Here’s the Scoop..

Thank you for your interest in 4Life Research and Transfer Factor. We distribute the Transfer Factor products sharing the information with people we know personally and in business.

The Transfer Factor product technology is really scientific. We provide education to our people. We do that through conference calls, drive-time audio cd’s, websites, etc. We also do a lot of 3 way calls to share the Transfer Factor technology, and to share the opportunity to become a distributor for 4Life.

Together we build strong relationships with our distributors and customers and provide service and support that is unmatched in traditional marketing.

Here are the basics:

1) We sign you up as a wholesale distributor with the company. The cost is approx. $150. That includes $120 worth of products, a startup kit with all the color graphics, audio, visual aids, etc. That includes tax, shipping etc..

2) We then get the word out to your people.  They order wholesale and go on a monthly auto ship for around $100. It’s like an accelerated referral system in the beginning.  Everyone orders $100 in products. Once people get on the product they can’t help but share it. It really works. All those orders go under your ID # in the company’s computers and you are paid up to 4 checks a month. The biggest check (your royalty check) comes onthe 15th of every month.

(Products are 100% guaranteed, no inventory is necessary, no one ever has more product then they need for their family. Nobody ever gets hurt.)

3) As our relationship grows you will grow to trust us more. You will also become a passionate believer like me, my family, and millions of others in the Transfer Factor product line. Then we can talk to more and more of your contacts.  We can also arrange special conference calls for your people. I can have world renown MD’s and PhD’s on the call if that level or product detail is necessary.

(Our top sponsor on OUR team is a world renowned oncologist published 100 in times in peer review medical journals, he wrote the text book they use in medical schools, invented surgical procedures like Cryo-Surgery and Endometrial Ablation. In short, this company and product screams credibility.)

4) High caliber business professional are looking for something to do while this economy fights back. And we offer an opportunity to build a serious income. We also attract many high caliber business and medical professionals. So we could also focus on your contacts that are in an “economy sensitive” business. I know that’s nearly everyone today.

(When we put a few leaders in place that have the time to promote the product and opportunity full-time, it is all over. We can help so many people health wise and financially.  We can meet our goal of building a 6 figure passive residual income for you.)

Here is the corporate website and a 3rd party video that was done on nationally syndicated TV. (The video is about 3 minutes).

4Life Research Corporate Website

American Medical Review (Transfer Factor)

When you have some time we can talk and I can answer your questions.  I look forward to growing with you on our team that is dedicated to win hard!

Your Partner in Success, Joscelynn Baio

Your dreams will come’s Now up to you!

Together Building People