Plantar Warts

I cringe at that very possibility to ever get one again in my life.  Summer 2015 my Family and I went to Olcott Beach we were excited to venture to sand and water and to our surprise was aweful.  So disappointing the NY Lake line has and there is nothing being done to restore its beauty.  Long story short, I got glass in my foot during this visit.  Trying to remove myself by picking and scraping (I even purchased a scraping tool) I eventually a month later got to the foot doctor.  Well all it took him was some drawing salve and boom out.  The healing process was not the speedy recovery we would all hope for.  Another month has passed and something was just not right.  Mind you I am a Zumba(r) Instructor, Kickboxer, and Personal Trainer and was truly an uncomfortable pain to endure.  I went back to the foot doctor and he told me I acquired a virus from the glass site, which grew into a plantar wart.  Oh my gosh, the pain I endured I tried EVERYTHING!  I tried to google the solution and it was almost like everyone was afraid or ashamed of the truth behind such a virus.  I was desperate the doctor first prescribed a medicine that was $3,000.00.  That right Three Thousand Dollars!  Can you believe some drug company had the nerve to charge us that?!?!  Anyway, the alternative in my opinion Imquiod was not any better being $100, but again I was desperate.

The people on the internet suggested trying duct tape, squeezing, scraping, pumice stone, and even the Imquiod burn my foot terribly.  Nothing worked!  With the medication the doctor had me cover in this tape then add muleskin over it so I was able to teach my students in not such bad agony.  OMG would you believe I then got athletes feet from the sweat of covering my foot for comfort?  I am not kidding something that was suppose to get better went far south than I could ever have anticipated!!!  It was now December and the suffer was from August at this point I wanted to stab my foot right off my body.  The pain, the itching, the lack of sleep, the difficult ability to continue in my profession was just horrid!!!

The last and only straw I was to take now was to contact my dear friend and colleague, Allecia Vella and  .  As a Holistic Health Coach Allecia Vella is determined to help bring Health back, one body at at time.  That is her mission and that Ms. Vella certainly delivered.  I have to say within two weeks of Allecia’s advice to me in such a dire time and honest to God, dark time of my life.  Lack of sleep is no good for the most average Active Mom and always on the go.  So folks, if you demand answers and guaranteed solution Allecia is God Sent and I am in tears to say I am100% healed!  Don’t live in agony and suffer no longer!  Your solution is finally here just reach out to and be on the road to your healing path as well.  Many thanks to you and your professional knowledge Allecia!!  You are Absolutely Incredible!!!! Oxo