Growing up on the Jersey Shore

I know there is a time for us all to count our Blessings and times sitting on that beach was the most times I reflected my life on who I was and where I was going.  This is a place that so many people have let their dreams and heartaches fly out into that amazing salt watered fresh air.  We need to hold onto that what looks ugly now will only last a moment and what will be are still a part of all those reflections of dreams and tears of heartaches leading to something more incredible for our futures and that  of our children’s generations.

My vision now is to wake up from a long night on that beach, drooling at 6 in the morning with no one there but me and rising in the hot sun hours later surrounded by hundreds of people!  Who wants that again??  Make hope and faith happen again!!  Let’s dig our toes in that cold sand again :”-))

Our Church New Covenant in Buffalo, NY where I hold Zumba ™ classes is heading out for Jersey this Sunday morning I would love to be a part of rebuilding and restoring my Hometown being 8 months preggo me going is not happening BUT I am still teaching Zumba so tonite any $$ earned from my two classes tonite I will be teaching 6-7pm is toning and 7-8pm is Zumba Cardio ALL proceeds are going to help family, friends, and complete strangers…Extra monetary donations are all welcomed as well!!!!! Thank you All for your BIG Hearts!!!