New Year, New You!!

Things I am thankful for 2010…

I am so Blessed for the Family you gave me God, Thank you! =”)Watching our children grow and being the parents we are Blessed to be 2010 has been an amazing year.

In January of 2010, the New Year I am fired up with my business with 4Life.  The things still until this day I am so passionate for.  Helping others is my passion and 4Life is the answer. While having the ability to be with my children at home and raise them myself and not needing to have them in daycare is incredible.  I love that everyone has the opportunity for the same lifestyle that I am Blessed to live.  My job to share this with you is extremely rewarding.

May 2010, I was introduced by my friend Allecia, the Zumba Latin Dance Fitness Opportunity.  Her profession as an instructor intrigued me in many ways.  Having my home based business with 4Life Research and helping others through health I understand the importance of fitness and Allecia and I being the fitness buffs we were when we were growing up.  Allecia truly inspired me to pursue this career.

Summer 2010, truly a busy season I really took seriously the ability to help others thru Health and Fitness.  I first got certified in June for my Zumba Gold certification. Then in July I became certified in my Zumba B1 certification.  In the midst of these accomplishments I studied diligently to gain my AFFA (Aerobics and Fitness Associations of America) Group exercise certification as well as my Red Cross cpr/aed certification.

September was the launch of my new career..I have never felt I was meant to be doing something so much as I was to start teaching my Zumba Fitness Class.  My class started with pretty incredible people and still until this day old friends and new friends continue to be a part of something that is so helpful to their health and well being.  The movement is so highly rewarding.

November 2010, the gyms called Curves all across the world was just introduced at their convention the partnership with Zumba.  Where the party meets the circuit!  Zumba in the Circuit. I was approach by a Curves owen in Akron, NY to become a part of her gym to teach Zumba at her location.  Just barely hearing of this partnership on the Zumba end I realized something cool was about to happen.  As life happens, I have come to enjoy change, in fact my advice is to welcome it.  Most people I have learned myself included do not like the movement in another direction.  Until we realize we must go with that we are pretty much stuck in a rut.  Make that difference, make that change!  If I can do it so can you!!

December 2010, I was so excited to hear more about Curves and Zumba and starting to get more and more contacts by Curves owners all over Buffalo, NY to be their girl.  I respected my Curves owner Lee Ann in Akron, NY even more because she holds the same desire, passion, and goals familiar to make things happen like myself with her persistence to find someone as early as she got home from the Curves convention to get this huge opportunity with Zumba in the Circuit going.  I love that!  Let’s get it done!!

I am not done…this is just the beginning!  As I continue to help others gain perspective and grow just as I do, today I continue to work on my Health & Fitness Lifestyle Certification through Spencer Institute to diligently gain knowledge and intelligence and continue to help others help themselves with our ever changing daily health and fitness industries.  If we don’t read and learn and take care of our bodies no one else will that is our simple truth and reality.

Personal growth is the most rewarding gift we can endure every passing second…

Coming from a message from our Pastor Dave Rojas and a passion I hold onto for this New Year and years to come…I choose to not be successful, I choose to be faithful in everything I do!!

Happy, Blessed, Prosperous New Year to All my Family and and old!!  Let make it a GREAT year in all the days to come.  Together, let’s make a difference..together let’s make a change!!

With Lots of Love,

Joscelynn Baio