Olympics Now Buzzing A New Fitness Revolution?

In every living room across the entire world we are watching amazing, gifted and talented Men and Woman who work so hard toward a passion in their lives.  Inspiration at Most!  I truly believe these Olympic events are waking something up inside of us when we see the humbleness and determination rise up in each and everyone’s individual lives.  I have honestly had over 10 clients contact me to hire as their Personal Trainer in the past 2 weeks and this right here has a lot to say about our future.  Our wellness continuum consists of two side morbidity or zest for life…Which side are most turning to now?  The comradery of each one of us in a common state brings a unity of healthiness and folk I believe this fitness revolution has just begun as it has to!

This morning, I was just conversing with a tennis player.  He used to play 25 years ago attended tournaments won some, lost many.  It was not just the competition of the sport but the heart he had in it.  Well sadly he told me school happened, work happened, and life took over and he had to hang up his rackets.  The special part was we were at our little one’s tennis lessons watching them as this may very well be fruition of their gifts and talents.  This man reminded me of my Late Dad..My Dad too played tennis with a passion the Love for the sport was rewarding and enduring for him.  I can’t help but watch my Daughter on that court and see him in her.  Super sweet…Now honestly, how many parents out there in every living room around the world watching the olympics and dreaming BIG for their Children?  For example, Michael Phelps have you seen his Mom?  Soul support is all she has for her Baby no matter what our child’s age and that can make a difference their entire lives through.

We have to admit watching all these athletes is an eye opened to the endless opportunities we have  within ourselves.  There should be no boundary to stop you from moving forward to the desired place you want to be.  Look at “The Biggest Loser”  there is an extraordinary outcome for these amazing people who took the stand to better their lives for themselves, their families, and their children.  Why?  The unity of people coming together as a team towards the same or similar goals and the working diligently of every aspect of life.

Well in my Fitness Career I know for a fact the bottom line is absolute humbleness..

Great Job to Everyone Willing to Fight the Good Fight!