Life in the fast lane

Followers want in leaders life changing experiences.  There is no idea better than the one that a true leader holds than to have the desire to have follower’s needs met and be a positive experience.  Time is of the essence in our culture today instead of borrowing dollars it seems each passing year we are just buying time.  Time is precious, so if must be spend not just wisely but with the utmost value.  Now, as the leader it is his or her duty to recognize what the followers not just by the want but absolute need.

I just recently read this incredible book written by a great author named, James R. Heldwein. “The ability to multitask is seen as enviable in a generation that appears to be constantly in a hurry.  The generation that appears to be constantly in a hurry.  The generation that believes that more is better and wants to have it all.  They feel entitled.  Most people seem to be in a desperate hurry to go, but to go where? It appears that whatever the destination there is an over-riding sense of urgency, of rushing, as if on a mission of extreme importance, all the time (Heldwein, 2014).

Where I just felt like I was just speaking about myself, my live in the moment intuition kicks in immediately and understanding that we all need to focus on the here and now.  Not wanting to slow down and enjoy the moment but with the necessity to do so.  To be this leader effectively to show each person their presence in their own lives matters now.  Not just today, tomorrow, but a lifetime goal to strive together.

I myself am a huge part of followership and this is how others can and will view us as being real because we all breath, live, and go through struggles just like the next guy.  To be soul support to one another is our God giving ability for each one of us to carry out.  In order to be the difference in other people’s lives we need to be the difference in our own lives first. Also, a challenge.  This is why understanding my family and my professional teams are so imperative to me, not just watering the well-being of others; but living and breathing with those whom are willing and able to grow in the betterment of their own lives; and as the awesome result the lives of others as well.

Courage is the one special trait we can walk these abilities out not just for ourselves but to instill in others as well.  Our textbook author shares, “Many people know intuitively that courage can carry you through deprivation, ridicule, and even rejection and enable you to achieve something about which you care deeply” (Daft, 2011).


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