Sow In Love

I am so truly Blessed of the Love that surrounds me…The opportunity to pour out my hearts content. There is no greater feeling than sharing a special moment with those that you love and that love you unconditionally! I grew up with parents that separated and divorced when I was three there was no tension, anger, fighting nothing I knew about my entire life. I have been Blessed to have been brought up with 4 loving parents, not to mention the extended families as well. You can only imagine what Christmas was Everyone would have done any thing I mean anything to make each other happy and kept that relationship with each other through all of my growing years. Those were the days when love used to reign. Unfortunately, through the years my Grandparents, then my Dad and then my Step Dad went to be with the Lord just recently. The most difficult times of my life, yes but has most certainly made me realize the legacy God wants us to continue through the Love all of us hold within. Love is something special, something undeniably strong that no one thing could change that feeling. My Husband and My Children…If you told me I was gonna Love these Blessings in my life as I do today as much as I do and I could cry at the thought I could not wholeheartedly tell you this compassion that is instilled in my heart the destiny that hangs in our soul is I want to say indubious! I could have not come up with a better word LOL
It pains me to watch others create problems for themselves I will fight that until my dying day! Why burn bridges, why get revenge, why hold grudges. I remember my Aunt Debbie who was really close with my Dad. She told me she asked him before he left if he ever held a grudge..she witnessed that of him thru his entire life that he didn’t. He humbly said NO! :'(
I have come to realize that when people say life is too short…it is not really that life is too short it is truly our decisions we make that makes all the difference. I have not known an environment, a life of tension or friction (only what I have created for myself, of course) thanks again to the Blessed parents I was given. To watch that in others continue to live in this life is like the feeling of salt entering a cut…I pray for slumber to wake and weak and weary strength to perseverence is the greatest gift to prevail. The question that continually needs an answer the story of Love that never gets old.
I have to tell a story real quick and then I have to get to bed…
So Hubby, Daughter, and I went to Loews to buys some house plants. At the time Pete and I were teaching “Kings Kids” at our church New Covenant Tabernacle. This class was for our preschool children at our church. So we had to keep our cirriculum fun and exciting to keep these kids interested. So every week we had to think of an activity to do to have them really participate and take something from class. So towards the end of semester we were thinking of something they could actually have for the rest of their lives. An impact is what I was looking for…I was watching TCT one day and there was a Mom on there that wanted to teach her child a lesson of talking bad about anyone could really hurt that person and really even kill them…She said at first did not know if this was going to work but came up with this idea..Here we go an answer to mine and Peter’s prayers:

Rachael was 18 months at the time and we were at Loews
We were buying plants for our new home
I saw an entire rack of these dead plants (TCT mom comes to mind)
I call Pete over and said Pete, what do you think about this for our kids (King’s Kids)…..
He loved it!!!!
So Rachael, Pete, and I picked 24 of the dead plants that were there on the clearance rack..I mean they were like 20 cents each that is how dead they were
12 kids in our class
2 plants per each kid
We had a pair for ourselves as well..
We get to class on Sun. with this huge grate of these dead plants
The kids looking at us in wonder, like we are absolutely crazy
Each kid was instructed to talk to both plants, now they really think we’re nuts haha..just imagine what the parents thought who weren’t there lol
One plant..tell it how beautiful it is, that you Love it, that it is growing to be this amazing plant
The other plant..tell it it is nasty, has no purpose, is ugly..
We heard a few testimonies of flourishing and failings and of course of responsibilities which were cool. Then the stories seemed to fade with sharing stories of a plant that sits in their homes so only God knows about them 😉
I guess you are wondering how our plants did…well that I can tell you..the one that we talked down on never had a chance to grow, always wilted a little more every day. Eventually, became so frail and brittle it crumbled to pieces in no time :'(
Our other one excitedly, on the other hand..
Our Tiger Baby…We now need literally a big potter to replant it after almost only 2 years! Keep up with the beautiful growth baby!! 🙂

Truth lies in words spoken...

And that is a plant…just imagine what I have or could have done to a persons life?
I Love You soooooooooooooo much!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo