Top soil and Gravel

It was September, 2 years ago our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary.  Hubby and I got an awesome gift for a couples massage from my in-laws.  A day at Niagara on the Lake for an awesome massage with my amazing husband!  Isn’t a massage much needed most of or all of the time?!  Ahhhhh..I remember how enjoyable and very relaxing this time was.

We were on our way home and feeling nice we wanted to take a nice stroll in the beautiful  park nearby.  Whirlpool State Park Niagara Falls, NY was our destination to stroll.  We walked a beautiful tree lined, dirt trail along the Niagara River.  The walk was butter at this point.  We were feelin good, the air was the best to breath, the sun was shining, but it was at a perfect temperature.  I remember the feeling of I don’t want this day to end…Awe, kinda like our wedding day! :’)

So hubby and I started to venture a little…

The dirt path led to some interesting steps..A nice artwork of handcrafted stairs that were somewhat challenging and a little intimidating at times.  That was an interesting experience all in itself…I mean there were people huffing and puffing on the way back up telling us this is the only way to get back up..There is no other way back up to the dirt trail?

We walked along the river a bit looked at all the beauty that surrounded us..the sound of the rapids hitting the mountain on the floor we were standing on..just beautiful!  We kept walking noticing the trees are starting their change in colors.  So pretty this time of year in Buffalo, NY.  I have to say this is my most favorite time of year here.  I love it!

So we continued on the path..there are cute little picnic areas with tables to stop have lunch, grab some water, or for just a breather…We took the latter..yep no water…

Duh, we just had massages and here we are here acting Dora and Diego the explorers!  There goes our tense free bodies!  lol We are pretty much an hour into this hike and thought back and both agreed there was no way we were gonna walk back and up those forsaken stairs again!  Haha..

What would you do at that moments time?  Look up right?!  Yeah, we figured there HAS to be another way up from where we were! Riiiiiiiight?????????  Wrong!!

We started up the know when climbing a hill and there are some branches that hang above ground that could be used as leverage.  That was useful for a little while..As the mountain was getting steeper and steeper the rock became more and more visible.  The signs of trees were far and  few in between.  I was feeling like jello beyond this point.  My husband was so cute and is so much my hero every day of our lives still.  This was definately our personal little test!

So we are you know like on Lumber84 ground now..when you picture a pile of gravel in your mind that was us!  Mind you this is not a perfect plane where we can keep rowing our feet to keep us grounded until you reach the top.  No, this mountain was one with us at this point..we were standing up and so was the mountain and there was nothing holding us up!  Sweat and tears started to pour at this point.  I was in front of my husband he was my strength in this moments time….

The gravel got worse to keep our bearing was getting harder and harder.  I would slide having nothing to hang on to and Pete was sliding too.  All I can remember is saying oh dear God please get us outta here.  I was breathing so hard with my head down into the ground.  Crying I looked down and what I saw that was sheer beauty 45 minutes before..straight down was the gorge where I did not want our lives to lay!  I was so scared..I then seriously looked up hoping the coastguard would fly a helicopter down to rescue us.  lol hopeful right..

I then felt Pete continuing to push my butt as I struggled up the rocks..looked like about a mile up we could be hugging the wall of the mountain in hopes of a little walkability.  Pushing, sliding, sweating, arm strength I grabbed onto a beautiful tree branch that decided to show it roots…seriously a miracle…

Our bodies were against this rock.  Bottom of us we flush with the mountain..our heads were our in the sky it felt like.  I remember shaking no sharing to many words just wanting to survive.  One wrong step could make all the effort of coming up at this point come to a devastating end…

We shuffled to around a bend of the mountain is somewhat relieve of where we could stand for a second and sit in some mountain man made seats.  We still had a couple of miles to go and reminded at this point we need water.

We looked at eachother and said we got this far we can do this…I could just cry at the thought..We looked up and saw a path of what some previous hikers had created over the years.  Thank God…One thing though we did not have our hiking gear, nor have we ever done this before.  The hooks in the rock were our only hope to get home to our baby girl and the future of our lives together!  :”’)

As we were contemplating my hero found a brilliant contraption…There was rope that was lying along side this tiny path around the other side that led all the way up seemed as a couple miles to the top.

We took position, using the rope, hooks, and strength and climbed and climbed..The way up ironically at this point was resembling the stairs on the way down.  The plush trees were in our site as was the gardrail that protects the tourists from getting hurt.  We jumped the gaurd rail and quickly ran to the water fountain near in site!

We did it !  We did it!  We did it horAay!!!!!!!!

Best advice I could share…Our road is already paved for us in this here life..No one says it never gets bumpy because it really does, it truly surely really does!  That is the sheer fact why sidewalks, picnic tables, and park benches were invented for us to stop and sit to take a few moments to reflect!

Also, please do nothing strenuous after a long needed massage..Lol

Lastly, if you want to be adventurous.  If you want to do something fun and exciting. Dangerous even.  Please do it with those you can trust your life with.  Those who will die for you as you would die for them and with them.  Strength to accomplish something that life depends on that certain someone to be a team with you to struggle with you, to endure with you, to hold onto faith with one another, to perservere together, and to accomplish…that is what we are make of!

I dedicate my Love to you Peter!  We are all so Blessed!!!!  I thank God for my Amazing Husband and Awesome Man of God! Hugs and Kisses 😉

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  1. shaylee

    love this!!! I’ve definitely been there with some challenging hikes and David by my side. It really is what marriage is like sometimes… but it’s all about making it to the top together! love ya