Recommendations to Prevent and Reduce Childhood Obesity–Biggest Loser® Pro

We are NOW in a Fitness Revolution!!!

Support local city zoning restrictions on fast-food restaurants near schools and playgrounds.

Parents should lead by example, eat all meals at the dinner table, engage in family physical activity, don’t buy fattening snacks or soda pop, monitor TV viewing hours, and make healthy school lunches for their children.
Limit video games and television at home and in after-school programs.
Support taxing high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and drinks.
Encourage children to eat fresh fruit instead of calorie-dense snacks.
Encourage neighborhood stores to carry fresh produce.
Encourage local schools to start a school-based community garden.
Support zoning that eliminates billboard ads for fast-food outlets near schools.
Support the requirement of nutritional information on restaurant menus.
Encourage local development of more walking trails and accessible safe areas for children to engage in physical activity.
Ensure school districts have required physical education classes and healthy lunch programs.
Support implementing a fitness index to monitor dietary and fitness goals for communities.
Encourage local communities to get involved with the “Safe Routes to School” program, making it easier for children to bike to school and after-school functions.

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