Personal Training In WNY Just Got Hotter

I have had such a passion with Zumba Fitness for almost 3 years now. I have been growing and getting inspired throughout these years continuing to grow my Fitness Profession.

Let me tell you how Zumba Toning has lead me to Personal Training. Muscle strength and training are a combination of cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, and our appropriate body composition. I teach this fun and very effective muscular fitness class two times a week. Safety and form are my main body components I focus on to properly train while at work on each individual client.

I just met up with a client who has been with me for over 2 years now. Lost lots of weight with Zumba and eating healthy with weight watchers. She now wants to begin Toning asking me what the benefits are. I tell her so many benefits than just to tone. When working her muscles she will increase her work capacity even more. Not just working out but activities of daily living as well. Muscle strength and endurance will also increase her bone density, where as if someone is leading an inactive or sedentary lifestyle bone density is in fact depleted. As well as the benefits of an increased strength of connective tissue with the decreased risk of injuries to your body. With myself being almost 3 weeks postpartum pregnant I can already feel the benefits from returning back to exercise and being deconditioned this training I notice that alone motor performance is boosted with my trainings. Really overall feelings of self-confidence and well being enhance our overall the quality of life.

What is muscular strength though you want to ask me? When working during a toning session either a group class or a required one on one training session maximum force of a muscle or muscle group can generate at one time. When I work with my clients normally we perform two to four sets for each major muscle groups. These sets may be of the same exercise or from different exercises affecting the same muscle group. My average client will perform 3 sets of 12. When taking one of my Zumba Toning class you will be able to identify this pattern. My goal as your fitness trainer is to condition the major muscle groups, which is our prime objection to develop total body strength and endurance. What most clients don’t realize is that muscle imbalance occurs and risk of injury increases if only a few muscles groups are trained.

As your Personal Trainer, it is my duty to continuously and diligently work on your fitness profile to train you up to lead the possible and ultimate Zest for YOUR Life.

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