Mops in Buffalo, NY It’s time WNY!

Every parent needs to go through this season of life a season to have to let grow..This is the first for me right now to have to send my Baby Girl to Big Kids School! :’) Exciting and sad at the same time but our need to fulfill our children’s needs is beyond important. Am I an expert, absolutely not..Am I scared..A Little..Sad..Yes BUT the new season will be a GREAT One!!

I have always LOVED my Job because I have been So VERY BLESSED to be home with my kiddos from day one and when Hubby came home he’d either come with me or stay home with the kids. My Job is not only fun, personally self-fulfilling, but is rewarding to not only myself but helping others. I tell everyone that I love teaching Zumba Fitness and Personal Train to have the me time to have adult conversation.

Not only is New Covenant Church our life giving church. Offering Zumba Fitness/Fitness Training but a MOPS Group that last year was a great success that makes a difference in not only my life but the life of many other Moms in our community. This year I have the vision to fill the family room with so many Moms like you and I who are hungry for that connection with others.

The overview of this years theme is derived from a book called, “Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood.” The writer, Tracey Bianchi true essence is that moms need to be connected in relationships in order to be better moms. The content includes an emphasis on finding your rhythm in relationships, in terms of family, marriage, friendships and broader community. A few of us Moms got together to share our thoughts on this theme and there was such a strong agreement that this could not be any more perfect than where we are in this here season.

We are excited to announce our first Mops meeting will be Thursday, September 13th @ 9:15am-11:15am. Within the ministry we offer childcare (called Moppets) while all of us mother’s do get together for lots fun, food, and fellowship. I am excited to announce our first meeting will be “Planning Children’s Birthday Themes.” Jen and I will be decorating our own table to give some cute ideas for your kiddos birthdays and for less! 🙂 If anyone else would like to participate in our decorating please let us know. This will include food ideas which will be really cool because every meeting which is once a month. Always the 2nd Thursday of the month we always have a nice hot breakfast and the best coffee in the world!

So if you are looking for a place in your community to connect with many other moms who are going through exactly what you are going through, or will go through, or support with your own experiences well here is now for you! You may very well purchase our theme book prior to our first meeting for we will be going over the first chapter. We do have a few copies for sale as well. Do let us know if you would like us to include that in the Mops Membership fee of $35.00 with the book for an entire year.

For more info please contact Jen Hamlin or Joscelynn Baio at 716-877-9884 Ext. 417

Please bring/mail registration Form with you to our first session in New Covenant’s Family Room 345 McConkey Drive, Buffalo NY 14223 along with cash or checks written out to New Covenant to hold your spot.


Here is to another incredible year!

Many Blessings,

Joscelynn Baio and On Behalf All Entire Mops Staff

September 22nd!! =D Zumba MasterClass Day!!! =D Come Support Team Fick and LLS!

Together, there’s no telling what we can do. As a Team, we can combine efforts to save lives.


This summer we are training to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco on Oct. 14th. We are running in memory of Mike’s father, Ken, and in honor of Carrie and Nicole’s cousin, AnnaLynn.

We are very excited to be a part of Team in Training this season! Not only will Carrie & Mike be running the Nike Half Marathon as newleyweds, but Carrie’s sister Nicole joined Team Fick and AnnaLynn is running too! We are so proud to be a part of the team with everyone!

Throughout different cities and towns people are coming together to create separate teams to participate in a sports endurance event all with one common goal to honor and benefit all individuals battling blood cancers. Members of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training will be creating teams, large and small, that will be participating in sports events across the country. They will be raising funds to help find cures and more effective treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. As a team, we can accomplish great things towards cures for blood cancers.

Each one of us on Team Fick have a very personal connection to LLS, which is why we are training and committed to raising money for such a great organization. We appreciate your help in our fundraising efforts and support of our training, especially as the miles add up!

To help us reach our fundraising goal come support the Zumba MasterClass we are hosting!

