I am going to let you in on a little secret. So you know I like music, right?! =P Well there is this one particular song that pumps me up when I do huge things it has for many, many years now. I put this on and just bock out!!!!

Life is not easy I know this but what I have learned is that when times are difficult hard and seems impossible THAT is when to move forward run through that hurt, anguish, and pain…The rush from the end result is the biggest accomplishment. Who cares what is going on. Who cares what adversity just slapped you in the face it doesn’t matter. Trust me this was the BIGGEST challenge in my life and I guess I just have too many angles over me hitting me upside the head so many times. LMBO I know now to literally GRAB the Bull by it’s horn and RUN!!!!! There is no better saying that it is not what we are going through that makes a difference it is how we deal with it that matters!!!

I just read something that spoke so deep into my heart. Work the fields, continue throughout mid day because you do not know when the profit is going to come to you. This is another lesson learned..Money is not a bad thing too many, myself including take the thought of money way too far. Some even WAY, WAY too far…Money is a good thing when working those fields.

I am proud to say a Professional Networker for an amazing company 4Life Reseach. When there are people who are willing to pay the price, willing to work those fields, ready and oh my gosh we are all so able amazing things happen and that thing called freedom just happens. Ben Franklin, yes the president on the 100 dollar bill said it the best, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Still so true to this day! When making calls to most of you, making big decisions in life, or just needing to accomplish something that has to get done I play this song. I recently sent this song to a Partner of mine in 4Life, Joe Coles in Port St. Lucie Florida, this song reminded me of him and the undeniably asset we are in each others lives.

Last thing I want to say is Rise Above, Reach For the Stars, The world is Yours!!!!! Now let’s go gettum!!!

So yeah the First Day of Zumba Convention 2011 that night I went back after a refresher @ my In laws my journey to The Peabody was an awesome concert with who? What? Reaally? Yep, Pitbull!! I saw him LIVE! Come on I am chillin right now…You know when you say you would love to see someone and you do…nothing better than that!!! =D Try it sometime!!! The RUSH!!! Ahhhhhhhhh…

If you are in fact looking for that opportunity to pay the price for what you desire in life. Get with me for a free cd. I will get it out to you immediately. Even during these hard economic times our business is SOARING!! Adversity worked at it’s GREATEST!