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As we all sit on the edge of our seats in Buffalo, NY wondering where the great works of Ralph Wilson’s legacy will stand is our greatest concern here in the north. Not only is the future owner in question but the future location is also up in the air. Is Buffalo going to be in the hands of money and no management experience moving abroad? Or are the Buffalo Bills going to stay home where they belong to be with the people of the deep hearts for their team right where they belong and with someone who has the same mentality like the great Ralph Wilson. Time will only tell in this anxious decision for all of 716.

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There has been lots of talk here in Buffalo, New York and all across the nation about the sale of the football stadium housed by the Buffalo Bills and who will actually acquire this purchase. The sad moment Ralph Wilson passed at a blessed age of 95 years of life. He was a devout and passionate owner who took not only his players, his team, but his entire Buffalo, NY into play when making all decisions to run a successful arena. Buffalo Bills being considered the All American Football Team keeping that mentality alongside the sign just when you enter the New York State Thruway at the Buffalo exit stating, the “All American City.” Where Wilson will be greatly Buffalonian’s sit at the edge of their seat to learn of who not only will be the next owner, but where with the legacy continue of the Wilson Stadium.

According to USA Today, “With private bidding underway for a club valued by Forbes at only $870 million – the last NFL club sold, the Cleveland Browns in 2012, went for $987 million, according to Forbes, and the NBA Los Angeles Clippers just went for $2 billion – an unanticipated buyer might emerge” (USA Today, 2014).

With a lower price tag than most organizations as you see hear we have heard of many interested buyers, almost farfetched, and some unwanted. To name a few Bon Jovi, who we all know as a singer with no executive facility management experience Buffalo is rarely welcoming of inexperience to carry on with the legacy of Ralph Wilson.

The least favored is the great Donald Trump. Where the money can talk yes, but to be able to run a successful sports industry well to many dislikes and opinions one must at least know the ins and outs of sports especially when it comes to the already established firm foundation.

Another interest to bid on the stadium was Tom Golisano, with the experience of the game of hockey he was the former Buffalo Sabres owner but again does not hold a good track record in the past of Buffalo’s history. Bringing us to the later owner an up to date interest of the now Buffalo Sabre’s hockey organization, Terry Pegula. Pegula is definitely a favorite here to the Buffalo folks for the successful management and track record he currently holds and the financial promises he already does offer for his people.

As well sit back and wait anxiously for the turnout of the owner here in Buffalo, New York we also need to hang onto the handles of our seats for the bumpy ride of not knowing exactly where this stadium will stand. Just like in the article of the USA Today, a Buffalo resident thinks, “Pegula is an excellent choice because he owns the Sabres and he’s going to keep the Bills here.”

A lot of talk of the team going to Toronto, Canada is another huge, saddening thought this is why Buffalo would love to see the passion of an investor who is looking to make our city of Buffalo better and brighter. I am one of those people, personally I feel that our city has so much potential to carry out and incredible opportunity to a city that has such old time charm and the adoration of such diehards in and out of the stands that I truly feel this city deserves the best change to be made with a like-minded legacy of Ralph Wilson to be passed to one who carries the same “BuffaLove.”


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