Zumba Master Class with Kat Bombard – Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 5:45-7:15 pm, Payne Ave. Christian Church, 1451 Payne Ave, North Tonawanda 14120
Tickets are $25 each
Click HERE to order your tickets online and reserve your spot!
There will also be a basket raffle. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

Hold your spot now!

Master Zumba Class to Benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with Zumba Jammer Kat Bombard

HigH EnERgY, Calorie BuRNinG, Heart PumPiNG and SUPER FUN
Zumba Master Class to Benefit
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Saturday, September 22nd
6:00 – 7:15 pm
Payne Ave. Christian Church
1451 Payne Ave, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Tickets are $25/person
Contact Kat at 315-491-5325 or [email protected] to register or for questions.

There will also be a Basket Raffle! Water and snacks will be for sale.

For more information on Team Fick and our fundraising efforts for LLS visit:

Party for a Cure!

Zumba Instructor Choreo Session with KAT BOMBARD AND Zumba Master Class Sat. Sept. 22nd

Hi Western NY Zumba Friends!!

Mark your Calenders! I will be in your area on Sat. Sept. 22nd for a Zumba Instructor Choreo Session AND Zumba Master Class to Benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Join me and your local Zumba Instructors and learn 2 new songs for your Zumba Class. Choreo Session is open to ALL Zumba Instructors (Zin AND Non-Zin) You will receive written notes and we will break the songs down.

Choreo Session on Sat. Sept. 22nd from 4p-5:30p. Cost is $15 pp –

Then… A HigH EnERgY, Calorie BuRNinG, Heart PumPiNG and SUPER FUN Zumba Master Class to Benefit The Lymphoma & Leukemia Association!!

Master Zumba Class on Sat. Sept. 22nd from 6p-7:15p. Cost: $25pp ($20 pp for attendees of the choreo session same day and location at 4p)

Location for BOTH events: PACC, 1451 Payne Ave., North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Contact Kat at 315-491-5325 or [email protected] to register or for questions. And PLEASE SHARE this

Peace, Love & Zumba…

Kat Bombard
(315)491-5325mail and help SPREAD the word 🙂

Olympics Now Buzzing A New Fitness Revolution?

In every living room across the entire world we are watching amazing, gifted and talented Men and Woman who work so hard toward a passion in their lives.  Inspiration at Most!  I truly believe these Olympic events are waking something up inside of us when we see the humbleness and determination rise up in each and everyone’s individual lives.  I have honestly had over 10 clients contact me to hire as their Personal Trainer in the past 2 weeks and this right here has a lot to say about our future.  Our wellness continuum consists of two side morbidity or zest for life…Which side are most turning to now?  The comradery of each one of us in a common state brings a unity of healthiness and folk I believe this fitness revolution has just begun as it has to!

This morning, I was just conversing with a tennis player.  He used to play 25 years ago attended tournaments won some, lost many.  It was not just the competition of the sport but the heart he had in it.  Well sadly he told me school happened, work happened, and life took over and he had to hang up his rackets.  The special part was we were at our little one’s tennis lessons watching them as this may very well be fruition of their gifts and talents.  This man reminded me of my Late Dad..My Dad too played tennis with a passion the Love for the sport was rewarding and enduring for him.  I can’t help but watch my Daughter on that court and see him in her.  Super sweet…Now honestly, how many parents out there in every living room around the world watching the olympics and dreaming BIG for their Children?  For example, Michael Phelps have you seen his Mom?  Soul support is all she has for her Baby no matter what our child’s age and that can make a difference their entire lives through.

We have to admit watching all these athletes is an eye opened to the endless opportunities we have  within ourselves.  There should be no boundary to stop you from moving forward to the desired place you want to be.  Look at “The Biggest Loser”  there is an extraordinary outcome for these amazing people who took the stand to better their lives for themselves, their families, and their children.  Why?  The unity of people coming together as a team towards the same or similar goals and the working diligently of every aspect of life.

