Obesity Crisis in America


2009–72 Million Americans were obese

2007–was 2.4 Million less

Ratio exceeded today above and beyond 15% in every state and 30% in 9 states

3/4 of Americans are projected to be obese by 2020 unless current trends are reversed

Can we say a Fitness Revolution!! Go Beto and Jillian Michaels!!!!!!

Obesity healthcare in 2008 was $148 Billion

There were only 13% obese adults in 1960 in America

More than 30% met BMI criteria in 1999

2007-2008 32% women met their BMI and 44% men met their BMI

1999-2000 5% women were higher than men

Obesity remains approx. 65%

2000-$117 Billion spent in obesity in our healthcare

300,000 Americans will die from illnesses related to overweight and obesity

Heart disease is the leading cause of death today

17 Million American with diabetes

16 Million have pre diabetes

Each year diabetes costs $132 Billion in our healthcare

Eye disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, early death

I am very Thankful and Blessed to be partnered with so many individuals who together we make a small difference in our health and to be such a huge part of our “Fitness Revolution!”