Imagine the Growth

For a long time I have felt something that has kept me back from doing a lot of things. I have always wanted more in life. Not more materialistically because I really didn’t come from that type of background. Wanting more was to want betterment not just in my life but the lives of others. Heartache and strife that we endure in our lives is the mere thing that leads us to where we are today for sure. Do we want to stay there is the question? Was being the person you were the dream you wanted to come true as a child? Or the question in Kindergarten..What do you want to be when you grow up? Was that just a silly activity we did back then or is it really life’s learning lesson? I enjoy the fact that we all have our own joys, pains, sorrows, hurts, excitements and just goes to show we truly are no alone! There is not one person that we cannot relate to, talk with, learn about that we can always share in eachother’s lives. As I have said probably many times before. It is not about the problems or situations that experience it is how we deal with them makes all the difference. There was always a crutch that always held me back that held me from pursuing the desires of my heart. I do now know and understand today that crutch was in fact fear.

The freedom to be able to speak my heart with no one or nothing to be in the way of what has been encapsulated for many years, my whole entire life. The opportunities we all have in our beings are so treasure to not preserve but perservere with! There is a place for prayers to be heard and the very same place they may be answered..the temple in which we dwell. We reap what we sow is not a materialistic verse in the bible where I do see where most would believe in just mere money or objects. No what I want to reiterate sowing for the body is incredible. I had no idea truly what this body is capable of. There truly is no cap as I tell my not put a cap on what you are capable of doing…EVER! I have been told after my Zumba Fitness Class I never know I could move like this and I tell them that very thing…We all get caught up in our every day routine that is not the point. Try to dance out of that from time to time and I don’t care where you choose to do this but reflect on where you are and where you are going..Listen to that amazing body of yours..It is a Temple and is to be loved, nutured, cherished, care for..The body will always tell you what feels amazing and what needs work. Have you ever heard the saying, our body is like a car or machine? Our bodies need fuel to grow………………………………

I do not want to run off subject here..What ever your hearts desire is..whatever passion you are given..never lose faith in that.  In fact, hold on and hold on tight!  Will things come your way that are rediculous, out of reach, hard as nails?  YES!!  Can you get through it?  YES!!  In fact, you go over it!!  Will you get through it?  ABSOLUTELY!! Truthfully, around a speed bump helps the car I would think any way! =D You are NEVER EVER ALONE.  Never in a million years and silly me for even saying the timeline..Just never okay! =P You got this and whatever you want to accomplish you will…No Worries!!  I am really so Blessed by people whom are in my life, will be in my life, and have been in my life are always and forever! As well as never, ever forgotten! Be Blessed!! Much Love to Old Friends and New Friends!! xoxo JB