It’s not how high the bird flies but the song he sings…

Today has been a really Incredible Day…Waking up to the Loves of my Life to the song of Happy Birthday from the Sweetest Tones of My Children to the Sweetest Words of My Gentle Loving Husband. How so very Blessed I am to have such amazing Family and Friends in this here life..All day has been something else!

While my Daughter was in school little man and I came home when life can change direction in an instant it did for me just here and now…While standing near the kitchen window a small strike to our window occurred and most of us know the end result of this..Why do birds fly into windows any way?? God should have made birds have whiskers like cats and dogs so they won’t do this…haha true story of living and learning!!

So I went to the sliding door to see what lies on the ground under our window and there it was a baby bird..don’t know what kind of bird a grey one. Hubby says all babies are grey any ways! So I watched it it was blinking fastly and I remember being told if someone blinks fast it means they are nervous..this poor bird was winded and shortly after closed it’s eyes and took a gasp of air what looked like it’s last breath. I was like oh no, uh uh not today..not on my birthday LOL I ran out there sat on the porch with son and dog watching me out the door I picked this bird up and perched it on my hand and prayed…Lord please Give this bird life…

Isn’t it so true that parents are always there for their children no matter what, but not always there when we fall..Well there the Momma was on the wire above looking down at I am like is she gonna come down and get me hahaha

So this cute little thing comes back to heart beating super fast on my pointer and middle finger! Yay God!! Like my Aunt said this is your Birthday Bird LOL Thank you Jesus!! =D

So we have a bird bath in the back I walked this birdy too and wanting to make him as comfy as possible put him in the top part and ran inside..just maybe the Mommy will come down to reunite Hahaha…Not the case

I run inside get some warmer water because it is chilly out and the bird seed we have…

Son and Son are both still at the back door looking out so I leave the door open so they can both come out as I come out on a comforting mission..Haha
As I pour the water slowly in with birdie he skits out and flies! Does he fly into the huge world that he now belongs to? Does he reunite with his Momma and siblings? No, remember that open door I had…Well, you may be able to guess it…The baby bird decides to fly right into my house…The cup is still lying on the ground outside with my jaw after I lived this…haha

We go inside I am whistling, looking, digging thru toys, going thru closets in the bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it no bird..he just doesn’t want to talk..I had to pick up my daughter from school shortly. Also, did you know that this is finally the time the Momma wants to come and kick my butt…looking thru my slider like I want my baby..I just knew it..

After some time this thing flies in our living room trying to latch onto you can tell looking for like a branch or something and yep none of those are in my living room..pooping all over my room I was like bird just come down here with my hand out and sure enough he landed on the ground. I picked him up and said dear God don’t be scared just stay on me and I will take you out to your Momma…He did he stayed on I put him on the bird feeder and he flew away! Yay!!

That was a special part of my day amongst many…

Then my Dear Friend Jen comes over and surprises me with her delish banana bread!! Yummmmm!! So good…So Glad there is Zumba tonite because this Girl needs to work it!! Thank you Honey and your card is so beautiful too!! So thoughtful and so special!! I am soooo Blessed!!!

Ms. Maria came over to watch the kiddos and Pete and I went to my Akron Curves where I teach Zumba in the Circuit and he video recorded our class. Stay tune for these awesome clips!! =D Also, Lee Ann my sweet heart boss had a cake and presents for me! Those ladies are truly somethin else!! If you are truly looking to be a part of an incredible bunch of other women who are amazing come and join us! I know for a fact your life will be transformed as well as mine is! I love them all and you will too and it all starts with the Incredible Owner, Lee Ann Dussaeult. To reserve your spot call Curves @ 716-542-5615!

The awesome birthday night ended with a nice dinner with Hubby! Not to mention the sweet birthday wishes voicemail, text, and gosh Facebook is truly something else..A real awesome way to really make someone else feel so special!! I was really blown away at what you all took the time to write..As much as I hate the fact that the computer world has taken over..the advantage is some true really true former lasting friendships and relationships lasting through today!! I thank God for those of you in my life today and every day!!

Thank you all for such a Beautiful Day!! I dedicate this song to you: