faithWhen I was younger, I would go clothes shopping with my mom. She is an overweight woman and has struggled with her weight her whole life. I remember how hard it was for her to find clothes that flattered her as well as made her feel pretty. One time while we were shopping, she looked at me completely serious and made me promise to her that I would never be overweight. She made me promise that I would always take health seriously.These experiences have given me a purpose. I have learned that my body is not my own. I believe that my body is the temple of God, and I need to take care of what he has given me. This leads me to feel very strongly that everybody needs to take care of their bodies. It was in my nutrition class, my first semester at Niagara County Community College that I realized how much I loved nutrition and decided to start my journey as a student of nutrition. About a year later, I started spending a lot of time working out with my brother, a fellow personal trainer. It was my time with him that planted an excitement and energy for a more physical aspect of health. Not long after that, I enrolled in my school’s Personal Training Certificate program. I spent months in the classroom, in internships, and in the gym with my brother, constantly being reminded of how amazing the human body is and what they are capable of.

Fast forward a year, and I have graduated from Niagara County Community College with an Associate’s degree in Health Studies and a Personal Training Certificate; as well as a Personal Trainer’s Certification through the National Council of Strength and Fitness.  I am continuing my education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Dietetics at D’Youville College. This has given me the privilege of doing something that I love and help others achieve their personal goals. Through witnessing  my mother and her frustration with her physical condition, I have made it one of my life goals to help give other people who feel the same way. Giving them hope that they can overcome the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that are preventing them from achieving their health goals.