Some where in this world we lack this one special trait..The ability to tie a relationship in a knot. It pains me to be even remotely involve in that there lack of talking to one another. We are each put in eachother’s lives for a reason and that is to talk it out, talk it through, talk it up, talk it good. Is it always easy with oil and water to come together…no but isn’t it fun to shake it up? I feel there is so much hurt and pain that we go through in life that the best way to resolve any thing is to sweep it under the carpet or shun it away…That hurts sooooooo much! I don’t want to be shunned you? When people love you or someone truly cares shouldn’t we think twice about what is important to the other person? Again, I know this is hard in our every day hustle and bustle but we need to make that time. Use our precious moments wisely. I once knew someone who never wanted to talk about any thing basically acted as though nothing is important and continued on with their life in their world. As you can guess that relationship did not last. I have learned we need to be true to ourselves before we can be true to anyone else. There is nothing any one person can do or say to hurt our character. We are who we are and made up to who we are to be. I think a lot of truth relies souly on us expressing what we truly feel and if it is not to the one’s we trust the most then we need to find a trusted friend to confide in. Keeping stuff in is not only harmful to self but harmful to those around us or those involved. I want to say almost like a poison or of what the enemy wants us to believe..the deceit to destroy us. We are soooooooooo much more than that. We are such special human beings with yes a heart not one to be danced around, covered up, smoothered, ignored, broken, or destroyed. I am talking about letting it out, living it up, dance with, embraced, fullfilled, lifted up, rejoiced! We are all in this together people..find out what the person next to you is hurting about they will not bite you and if they do there is another person who is willing to share..don’t give up on the biter either go back they need you and you need them too LOL Let me know what your thoughts are…we all have plenty and just for that brief moment of what comes to mind let’s keep it positive thoughts. Those that actually get us through thick and thin. Let’s chat! =D Happy Thoughts~