Going back to the followship and leadership with our honoring what our participants have to say as leaders we are not allowing the entire picture to play their roles to the fullest potential.  Now the idea of feedback is not to defeat or destroy.  Or conquer or be of a burden, but rather a growing experience or even a growing pain.  I myself have found myself biting my tongue trying hard to make others happy.  Learning the one way this is not a possibility to make them all happy.

There are going to be those folks that help in decision making, whether they are the ones with the most criticized feedback adding value to the leader and their goal.  I believe each person is put in our lives for a reason whether we are to learn from them or grow from them.  “There is a new reason for a new season” (Joyce Meyers).  The learned lesson is to always take negative feedback into action if necessary of course, but if it is an opportunity for growing from then it is time to rise up.

Living and learning for me is the only way to explain this, but the saying holds so true, “take it with a grain of salt.”  I like to grow from the area of negative responses with joy now. I do have to add this was definitely not a natural thing.  I look back now and see the diligence that was showered over me to handle negativity with grace and poise this is how I handle conflict.  With that being said even those very same negative people that have complained with their negative feedback they even still come back for more. It is a test I tell ya! J

As for the fear aspect, we are all scared at times but knowing there is that courage inside of us where we can stand tall and grow from is also a teaching by a great leader.  I like to say stand tall on the inside, it works while we are working out at the gym and instilling such a small saying in someone’s life could very well be an inspiration in everything we do in our lives.  The author made this fun for me to read, “Leaders are willing to take risks for a larger, ethical purpose, and they encourage others to do so” (Daft, 2011).


Daft, R. L. (2011). The leadership experience (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western.