We are So Excited to Start Our 9th Round of A 5 Week Transformation Program is starting January 15th, 2016. You don’t want to miss this! This is a way to get your goals if you are needing to lead a healthier lifestyle. The program is just $150 for members and $200 for non-members. You ask what the difference of members and non-members (Just 20 bucks)!

Accountability is required for this incredible program we have created for you! We are not one of those gyms that are going to rip you off for $600 bucks like thousands are doing across the world. Now we are only charging you above and if the goal is not met after the 5 weeks and lose 10 pounds you get a crisp $100 bill back as well as collected points getting you may win prizes throughout our entire 5 weeks. All you have to do is show up and your goals will be conquered!

Also, upon finishing your body transformation program with us our monthly membership program to keep your goals attained we are only $30 a month, keeping it at the least expensive of our Fitness Boutique here in WNY. Making it affordable unlike those other smaller gyms charging up to $150 a month for the same classes with the passion of assisting many clients not just a few and health benefits are our goal, not our bottom line. Each class is a point and prizes such as TVs, theater tickets, restaurant certificates, Etc. are just a few to mention and so fun to work towards.

Fitness that keeps on Giving: Every enrollment goes toward feeding a meal to one family either the Foodbank of WNY or The New Covenant Food Pantry!!!