Cracked Like an Egg

As we are conducting these self assessments for dozens of individuals I am coming to a very important, huge realization of this one thing. This one thing if I don’t get it out I may explode! No pun intended…

This one thing is answered by Each and every person..not just you, not just me, not just women, not just men…ALL of us! It’s the one answer that is the only one that is the same answer on each and every quiz! When I come to it I almost have tears in my mind because it bogs my mind how much we belittle ourselves..I mean I am so guilty of this…

Here goes our 2012 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) information we are gathering as people we all anticipate and prepare for most events or situations likely to be stressful in our lives.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrr…Slam on the Breaks Here!!!!
I know, I know right now you may say yeah whatever this is so no big deal this is what life is all about. I know because I did say this too,but truthfully when you have other people’s lives in your hand there is a shift change, there is an entirely new perspective.

So No, that is not what is suppose to be. It is a big deal and as we know that anticipation should be on entirely greater things, happier, healthier things. And not just saying but doing. When we are planning parties, events, dates, meetings tell a trusted family member and friend what’s on your mind (the preparation, the thoughts, the people, the attire, ect.)…get it out! Wouldn’t it be so much better of a fresh, new perspective on your things? There is something instilled in all of us that we shouldn’t talk about our challenges and burden someone else with our issues.

That’s a big fat lie! I know this because I remember my Sweetest, Nicest Grandma in the whole wide world. She was the the core to the Apple in my family and she took care of everything, every little detail, from Love, to Husband, to Kids, us Grandkids, pleasing the world non stop…which I will never forget that amazing soul she had here and can’t wait to see her again. But, as the old school mentality she was always go, go, go cooking, cleaning, pleasing, ect. and never said a peep about anything not one complaint, ever.

Could you imagine all the complaints that add up in ourselves, really that is certainly no money in the bank. And come on who along the way said complaints are a bad thing anyway??

It saddens me Grandma died from heart disease and young too! I am confidently telling you this because I know at least one of you has or will go through this same thing and really it is okay. We are so Blessed for my time here on earth with the most Amazing people in our Lives.

If someone seems really busy to talk to or the comfort level is just not there, find someone who is I promise their out there, just keep trying and don’t grow a weary heart…You got this!!! We were made to get this….We are in this together we are to nuture and care for one another inside and out.

My biggest realization for myself is I need to take time out for me…As that song continuously comes thru my mind, “Sittin by the dock of the bay”…LOL What a great song BUUUUUT only the chorus…Haha..Just know I just learned the lyrics…Wow, this man coulda made this song so much more positive but chose to go south on his lyrics instead…Oh well def. not a Zumba song LOL!

Little fun things in our life do not have to end when we are young in fact we must keep this tenacity going. I am at such a place the mind shift change is an easy one and I am grateful to see this transformation not only in myself but each and every person in my life. Have something on your heart let’s talk about it or you can even start a blog and post it someone is destined to read it. 😉

OoooOooooo…One last thing I have to add..Do me a favor..Okay scratch that you are doing be no favor at all but yourself when doing this. If there is any animosity in your life squash it, stomp on it, throw it, get rid of it, get it out of your life and quickly bind it! The person for whom we hold a grudge against, don’t forgive, and remain angry with is really not the one who gets hurt in the matter..EVER! In fact, they are actually Blessed 10-fold and this pride actually bounces back off that person and right back to me..Pride is So so ugly and Forgiveness in ourselves is Really True Beauty..How do I know? Well truth is we all do….

Everyone Have a Happy, Healthy Blessed Weekend!

Most Importantly, Happy Resurrection!

With Lots of Love,

Joscelynn Ann Baio, CPFT

Together, Building Healthier People