Where do I begin…good times, bad times, happy times, sad times!

Each and every person in my Life I could tell you something special about you and some way you have changed or affected my life…I do not take relationships lightly I never have and never will..they are very important to me..so if you are not in this specific blog it’s not because you are not a part of my life’s it’s just that I have way toooo much to write about you! LOL j/k The truth is you will definately come up sometime or another and I love you to pieces!

1994, ShopRite cashier that was a fun job working with a lot of people..In fact, I was offered tons of jobs and given business cards every week to come and work for many people that became regulars at my checkout line..Here I am 17 years old and many business opportunities and none ever felt meant to be. Until, one day the store manager approached me and told me he has been seeing my growth with the company and found a perfect match to promote me to the pharmacy. I was all about that! Excitedly, I accepted! Meeting a new department meant meeting a new knowledge not knowing what God truly had paved for my future. Then there is Jennifer Hendley, Owner of http://ukhaircompany.com/ Jennifer taught me everything there is to know to run a pharmacy and to run it smoothly! Not to mention, 17 years now…holy crap 17 years!! Jen, the specialist in chemistry is still the specialist with my hair today…She is the BEST!! I will travel the 500 miles to her anytime!

1997, January 24 I took pride in the fact to land the best (pharmacy technician) job any one could ever ask for and I worked for the most amazing boss, Eli Korn…He taught me for over 10 years about work ethic and how important it is to bust our butt to earn everything we want to accomplish in life and continue to do so! That was the best job in the world and the ultimate crew to work with ever! This experience gave me the drive obtain my pharmacy technician certification through Columbia Southern University. I am so grateful for Eli and for who I am today because of Poet’s Square Pharmacy!

2002, I met the most amazing man Peter Baio my husband to be that I knew that truth when fate happened in our lives and struck us both with love of the garter and bouquet at our late best friend’s wedding..Yes we both caught it! True story! No one can never tell me God does not know what he is doing! EVER!!

2003, I was very intrigued by stories one of my favorite Poet’s pharmacy customers, proactive American, dear friend, and mentor.  Peter Caram visited every day with the most amazing stories of his work with the Port Authority Police as an Officer during the 1993 bombing in the World Trade Center. In fact I highly recommend you read Caram’s eye opening book about the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing:http://www.amazon.com/1993-World-Trade-Center-Bombing/dp/185756586X

Caram’s writings was thought out and written immediately following the 1993 World Trade Bombing and foresaw 9-11-01 to happen in fact the entire book was published Oct. 2001.

June 2003, I graduated with Presidents High Honor Roll with an A.S. degree in Criminal Justice…Peter will tell you he wrote my papers, so not true lol but yeah he definitely did help me through some real trial times but hey those are the best ones, right!

2004, My CJ degree landed me in a very extensive background check and lifelong interview process to land a job with the Department of Homeland Security. I gave oath to our country as a US Customs Officer. Bringing me to FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) with an intensive anti-terrorist boot camp training that certainly kicked my butt and changed my life forever…Those 9 months were the…ugh..I don’t even have the words…God Bless our FRONTLINE is all I can say!!! I was Blessed to have known the right person, Phil Maddalena, to get me this job location..guess where?? Yep you guessed it, Buffalo, NY/Canada border to be with the Love of my Life!!

2005, Love of My Life, by Jim Brickman was played at our amazing wedding…Peter and I become one…

2006, 4Life Research I have been growing with this company that has been helping people’s health with Transfer Factor for over 10 years now…My approaching 5 years working from home with 4Life has assisted me not only with mine, my families, friends, and complete strangers health, but has been a huge part of my personal growth. As well as the ability to be home with my children. As we all have the decision to help ourselves to make the right decisions in our lives…I have come to learn and know about passion, perseverance, dedication, and love all in all = results…It’s all about the people, it’s all about the experience!!

2006, Solemnly, My Daddy went to be with the Lord…I am so Blessed to have Him take me under his wings for the special time I had with him here on earth. I know for a fact he is an angel watching over us all like the gazillion other angels we have, but my Daddy I know he is assisting to make this a better place..I know it!! I am so thankful for the personality and traits I picked up from him! The love and compassion he had for others and how he went out of his way to make the best for everyone even complete strangers was gosh something special that I must keep this legacy going!! It is my DUTY and I know I am not alone!! There is no greater love than a Love between a Father and Daughter!

2007, 2010, and now 2012 God has Blessed us with our three children who through their eyes I see the beauty of God’s creation and his Grace he pours onto others and sheer example of Unconditional Love that everyone has the ability to shower. Who does not want to be a part of their families lives and watch their children grow??

2012, I am on a mission for my family, friends, and everyone I am meant to assist on our journey…I always felt satisfied knowing I am helping people support their lives in exercise and eating healthy…That is why I chose Personal Training, Zumba Fitness, and 4Life.

If passion is what you are desiring to bring to your forefront in your life…you already have itit is within the rest is up to you!!

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