Well in my Fitness Career I know for a fact the bottom line is absolute humbleness..

Great Job to Everyone Willing to Fight the Good Fight!

Personal Trainer and Her Passion Buffalo, NY

Ever since I was a young girl I have always had the passion of health and fitness. The reason may not very well a good reason as to why though. Growing up in an alcohol and drug infested home I have seen more abuse done to one’s body than good. One avenue I am grateful I have never remained traveled. I adore the fact that people want to better themselves and help their health and bodies is why I am here on this earth. To watch bodies deteriorate and still living in their 50s and living like teenagers or not even making it past 50 and dead now is so disgusting to me. I know and understand addictions and also commend those who try to make their lives better, even slowly in progression is results.

My job starts with my clients and their choice of lifestyle. Whether the most athletic and the idea of running marathons, 5K runs,sprinting, and sports training. To watch the accomplishments of the bodies approval is so self satisfying.

De-conditioned clients are also my passion for I have seen many people have many many health challenges and with the right regimen and proper form and alignment the quality of these lives have increased more than 75% of one’s lives and when showing up is the issue I assure a 90% show up rate would result in an almost a 100% lifestyle change.

I have a book of 150+ clients in over two years and the transformation of even a quarter of these clients health and well-being has increased in their bodies inside and out. It is my greatest pleasure to be such a special part to aid and assist the human body in this manner.

If you are looking for a chance at overall Zest for Life and I don’t care if you are the most sedetary person on this planet or the most muscular ripped person in the world I know for certain I have the right syllabus for you. There is no better way than to start now it is all up to you. Contact me now for my brochure! I look forward to working for you in the near future and being there for you!

Zumba Fitness Just Got Bigger Here in Buffalo, NY WNY

As most of you know Zumba Fitness is HOT!!!! When I first started teaching Zumba it was still just a baby here in the North. Miami, Florida is where it was at and Florida was just beginning to blow up…Then slowly creeping up the East Coast we are becoming Bigger than ever!!!!!! I had a revelation one day if we want something BIG we need to work together as a TEAM and make it BIG TOGETHER!! So many people Love Zumba not ever questioning why because I get it and most don’t even realizing the goodness our clients are workin for their bodies!!! To know and understand the health and wellness and the anatomy and kinesiology I commend everyone what they are doing for themselves every time our clients hit the floor! I have been Blessed to be have the honor of partnering the Best of the Best Zumba Instructors here in our area. I first started my wardrobe with a very Special Local Instructor Dawn Hammer. She has opened her heart and been there for me since day one. I am so Blessed to have Dawn as my Dear Friend! Working with those who are willing to help others with their BIG hearts and Selflessly carry that through all the way on our Mission of helping others brings tears to my eyes. I know this is just the beginning I feel it within my heart and soul. We also have our local Zumba Instructor Kelly Szczesny whom I look foward to meeting who is also a huge part of our upcoming August 25th Zumbathon! Zumba only holds the Best Integrity and we are trained from the top with this we are all in this together…There is no better felling than being a part of an Incredible Organization!!!! =’)

I want to take a moment to thank and introduce our newest Zumba Instructor to Payne Ave. Christian Church! Sara Marrero. She is filled with so much Love and her Smile lightens up any room. Sara’s passion for Zumba will surely embed in your life as well. You do not want to miss an oppty. to any of her classes which are held at P.A.C.C. on Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm, Friday 6pm, and Sat. 10am.

Marrero is not only teaching but is a very important part to our Zumbathon on August 25, 2012 @ 6pm to benefit “Recycle for a Cause” which is a benefit of one of our Zumba Girls whose Cousin right here in Buffalo suffered a rare cancer with no medical insurance and bills have accumulating so together we are dancing the debt away for our Special Friend! Tickets for this event are now only $10 per ticket and will be $15 at the door. Please contact me for yours today or purchase them at your participating instructors class!

Post from Sara: HEY ALL!!!!! Come see me at Discover Delaware Sidewalk Sale this Saturday, June 30th from 10-2pm… I will be raffling off ZUMBA wear and I will have tickets for the Recycle for a Cause Zumbathon…. The sidewalk sale starts at Delaware Ave and LaSalle St… So come down and support your ZUMBA sister:)

You don’t want to miss any of these events put together from all of our hearts!!

Zumba no longer just exercise, it’s big business June 25, 2012 1:39 PM ET By Kevin Gray

Zumba no longer just exercise, it’s big business
June 25, 2012 1:39 PM ET
By Kevin Gray

MIAMI (Reuters) – Alberto Perez started out as a street performer and then an aerobics teacher in Colombia, making extra cash on the side teaching the wives of businessmen how to dance in nightclubs in his hometown, Cali.

Today, he stands at the center of the Zumba exercise craze, having helped transform Zumba Fitness, a private company, into a rapidly growing fitness empire with heavyweight investor backing.

“I’m not a businessman, but I knew this had the potential to be something special,” said Perez, who along with two Colombian associates founded the Miami-based company.

Zumba, a Latin dance-inspired aerobic workout, has exploded from a Miami gym phenomenon to infomercial and DVD smash hit into a global craze with some 12 million people taking classes every week in at least 125 countries. Zumba Fitness now boasts being the largest branded fitness program in the world.

Started on a shoestring budget in a Miami garage nearly 11 years ago, Zumba Fitness now has more than 200 employees, and a pair of New York investment firms are betting the craze has staying power.

What began as a company focused on fitness has evolved into a lifestyle and entertainment brand combining e-commerce, apparel and music, and a sought-after outlet for stars like hip-hop artists Pitbull and Wyclef Jean and reggaeton singer Don Omar who have turned to Zumba to promote their music.


Zumba got its start by chance in the 1980s.

Perez, who is known as Beto, was eking out a living as a street performer and salsa and merengue nightclub dancer known for his boyish model looks and muscular physique.

One day the owner of a nearby gym called and asked if Perez could stand in for an injured aerobics teacher. He agreed – but didn’t mention he had never done aerobics and rushed out and bought a copy of Jane Fonda’s Workout Book.

His fitness career was born.

Months later, getting ready for a class, Perez forgot his aerobics music. Instead, he put on his own merengue and salsa tapes and improvised dance moves for a workout, creating what today is known as Zumba.

It proved to be a hit and he quickly developed a loyal following before he moved to Bogota, where he briefly worked as a choreographer with pop star Shakira.

In 1999, Perez packed up and headed to Miami, speaking no English but hoping to make a breakthrough in the Latin-flavored U.S. city with his new dance exercise class.

He struggled before eventually building up a large, adoring fan base of mostly Colombian expatriate women, including the mother of Alberto Perlman.

Then a technology entrepreneur, Perlman lost his job in the dot-com bust two years later and was struggling with what career move to make next. He co-founded Zumba Fitness and is now its chief executive.

“My mom had been taking his classes for years,” he said. “She would tell me about this amazing class but I never paid attention. When the bubble burst, I went to have dinner at her house and she kept saying ‘Talk to Beto, maybe you guys could start a gym.'”

“I said I’d meet with him but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him,” Perlman recalled. But after watching a class, he came up with the idea for a new fitness video he hoped could be an infomercial success.

The men sought to put a name on the exercise, first thinking of the Spanish word rumba, which loosely translates as party, but realized it was already trademarked.

“We just went through the alphabet to see what rhymes with rumba,” Perlman said. “We were getting nervous by the end, nothing sounded good – bumba, kumba. Then we settled on Zumba, it was perfect.”


Perlman said growing the instructor and student base is the firm’s top priority, with a goal of one day reaching 100 million students, more than eight times the current number.

