Ken Ton YMCA

2014 YMCA Annual Campaign from WNYMedia Services on Vimeo.

As most of you know my fitness career means everything to me. There are times when I look back and reflect and thank God how far I have become with this journey. To witness so many lives transform before my very eyes is impeccable to me. I have been teaching Zumba for five years now. First started with Zumba Gold, for the older or deconditioned participant. Now I have to stop here and reflect for a minute I not only learned the Zumba foundation here in this program but the woman who had taught me Zumba was an 85 year old Zumba presenter and a breast cancer survivor. Yes, I mean it she taught me everything I know today about Zumba. What she most importantly taught me in life is NEVER put a cap on what we are capable of doing.

I then later took into liberty to teach Zumba Toning. Zumba Toning was the avenue I am meant to be on with the sheer fact we are to workout with muscle strength and training for 2-3 days and I would have never been educated of the human body as to follow the beneficial fitness aspects of Toning if it were not for my Personal Training Certification through AFAA (American Fitness Association of America). Now being my second favorite specialty I have a new found love.

Aqua Zumba where the party meets the water! Water aerobics are so good for the human body and less impact is on our bodies. Just an awesome program I am so blessed to now lead at the Ken Ton YMCA on Belmont Ave. in Tonawanda. If ever in the area and you have never been to this Y feel free to come visit the pool on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am. Just go to the front desk and tell them I sent you. Who would have ever thought you can actually sweat in the pool!?!