Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating

* Be aware of the size and shape of containers. It’s the amount of food that counts, not what it looks like.
* Serve food on smaller plates and bowls. Empty plates and bowls cue some people to stop eating.
* Use nutrition labels, paying attention to the serving size listed. Consider the facts; don’t guess at how many calories you’re eating.
* Look past the packaging. A food’s package or the language on a menu can lead you to actually like a food better, increasing your chance of overeating.
* Keep visual reminders of how much you’re eating. Keep wrappers, empty containers, bones and other reminders of how much you’ve eaten nearby.
* Think about eating a healthier meal. Don’t just focus on separate parts of the meal.
* Control your purchases. Don’t let signs lead you to buy more than you need.

So hard to do I know..this would definitely be beneficial for our health…

Eating Out Do’s
Can you please:

* Remove the bread basket?
* Serve fat-free (skim) milk rather than whole milk or cream?
* Trim visible fat from poultry or meat?
* Leave all butter, gravy or sauces off a dish?
* Serve salad dressing on the side?
* Accommodate special requests?
* Use less cooking oil when cooking?

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