The company has also launched its own line of brightly colored clothing, Zumba footwear and a glossy magazine named “ZLife”, all designed in its Miami office.

But it is also focused on developing TV shows, pushing into global markets, particularly Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, and exploiting a new business opportunity: fitness concerts.

“I see Zumba Fitness also as an entertainment brand,” Perlman said. “It’s becoming a music, TV and concert platform.”

Fitness fads rise and fall. But two prominent investment firms have made bets Zumba Fitness will avoid going the way of workout has-beens like Jazzercise, Thighmaster and the Ab Rocket.

“You see a lot of feasts and famines in the fitness industry,” said Richard Wells, managing director of New York-based Insight Venture Partners, a private equity and venture capital firm that has invested in Twitter and Tumblr.

The firm made a minority investment in Zumba Fitness earlier this year. “They are just scratching the surface of its potential,” Wells said.

The Raine Group, a media and entertainment investment firm based in New York, also has invested in the firm.

Neither company would reveal the size of its investment.

Perlman said Zumba Fitness hopes to draw on the firms for media, entertainment and technology resources and has no plans to go public.

“While there isn’t a lot we rule out at Zumba Fitness, this is not on our radar at this time,” he said.


Once Zumba gained exposure on infomercials, fans started asking for more. The company began receiving calls at all hours of the day from people saying “I want to be a Zumba instructor,” said Perlman.

By 2005, the company decided to develop the global instructor network and Zumba took off. The instructors each pay $30 a month to receive regular installments of new music and dance and exercise steps.

“It’s their ecosystem,” said Wells, the investor.

The network has turned Zumba instructors in the United States and across the globe as far away as South Korea and Norway into entrepreneurs.

“It’s become my small business,” said Betsy Dopico, a native Cuban who moved to Miami from Mexico four years ago and now teaches Zumba classes.

On a recent night, around 60 people packed a downtown Miami dance studio for her hourlong class. Salsa and merengue rhythms throbbed on loudspeakers as the group of mostly 20-something and middle-aged women in sweat-drenched T-shirts and exercise tights spun around, kicked and jumped to the music.

A handful of men also participated, most of them mimicking Dopico’s moves from the back of the class.

Mehdi Benhaddouch, a 32-year-old account executive at a financial company, said he had grown bored with gym workouts before settling on Zumba a few months ago. “It’s like going to a nightclub, but you’re exercising,” he said.

The company has turned live concerts into fitness experiences where concert-goers follow Zumba instructors on stage while artists perform.

A concert in Orlando, Florida, last year drew thousands.

“My dream is to see fitness concerts all over the world, traveling shows, permanent shows in Las Vegas,” Perlman said. “The artists love it too, because it’s a new way of selling their music.”

Success has also brought challenges. Pirated versions of Zumba Fitness DVDs and clothing have led the company to hire a staff of a dozen people to combat counterfeiting.

Perez, whose official title is “chief creative officer”, said Zumba’s explosive popularity is rooted in its simplicity of having a good time while trying to stay fit.

“Over the years, fitness became too complicated and difficult,” he said. “The industry turned egocentric with an emphasis on instructors doing the exercises. It became a show.”

He added: “They forgot about normal people – mothers, grandmothers and the housewives who want to stay in shape and have some fun. That’s the essence of Zumba.”

(Editing by David Adams and Jim Loney)

(c) Copyright

Mission Complete c/o Mission Small Business and Chase®!

Mission Complete!

Next phase…

This two story School Building is in excellant condition. The lower level area contains the mechancial’s, a service bar, a multi use extra large roomwith hard wood floors, The main floor has class rooms and both ladies and mens rest rooms, as does the second level. If there is a need for a elevator, it can be installed either outside or inside the building

Payne Avenue is an main north/south road with this building just pass the Mid City Plaza on Payne Avenue and Meadow Drive.

Mission Complete!

