What is You New Year’s Resolution?

Those of you needing personal attention toward your decision for the new year we now offer this to you at Sow it Now Health and Fitness ! NEW Private Zumba Classes forming NOW! Private Classes at People Inc.’s Arts Experience are forming for the New Year and YOU determine when they begin! In 8 week sessions, classes with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 students will begin soon – all you need to do is register with Sow It Now Health & Fitness!! Register by…

*By January 3, 2014 $30 for 8 weeks! (40% off) *By January 6, 2014 $35 for 8 weeks (30% off) *By January 10, 2014 $40 for 8 weeks (20% off) After January 11, 2014 $50 for 8 weeks *Those who register prior to January 11th have input as to when classes take place! Classes will begin once a minimum of 5 participants have registered! Use the enclosed registration form to register for classes and chose which days/times work for YOU! Check out the benefits of private classes versus classes held a local gyms

Classes at: A Large Gym                          V.                           Private Classes 40+ students

Can’t always see the instructor                                              Instructor is face to face with                                                                    students

You pay for what you may not need                                      You pay only for what you want

Mix of experienced and inexperienced students                  All students begin new at the                                                                                                             same time

Difficult to get to know the Instructor                                    The Instructor knows you and                                                                                                           your personal needs

Cheering, Yelling & being called on are common                   Be as loud or as quiet as you                                                                                                               want – the Instructor is

Grab your friends and create a class just for you!!!!! there to SHOW you by letting YOU feel the music!!! *The start and end dates of classes will be announced to registrants when classes reach at least 5 participants – 50% deposit required with Registration Form. You are guaranteed a class at a time convenient for you when you send in the registration by the dates listed above.

Name: ______________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Address: _______________________________________________ NY ________________ Email Address: [email protected]_________________ Age: 14-20 ___ 21-25 ___ 26-30___ 31-35___36-40___41-45___46-50___51-55___56-60___ *Previous Injuries/Restrictions: __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

*Note: In traditional classes, there is some twisting, pounding, jumping, balancing, and bending of the knees that is involved. The Instructor will be tailoring classes to meet the needs of registered students but not all moves can be modified to eliminate the above mentioned motions. Each student should take precautionary measures to perform only the moves they are able and comfortable performing without the infliction of pain or further injury. It is strongly recommended that Zumba sneakers be purchased for these classes due to the level of support they provide and the absence of traditional treading which makes the twists and turns easier and lifts pressure commonly placed on the ankles during Zumba classes (zumba.com).

Areas of Focus (Check ALL that apply) Upper Arms Lower Arms Abdominals Upper Back Lower Back Obliques (Sides) Hips Thighs Calves Glutes (Buttocks) BECOME THE NEW YOU THAT YOU’RE LOOKING TO BE…ALL BY DANCING THOSE EXTRA POUNDS AWAY!!!!

Days/Times Most Desired (for 50 Minute Classes – check any open slots – based on Instructor availability)

Times Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM

Contact me Today! Please copy and paste registration information right from this post.  Thank you let’s make the the healthiest year yet!