Thrills…10 Years of Livin the Party-ZumbaⓇ


On Thursday July 7, 2011 I have flown with my family to our family in Orlando, Florida for an incredible exciting weekend of the ZUMBA CONVENTION 2011!!! I am excited because not only is Zumba 10 years in the making, our other company that gives people endless opportunities all over the Globe, 4Life Research is around 10 years!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Coincidence and exciting to be a part of two incredible EXCEPTIONAL models for us to dream, believe, and help soooooooooooooo many others!!

My schedule consisted of so many exciting programs starting on Friday. Registration ended at 9pm and we landed at 7:30pm so I really wanted to get registered so I can start my Friday off right! My mother in law came to the airport we then went to the Peabody Hotel :DDDDD

Okay, so at this point we were at the hotel lobby..I was told the registration is all the way on the other side..AHHHHHH =P I can do this! 8:50pm I am running through the halls..I see Joy from Zumba Gold..Ahhhhhhh how exciting was that!! She really taught me everything in the beginning having taken Zumba Gold to start. I found her style is very helpful and effective. That was soooooo cool to see her!! Then I see the twins =DDD So cool they taught me the Mahwah Silah!! Sooooooo FANTASTIC!! Love Them!! K..So I need to get to the registration booth I have 5 minutes.

The last door to outside to go into the convention center is Jammed…Ahhhhhh..Oh no! So I bum rush literally my butt has to get there..As I was anxiously exiting the door this sweaty dude is coming out with his head turned away from me not quite paying attention..As I am saying excuse me he turns to me I realized I fell right into the arms of Beto Perez! Hahaha..was so funny I squeezed him so tight..You know how hard I squeeze LOL Well he said Oye Ve…Hahahahaha..That was AWESOME!!!

I ran thru his entire camera crew, jetted down the walking escalator and thru the doors..There it was A-Z and B allllllll the way down the way…I booked as they were closing up shop and there @ 9:00pm.

Ready to Start MY Busy Day Tomorrow!!! =DDDDDDDDDDD

Note: Girls and Guy Alike…IF you have not taken a Zumba Class yet..Make sure you do so! You have no idea the benefits your wellness continuum is experiencing..INCREDIBLE! Also, if you have not thought about your future and want to start now I challenge you to take a further look at 4Life Research and the opportunity will rock your socks off! Until next time…