As of 4:44pm 254 Votes were in we are over even 261 votes Now In!!!!! Thank you allll so so so so so MUCH!!! =’D Wooooohooooo!!! Together, We Did IT!!!
A list of Grant Recipients will be posted on the Program Website on or before September 15, 2012.

Guys we did it!!! The application became in affect on May 7, 2012. Giving everyone almost 2 months to complete the task of obtaining 250 votes for a $250,000 Grant by Chase and Mission Small Business. Nope not me…Folks we obtained these votes in just 9 Days!!! We had just 10!!! Way to Gooooo!!! =D This Great Opportunity opens many doors for our already established organization to assist clients now and new one’s to come!!!

What an accomplishment I feel right now! I have met some really incredible new people..I mean complete strangers, one’s I have never met in my life. Those selflessly willing to help someone accomplish their goals and dreams was a complete Blessing all in itself!! The ability to reconnect with old friends as well as new friends warms my heart too for this time spent doing this was so personally self-fulfilling! Time goes by so fast and to stay connected with all Family and Friends is really tough..This being the biggest Blessing of All!!

Also, aside from the great connections the sovereignty of time was a huge learning experience for me…I have worked the fields big time! The trust was there not at first but when I became a believer this is not about me, it is possible, I can do this and I will do this!! No turning back now!! I am so forever grateful for all of you because truly the bottom line is you all made this all happen!!!! =’D

I look forward to later fruition sharing what our futures holds and to be able to be there for you as you are for me and to share Incredible News Together!!!

A Huge Thank you again so much for your Support each and every one of you!!! Big OXO =’)

It has been just 8 days! Everyone applying has had since May 7, 2012 to get their votes it:

Wed 6/20/2012 3:05 PM

Hi Joscelynn Baio,
Congratulations! Your application for Mission: Small Business℠ has been submitted.
In the meantime, use the tools provided in your Media Kit for tips on engaging consumers, driving them to provide the necessary votes for your business to qualify and to Support Small Businesses. You can also check out other small businesses, vote, or share Mission: Small Business℠ to encourage friends and family to support the program.
Chase and LivingSocial will announce the grant recipients on or before September 15th, 2012.
Good luck!
–Mission: Small Business℠

I was not sure of the possibility of completing 250 votes in just 10 days but the passion to open up my Personal Training Facility is so Deep I am giving this a shot!! To my surprise we are more than half way there and we have unti the Application Period Ends: The Application submission and editing period ends at 11:59:00 p.m. on June 30, 2012 ET!

That’s just 2 days for 120 votes!!

Can She Do IT??????????

Please pass it on…

I am excited to tell you that I just found out that Zumba will now be air conditioned at New Covenant for the Summer!!! WooooooHooo!!!

Although, this has always been my need to find a place that has A.C..God always does provide!! WooHoo!! Thank you God!!

I am not sure if all of you are on FB at all…I am in this contest for a Small Business Grant and I need everyone’s help I have 4 days left I still need 186 votes to win a $250,000 Grant to open my Personal Training Facility!!

To vote go to: , log on with FB, search “PBnJ” and vote so simple so if you can spread the word to 200 people I would greatly appreciate it!! =D

Cracked Like an Egg

As we are conducting these self assessments for dozens of individuals I am coming to a very important, huge realization of this one thing. This one thing if I don’t get it out I may explode! No pun intended…

This one thing is answered by Each and every person..not just you, not just me, not just women, not just men…ALL of us! It’s the one answer that is the only one that is the same answer on each and every quiz! When I come to it I almost have tears in my mind because it bogs my mind how much we belittle ourselves..I mean I am so guilty of this…

Here goes our 2012 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) information we are gathering as people we all anticipate and prepare for most events or situations likely to be stressful in our lives.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrr…Slam on the Breaks Here!!!!
I know, I know right now you may say yeah whatever this is so no big deal this is what life is all about. I know because I did say this too,but truthfully when you have other people’s lives in your hand there is a shift change, there is an entirely new perspective.

