Someone did have a question about gifting to yourself..LOL Well, in fact, Deal Chicken did forget to put my allowance of up to 4 purchases person. So, Yes! I will honor gifts to yourself for you are the most important! =D

What a day!!!! I am so thankful for today and the new hour that is given to us. Adjustments anyone? LOL Our routine will def. require some time 🙂 As a lot of you have said this morning I was like right there with ya..Our Little Man was up @ 5:30am could it be that we are loosing lots of sleep when we gain time. Ahhhh..just sleep when we die, right! Right! I really can’t wait to hit the floor with some Zumba later to get my endorphines going and heart pumping with excitement!

So I woke up to the surprise of Deal Chicken..Yup, I knew it was coming but actually seeing it was really cool. I remember Marty from Channel 2 calling me on a warm summer day giving me the break down of how this works and I was sceptic at first because it was not “Groupon.” I did my research and learned that Deal Chicken is now a small town Buffalo Company, who I now believe in and I believe they will make it really big and I hope that I help that for them as much as they helped me! If you know anyone who has a business in Buffalo for a listing for exposure let me know I will be happy to hook you up with a really great guy.

I Love what I do..I Love to have Fun..But Most Importantly I Love to Show people they are Capable of Doing Anything..Yup Anyone Can and Should Do What Their Heart is Tugging Them To Do! This is God’s Gift to me and I am so Blessed and Thankful to Live This Here and Now 🙂

I would like to Thank those whom have contacted me and those who have joined our incredible bunch. Each one person is very special to me and know that your success is my responsibility. But, as I just told our newest member, a Doctor from Roswell I will be your accountability partner yes, but I need you to meet me half way. Slow progression=results and results is what your passion will get. I myself have lost 62 pounds so I know Zumba is exhilerating and exciting, I get it. So what are you goals? What are your dreams? Who are you living healthy for? What health challenge could you be facing if not taking those steps?

Don’t miss out on this today only, Deal Chicken Deal going on today 10 Classes for $25. Prices will go back to 10 classes for $50 or $10 per class at midnight tonight. Our Zumba newbs always know and remember your are not alone..I got your back…this is the average price you will find all across the world. Did I mention, no gym fees. Get on this great deal! I feel like a saleswoman I am so not! LOL So get yours today and also if you are thinking of starting your Holiday Shopping. Here you go!! A Great Gift for those you care about! 😉
IMPORTANT: Please Don’t forget to Vote for Tomorrow’s Election Day!!!!

Last but not least, I am also excited to offer…Anyone who decides to donate items to Buffalo City Mission will receive a free class from them to a Zumba Class with Joscelynn Baio ($10 Value). Just like them on FB to be updated with necessities. Get plugged in today!

Thank you sooooooooo much for reading, if you’d like to respond I’d enjoy your writing, if you’d like to join us and look at that Beautiful Incredible Bunch in that Picture! =D I look forward to Us Dancing!!!! See you next time! 😉

Together, Building Healthier People