Dear Jocie, With Love

February 23, 2013

Your Honor,

Today I write on behalf of Jocelyn Elberson’s Beautiful  Life.  A Beautiful, Caring, Selfless Friend to our Family, a Huge part of our family, a Wonderful Daughter, and Very Proud Sister, Granddaughter and Fun Employee. Jocelyn was so Loving of all her Family and Friends no one less than the next.  Even being a life changer to complete strangers to those in contact with Jocie!  Not an average life of your normal male or females we are approached with on our everyday walk here on this earth.  Jocie was our special soul an angel walking this earth if you will.   Despite all the hard times she endured she took them as milestones, one in which whom-ever crossed her path she reassured that was a challenge and that she overcame and she conquered happy.  The impact Jocelyn Elberson made on all of us will not grow weary she is so missed and we were all so Blessed to be a part of her life as well!

Jocelyn had a smile that lit up any room.  You know when you are sitting in a room and when a person enters the room you can feel their presence either one with bad statute or one who has totally good intentions.  Jocelyn was that of the later she really impacted all our lives with her loving, caring, selfless ways.  I know for certain I am speaking on behalf of all those people Jocie came in contact with on a moment to moment basis.

Ms. Elberson not just had a passion to light people’s lives up but she had a way with our children as well.  A Ministry she held deep in her heart.  When parents would have their children Jocie would flock to them with her loving arms and tender heart.  She cared so much about children.  I can just see her smile now.  We now have 3 kiddos and Jocie was there from the birth of our first two.  When I tell you I am crushed she is not here to see the birth of my last child really breaks my heart.  I know for certain Jocie is watching down on us now and she is now an angel with all our kiddos, but her not being here is a missing link to our family.  We miss her so so much!

Jocelyn cared about her family so much they were everything to her I would enjoy hearing stories of her gatherings in her family.  She has a nephew and now a new one who was on the way and again she could not wait to meet him and it really hurts that she was not here to be there in fact she had her plane ticket and everything to go to her sisters.

The day we sat next to her in church was a day I will never forget.  With my baby belly and other two children that adored Jocie so much I mean her being a Huge part of our Family is an understatement, she is a huge stamp on our hearts.  The kids were being dismissed to go to Sunday school and as I was getting up with this Big Smile on her face she grabbed my children’s hands and said you sit down I got this!  That was the last time we saw Jocelyn.

I will never forget all the love Jocie held I want to be even half filled with the love she poured out onto others.  I just don’t think it’s very fair with the challenges we are given in our lives one person who continues to make the wrong decisions has the right to take the life of someone so young and so innocent and Jocie’s future hopes and dreams stolen.  Your Honor this really bogs my mind how this criminal still has the ability to hurt people with his disgusting, very bad (I can’t even find the words), absolute poor decisions.  While someone who cared so much about her life and the life of others so much…Jocelyn is now taken from us?  I am forever grateful and thankful to be Blessed to have shared such precious time with Jocelyn Elberson.  I know for certain that Jocie is now safe and I pray that on behalf of Jocie and her Family that the right decision is made in honor of Jocelyn Elberson and other victims as well that are just ripped of this precious life due of complete selfishness.  Your Honor, I pray justice be served.

Sincerely Yours,

Joscelynn Ann Baio and Family, on Behalf of New Covenant Family, on Behalf of the Entire Zumba Crew, and Behalf of All lives touched too many to list…