Practice makes perfect

Okay so whoever said that was so not perfect! What it should say is practice makes practice! Have you tried to learn something over and over again and told yourself I am so not gonna get this. I can’t do this. Even being so close to having a knowing of the absolute target.

For 5 years now I have been in my network marketing company psyching myself out. Not giving up..not giving in nope I have been seriously beating myself up being on information zone rather than learning mode. It was until the day I surrendered my being to actually learn to teach something to myself than trying to control anything I myself do not have any control over. Why do we want to live that way of life any way!! How exhausting that was!! Now I learned myself and the tools I need necessary to grow my team and as I love to reap all that I sow. I constantly look for opportunities to learn something new for that is in every opportunity in life that I always took for granted..The journey is ours!

I love Zumba so much..the entire thought that I could possibly help people through dancing is incredible! The entire Zumba family is amazing and the stories that I hear from fellow zumba instructors the testimonies they share are the heart warming stories that makes me want more and more!!

So sheer motivation should be the outcome to accomplish my goals, dreams, and aspirations of helping others and growing through 4Life and Zumba you would think would be enough. A few months ago it wasn’t..I allowed that self doubt, that negative thought, the influenced words to be the answer to my destination. How unfortunate to allow something so sad control my destiny..A great leader, I like to call my life coach, Michael Bernoff, who has really changed and transformed mine and my husbands life so incredibly it seriously brings tears to my eyes and fills me with so much joy and happiness!

No longer will I allow lies to overcome where I am meant to be…So as I am making decisions, establishing a relationship, assisting one in need, growing our team, practicing my Zumba Class routine, assisting others. I now know for a fact I may not master all this but I am for certain dedicated hard to win!!!

You too have the power to do wonderful and amazing things!! Go back and show them what you got!!! You want fight give em fight you show em you what you got! Put on your full suit of armor…change is soooooooo good!! Incredible, you can do anything your heart desires!! Listening and transforming is so rewarding…