Social Media Is The Way! Well For Now…

As you can see from my previous blog about Mainsteethost, the company that has helped my business grow I have come to learn more and more that the world is reading. Not objects, these things are becoming obsolete..Being in a box is the way right now LOL Hubby thinks I am crazy cuz I feel like just one day computers are gonna take a kaput..I hope not but let’s face it we are so advanced today that we are busy keeping up. Did you hear we are putting robots in combat in Afganistan this month? How cool is this technology!?!

Having the ability to get ones point across, under, over, through is all at our finger tips..To me this is VERY Cool!! This is an incredible time to be in the profession of fitness too. There are more and more people to realize that we are here to take care of ourselves to take care of our loved ones. As Fitness Professionals as well we are in a crucial time to stick together. Helping those helping others helping themselves help us to grow in a better understanding of not our tomorrow..but right now!

Did you know that 2/3s of all cancer are preventable? That’s right proactively making the right decision in our lives it is preventable. Our only problem and we are all guilty of this all of us and I do not believe there is anything wrong with this not one bit…We need eachother!

I am going to let you in on a little secret..okay Well a huge secret one of mine…..I currently am in a scientific study with a heart doctor based out of ECMC (Erie County Medical Center) and those of you who are not aware of this Buffalo Hospital it is pretty high tech as of recently with the incredible machines and technology that will just blow your mind! Saving 1,000s of lives is putting it super lightly. So back to the study..This doctor and an many others from around the world are conducting what I chose not for any benefit of myself but those of other Mothers around the world.

Did you know that heart disease is the number on killer in Women in America??? Crazyness So when I was 17 years old I needed contraceptive to regulate my menstrual cycle sorry if this offends anyone reading me saying that I mean your welcome. So anyway, I was young yes and I smoked yes..Having these factors of my decisions I learned the hard way and developed a baseball size blood clot in my leg. I went to the doctors and they told me either quit smoking or stop taking the pill. Which do you think I chose. Well since I was such a bad ass I chose stopping the pill of course. Well luckily one of the factors was the right one at the time cuz thank God I am still here! =’)

Having my Father die of smoking a few years ago was my reason to stop smoking just a few years ago….It took that to stop that ='(

So I have to say the ride has not been an easy one with both pregnancies there has been many technical terms of how I don’t understand and will not fully understand until the end of time why or how I am still here…We call them miracles…This is why I say learn from your mistakes and if you get the chance avoid going through your own then use someone elses that defeats half the battle…

So working with this doctor there are two things that as most women (and some men too I am sure). We set ourselves up for disappointment…that’s right we anticipate and prepare for situations to be stressful…Instead of letting it all go and let it happen the way it’s suppose to happen we allow energy to be sucked right out of us. The second thing is not all people do this but some keep anger stuffed inside of us without expressing our feelings.

Finding a way to let go is so crucial in life. Myself is through Dance Fitness as most of you know. Some could be walks in the park, massages, sitting by the dock of the bay, have a party in your car, making crafts, and do me a favor..I am going to always do this now this is what friends are for…When planning events, parties, meetings, ect. talk to a trusted friend let it out there is no reason to keep it all in and/or be a superman/superwoman…That is so old school LOL Talk about it there is nothing wrong with telling others what is going on in your life in fact LET IT OUT!

Speaking of old school..the old way of using butter is no good anymore either =P

To conclude and from one trusted friend to another if you smoke..please quit! Give a crap about yourself as much as others care about you and if anywhere in this world you think no one gives a shit…Well I do! Thank you!!

Your Friend,

Joscelynn Baio, CPFT

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