it…Anyways, I love you too!!=)) xoxoxoxo