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Where are you on the wellness continuum? What does that mean to you-you ask? We’ll everything! Wellness, according to John Travis, MD was envisioned by the term’s originators as a “multi-dimensional concept incorporating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a human being.” There are two ways to approach these perspectives either prevention or holism.  Are you ready to take your life by your own hands and take control of you?  I am and I am here to help YOU!!

The six dimensions of life as a person as a whole is emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and occupational. Many people associate wellness and fitness with fitness, nutrition, or stress reduction, it is really so much more. It is the will power of prevention and full development of each area of our lives. Think of it as a process not learned over night, but in truth is a way of our life.

Optimal health depends on our choices in this here life whether we are active or not, what we choose to eat, whether or not we are active, whether or not you smoke, and how we manage stress. Not taking these important impacts into account leads us to high-risk behaviors such as diseases and injuries leading up to death.


Today, I met with a client who not only suffers health challenges but needs health guidance to know and understand there is a better way. That is what I am here for! A mission and a way to practice healthy behaviors that leads to his high level of wellness and optimal well-being. Many diseases and disabilities have been identified as preventable, or at least modifiable. My Job as his Personal Fitness Trainer is to identify risk factors and practice prevention in identifiable areas, helping to minimize illness and guiding him toward wellness.

If you have any questions of specific challenges you are facing just ask and together we will work through them. There is a new trend, the start of where our health relies.  Please honestly ask yourself, Are you with stuck in the past reactive state or proactive with our ever changing neutral point?