We are our own boss regardless of what you think or less importantly what anyone tells you. I grew up understanding the lies we tell ourselves are so detrimental. If we just arise from that dark place and as humans we all have them it is our duty to turn them off. Also, the lies told by others it is time to let those look in their own mirror and stay in there own mirror. That is why when we work out, especially during our intense workouts I say it is between you and you baby no one else!

I grew up like everyone else with adversity. We were coming home one Christmas Eve back in 1987 to be exact and I was in the back seat, step dad driving, and mom in passenger seat. Well a drunk driver ran a stop sign, hit us broad sided and we crashed into a brick wall. I just remember hours later my step mom pulling glass out of my hair piece by piece.

This is where my fate of my life lived. My mother was diagnosed as being terminally ill with a bone and joint disease. Which she is still here with us today now 2014. She lay bedridden my entire knowledge of knowing her my entire growing years still until adult life. Kind of exhausting how the capabilities one could have her whole life and the choices we have to always see the wrong ones constantly being made. Instead of vitamins and oranges juice drug and alcohol has always been their choice. My step dad did die of a heart attack a few years back and well mom still chooses to battle the addictions.

Watching all this in happening in life I am so thankful I found God and have been able to live the light that is so graciously instilled in each and every one of us. I always stood in amazement at the human body and how we are able to restore and heal on own is just so incredible.

My desire to take care of this body we temporarily have here on earth I know my passion is overflown to bring the knowledge to each individual who comes into my life to take the time to share the abilities that each one holds in their own lives. I always tell my client don not ever put a cap on what you are capable of. I have literally seen clients transform into butterflies and move like they have never have before. The possibilities are endless and I never give up hope either. I do pray that right person comes into my mom’s life that she will listen to and let in and they impact her with her limitless possibilities. God is in control!

Always remember, never put a cap on what you are capable of! Until next time….