Buffalo New York Z.I.N. Member

I hit the jackpot…Jaaaaajaaaajaaaaackpot…Cha ching
Okay so I am super excited right now it has been some odd months now that I have become a part of the our “ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR NETWORK.” You know it is very healthy to have the access to this site for us instructors there is no doubt about it. I am just so excited right now I have just cracked my beautiful folder Zumba had given all of us instructors and would you know there inside this beautiful metallic folder in foil lettering there is a “NEW Instructor CD and DVD of Choreography of an entire one hour session of ZUMBA!! Oh my Goodness today is Christmas to me…Look out class exciting things are on the horizon!!!!!! I am soooooo excited and I just can’t hide it!!!!! =D

Yes as you can see I am stamped with the Zin Logo…What does that mean to you, you ask? I give major shot outs to all Zumba Instructors who tirelessly study music and choreography for their clients. I can tell you 16 hours of my day I am learning, listening, reading, studying, learning, eating, sleeping Latin Zumba Music. LOL Seriously, every step, sound, note, break, flavor, beat, stomp, step, rhythm is all accounted for and worked hard for. The reason why Zin is so important because it keeps us Zumba Instructors up to date with the choreography, the newest music, and the most recent news to the second. I am so grateful I joined such an amazing company like Zumba who offers endless opportunity to help others as Zumba Instructors. I am grateful of Zumba’s unstoppable Charitable opportunities that I can hold on my own as a sole proprietor and all the work is done for me. Just like 4Life Transfer Factor I always knew Transfer Factor is special to help build one’s immune system to fight against ANY attack to the body, that is health. One must not only take the TF for our health, but also exercise as well, and of course eat healthy is a plus as well.

I am also excited to tell you of a client of mine who used to been insulin dependent with diabetes that was her battle. Giving needles to herself was not the life she wanted to live whose is really?!. I told her of Transfer Factor and she said finally one day, enough is enough!!! I have been watching her become more and more healthy not only through TF but with her dedication she has made to her body to workout and eat right. (Watch out for my blog about “Food and Attitude.” I am so excited to share she no longer needs insulin. God knows what is in store next with our next step (no pun intended) =) I have to tell you the exciting feeling I have inside to be able to help others through Zumba Fitness as well as 4Life Transfer Factor! I want to shout it out to the world and I know many millions of you who know about Zumba Fitness and know about 4Life’s Transfer Factor would agree that both are Absolutely Incredible!!!! I look forward to your awesome testimonies as well! Blessings that continue to pour into the lives of people who are willing and able to take that step for themselves! See you on the dance floor!! xoxo