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The secret is out I wanting to own my own gym is now out in the open! I just went with a Director of a well known gym in this area to look at a property to open up my own facility. I know for certain too many people are not being reached and I need your help. My husband told me babe, you should start your own “KICKSTARTER” account and like so many other social media sites out there I just did not want to create another time sucker.

Well when I went to look at this ideal property we have come to learn this building has been sealed up and neglected for over two years now. In my disappointment with the visions of bodies working out and bettering their lives, getting kiddos off the streets and involved in fun activities, and also the seniors in this area with nothing fun to do I got the upsetting number of over 1 Million dollars that will be needed to renovate this location. When there is hope I believe there is still a possibility and if our “Reading Rainbow” friend can raise millions to get children to love to learn how to read again I can raise millions to get children, young adults, adults, and seniors to have healthy lifestyles. Now this is my mission: