Buffalo’s West Side

How can we bless others with our business services? We are here in a community that is suffering and we are giving everyone a chance to offer services by Sow it Now Health and Fitness.  We are here together building healthier people with the greatest opportunity to TEACH – LOVE – EXERCISE.

The needs of the customer there is an area of demographics in need of revitalization, there is a possibility this business owner to bring a complete change to all surrounding neighborhoods.  This is where I think outside of my box to reach all customers and creating opportunity when poverty is stricken and crime is at an all-time high this may very well be the dreamer of making a difference.  There are a lot of supporters to those who want to accomplish sometimes through these tedious tasks and there may very well be funds to support such a mission.  When there is boldness there is opportune resolve.

Sow it Now Health and Fitness is offering the services of fitness and wellness with state of the art exercise equipment one can only dream about.  An adult playground, or after school program  are growing crucial here in Buffalo, NY.  According to channel 2 news our local news stations, “BUFFALO, N.Y. — More than a third of WNY students are overweight or obese, according to new figures released by the state in a report that breaks down the numbers by school district.  Nearly 80,000 students in public schools in the WNY eight county area are obese or overweight according to the CDC” (WGRZ).”  This is why I would offer special events to inner city folks to be assistance to those in need to exercise and learn to be healthy and fit in the community.  Not only will this save lives, but will also change the way people think in decreasing bullying, depression, and even worse suicide.  The impact of just exercise is so crucial for our society today.

Currently as a non-profit organization we reach out to numerous organizations to assist us to make this change from so many different organizations.  Now, the buying decision is made by upper management according to the author.  “Other influences are the users the line workers and the supervisors, the influences of the engineering or research and development are involved in writing specifications, the buyers as management involved in purchasing from suppliers of important inventory, the deciders are usually with top purchases are made by the top managers, and the gatekeepers are in charge of the flow of information” (Perreault & McCarthy, 2010).  Not living in the inner city I very well hire a gate keeper.  This is the job for her to be in charge of all frontline business flow.


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