SowFit Buffalo Bio

We have rebranded and are Sow Excited and Pleased to present to you and your associates: Welcome to SowFit Buffalo! Where All Inclusive Fitness takes place! No body left out!

SowFit Buffalo started June of 2007 here in WNY. Owner Joscelynn Baio moved here from NJ to work as a Department of Homeland Security to serve and protect our US/Canadian borders. As a US Customs and Border Protection Officer, this field has taught me diligence and a keen perception of individuality.

That year was the year my first daughter was born and knowing one child was not just in our future. Still giving oath to our Country and working within our boundaries, the hours on the field were tireless and no place for a family, I later resigned my duties as a Customs Officer and pursued fitness.

Physical activity and exercise has and always was my mindset that we must keep our bodies moving with my mom being diagnosed with a bone and joint disease back in 1987, this was from when I was 8 she taught me with her disability that movement is essential. I also had a sister that was one year older than me that had died with spina bifida who my first born was proudly named after.

Graduating with my AS in Criminal Justice in NJ has brought me to Buffalo and my continuation at Buffalo State College brought me to study to be a teacher. In high school and college, I took my fitness seriously and with no doubt anatomy and physiology was to be my minor. Our body is incredible in what we are capable to accomplish. The bootcamp at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center taught me physical awareness and the mental awareness of what goes on around us with our terrorist training as a result of 911.

Fast Forwarding to five years, and 3 babies later obtaining my Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Group x Training thru AFAA, BS in Sport Management with Columbia Southern University, American Red Cross First Aid, Inclusive Fitness with Individuals with Disabilities Credentials working within our Community thru Daemen College, and array of Group x classes including but not limiting with the credentials we hold, Zumba(r), Zumba(r) Toning, Cardio Kickboxing (AFAA), Pound(r), Barre Class, BootCamp proudly serving our Military, Transformation Challenges, All Inclusive Josh & Friends ZIC(r) (Zumba in the Circuit), 30 Minute Circuit Training with muscle conditioning and strength training machines, Zumba(r) Gold, Silver & Fit(r), Hula Hoop Class, SilverSneakers(r), etc.

SowFit Buffalo now employs 10 employees, myself included and job creation is very important to me as my Sport Manager degree allows my expertise on the field over 10 years experience to grow our great City of Buffalo. Working with many great facilities and events here in Buffalo has allowed me to be the person I am today to help others grow and be the best version of themselves possible. SowFit has also worked at the Niagara Library in Buffalo to offer our free services to eliminate aggression off the streets and save lives in Buffalo by getting folks off the streets and into the weight room. This is an extremely tough task but at SowFit we give a crap. VA Hospital of WNY is another organization we serviced to and as our service men and service women return home from the battle field overseas, they too have a place to call home at SowFit.

SowFit Buffalo is currently sponsored within our great Urban Development of Canalside(r) Buffalo Corp. and offering an array of classes at our beautiful waterfront downtown. The 3 major events that SowFit Buffalo hosts are Josh & Friends, which is our essential fitness variation for our DD/ID (developmental and intellectual disabled) population focusing that muscle conditioning and strength training is mandatory and just Zumba(r) cardio is not at the fullest potential for all bodies where the ZIC (Zumba in the Circuit) is essential. SilverSneakers(r) is another fitness variation we teach to our seniors here in Buffalo, NY This consists of low impact, fun fitness for which I inquire our Zumba(r) Gold expertise and for all fitness levels. Lastly, our “Get Kids Movement” segment that is widely recognized by our big corporations and sponsored by them. SowFit Buffalo is honored to getting our Children’s bodies moving and grooving. This too is all-inclusive in fact this is SowFit’s motto, don’t ever put a cap on what you are capable of and our mission is No Man, Woman, or Child is left behind.

Lastly, SowFit Buffalo looks forward to partner with our Buffalo Police to focus on our Children for they are our future. They are striving to make our city a more safe and more fun environment and are doing a fine job, our mission is to continue to work with our inner city children and surrounding areas to focus on our future generations to be more confident and self aware that each and every person is incredible and has a huge purpose in this life. We look forward to continue to selflessly serve all that the Lord is doing for our great city of Buffalo.

For more information and a presentation of our services feel free to contact us at information below. We are be happy to share with you more about our services as well as opportunities we offer to various organizations and corporations like yourself all across WNY not just at our satellite office below on the corner of Sheridan and Military housing our Sheridan Parkside neighborhood.

Live Healthy, Live Strong on Behalf of All of Us at SowFit Buffalo!

Warmest Regards,

Joscelynn Baio, Sport Manager
SowFit Buffalo
1292 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo, NY 14217
[email protected]