So No, that is not what is suppose to be. It is a big deal and as we know that anticipation should be on entirely greater things, happier, healthier things. And not just saying but doing. When we are planning parties, events, dates, meetings tell a trusted family member and friend what’s on your mind (the preparation, the thoughts, the people, the attire, ect.)…get it out! Wouldn’t it be so much better of a fresh, new perspective on your things? There is something instilled in all of us that we shouldn’t talk about our challenges and burden someone else with our issues.

That’s a big fat lie! I know this because I remember my Sweetest, Nicest Grandma in the whole wide world. She was the the core to the Apple in my family and she took care of everything, every little detail, from Love, to Husband, to Kids, us Grandkids, pleasing the world non stop…which I will never forget that amazing soul she had here and can’t wait to see her again. But, as the old school mentality she was always go, go, go cooking, cleaning, pleasing, ect. and never said a peep about anything not one complaint, ever.

Could you imagine all the complaints that add up in ourselves, really that is certainly no money in the bank. And come on who along the way said complaints are a bad thing anyway??

It saddens me Grandma died from heart disease and young too! I am confidently telling you this because I know at least one of you has or will go through this same thing and really it is okay. We are so Blessed for my time here on earth with the most Amazing people in our Lives.

If someone seems really busy to talk to or the comfort level is just not there, find someone who is I promise their out there, just keep trying and don’t grow a weary heart…You got this!!! We were made to get this….We are in this together we are to nuture and care for one another inside and out.

My biggest realization for myself is I need to take time out for me…As that song continuously comes thru my mind, “Sittin by the dock of the bay”…LOL What a great song BUUUUUT only the chorus…Haha..Just know I just learned the lyrics…Wow, this man coulda made this song so much more positive but chose to go south on his lyrics instead…Oh well def. not a Zumba song LOL!

Little fun things in our life do not have to end when we are young in fact we must keep this tenacity going. I am at such a place the mind shift change is an easy one and I am grateful to see this transformation not only in myself but each and every person in my life. Have something on your heart let’s talk about it or you can even start a blog and post it someone is destined to read it. 😉

OoooOooooo…One last thing I have to add..Do me a favor..Okay scratch that you are doing be no favor at all but yourself when doing this. If there is any animosity in your life squash it, stomp on it, throw it, get rid of it, get it out of your life and quickly bind it! The person for whom we hold a grudge against, don’t forgive, and remain angry with is really not the one who gets hurt in the matter..EVER! In fact, they are actually Blessed 10-fold and this pride actually bounces back off that person and right back to me..Pride is So so ugly and Forgiveness in ourselves is Really True Beauty..How do I know? Well truth is we all do….

Everyone Have a Happy, Healthy Blessed Weekend!

Most Importantly, Happy Resurrection!

With Lots of Love,

Joscelynn Ann Baio, CPFT

Together, Building Healthier People

Social Media Is The Way! Well For Now…

As you can see from my previous blog about Mainsteethost, the company that has helped my business grow I have come to learn more and more that the world is reading. Not objects, these things are becoming obsolete..Being in a box is the way right now LOL Hubby thinks I am crazy cuz I feel like just one day computers are gonna take a kaput..I hope not but let’s face it we are so advanced today that we are busy keeping up. Did you hear we are putting robots in combat in Afganistan this month? How cool is this technology!?!

Having the ability to get ones point across, under, over, through is all at our finger tips..To me this is VERY Cool!! This is an incredible time to be in the profession of fitness too. There are more and more people to realize that we are here to take care of ourselves to take care of our loved ones. As Fitness Professionals as well we are in a crucial time to stick together. Helping those helping others helping themselves help us to grow in a better understanding of not our tomorrow..but right now!

