How We are on the Dance Floor Is the Reflection of How we Live Our Life~Joscelynn Ann Baio

Have you ever thought about dancing? Do you desire to do something you have never done? Did you ever make yourself believe that you can’t dance and has that stopped you from doing so?? I believe how We are on the Dance Floor Is the Reflection of How we Live Our Life!! I have had the honor to dance with pretty incredible people throughout the years..Weddings have always been my excitement to get on that floor to booghy! As I grew older and time to go out dancing was most certainly a weekend must. To my joy I have always felt amazing dancing! I am really truly Blessed to have been partnered with my Life Long Dance Partner who we have danced (as you have read times before) together since minute one. We even danced for 24 hours straight at the Music Conference in Stratford Upon Avon where Shakesphere was born..Talk about INCREDIBLE!! Every chance we get we like to tear it up! We even did our Christmas play together last year together..Now that was Cute! And here we are..Zumba! I have not only have come to realize the importance to learn the body, study the music, and absorb the art of dancing that is all important yes, but the realization I came to this past weekend in Arizona. Amongst many other things thanks to Michael Bernoff my life has changed. I look forward to watching people dance more and more now. To see what people are made of from deep within is incredible. When we dance there is an amazing feeling that rises from inside of us and is so amazing! My best advice is to get out there, stand tall on the inside, and make that difference in your life and the lives of everyone around you. We only have once chance in this here world so make it happen. Don’t be scared just feel the music..Take it from someone who is so not perfect, but one who screws up really good! Have fun with this! Any chance you can get, any where around the country find yourself a Zumba Fitness Class. I don’t care if you are a woman or a man there is the right place, at the right time, with the right instructor for YOU!! Make it Happen! Only benefits not gained is if you do not show up and no one can do it for you..You wellness starts within and health is the first and foremost regard to an optimal life! Get out there and DANCE!!