Did you know that 2/3s of all cancer are preventable? That’s right proactively making the right decision in our lives it is preventable. Our only problem and we are all guilty of this all of us and I do not believe there is anything wrong with this not one bit…We need eachother!

I am going to let you in on a little secret..okay Well a huge secret one of mine…..I currently am in a scientific study with a heart doctor based out of ECMC (Erie County Medical Center) and those of you who are not aware of this Buffalo Hospital it is pretty high tech as of recently with the incredible machines and technology that will just blow your mind! Saving 1,000s of lives is putting it super lightly. So back to the study..This doctor and an many others from around the world are conducting what I chose not for any benefit of myself but those of other Mothers around the world.

Did you know that heart disease is the number on killer in Women in America??? Crazyness So when I was 17 years old I needed contraceptive to regulate my menstrual cycle sorry if this offends anyone reading me saying that I mean your welcome. So anyway, I was young yes and I smoked yes..Having these factors of my decisions I learned the hard way and developed a baseball size blood clot in my leg. I went to the doctors and they told me either quit smoking or stop taking the pill. Which do you think I chose. Well since I was such a bad ass I chose stopping the pill of course. Well luckily one of the factors was the right one at the time cuz thank God I am still here! =’)

Having my Father die of smoking a few years ago was my reason to stop smoking just a few years ago….It took that to stop that ='(

So I have to say the ride has not been an easy one with both pregnancies there has been many technical terms of how I don’t understand and will not fully understand until the end of time why or how I am still here…We call them miracles…This is why I say learn from your mistakes and if you get the chance avoid going through your own then use someone elses that defeats half the battle…

So working with this doctor there are two things that as most women (and some men too I am sure). We set ourselves up for disappointment…that’s right we anticipate and prepare for situations to be stressful…Instead of letting it all go and let it happen the way it’s suppose to happen we allow energy to be sucked right out of us. The second thing is not all people do this but some keep anger stuffed inside of us without expressing our feelings.

Finding a way to let go is so crucial in life. Myself is through Dance Fitness as most of you know. Some could be walks in the park, massages, sitting by the dock of the bay, have a party in your car, making crafts, and do me a favor..I am going to always do this now this is what friends are for…When planning events, parties, meetings, ect. talk to a trusted friend let it out there is no reason to keep it all in and/or be a superman/superwoman…That is so old school LOL Talk about it there is nothing wrong with telling others what is going on in your life in fact LET IT OUT!

Speaking of old school..the old way of using butter is no good anymore either =P

To conclude and from one trusted friend to another if you smoke..please quit! Give a crap about yourself as much as others care about you and if anywhere in this world you think no one gives a shit…Well I do! Thank you!!

Your Friend,

Joscelynn Baio, CPFT

P.S…If you have not done so yet please take a few minutes to make a difference in your life. Take my Free Self Assessment Quiz (located on the top bar of my site). All information is put together by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). All personal information is kept completely confidential. General collected data is in fact gathered for the help of those in need.

Zumba Fitness Instructor Becomes a Personal Trainer Buffalo NY

Waking up today was not only exciting but rewarding.  Although, Zumba has been rewarding all in itself I always knew there was more.  Our bodies are so incredible the anatomy and kinesiology just blows my minds.  In the mix of the 300+ hours I have been studying for this extensive PFT exam for which by the way am excited to say I killed it yesterday.   Over time, I have learned hundreds of things daily and would say are you kidding me the body really does that??  I am so intrigued and excited to implement my specialty in the field right now.

I have to thank Zumba Fitness for showing me there is even more out there to persevere to help others in every aspect of our bodies.  When I was 16 years old up until 25 I was a Certified Pharmacy Technician and my desire, my passion to help others was always instilled in me.  I had customers that had come in that have put such a stamp on my heart still even today.  Something that burns inside of me to continue to show this awareness of health in each one of us.

This brings me to actively getting my Personal Training Career off the ground today.  Anyone reading this I would love to gather as much data as possible.  Possibly for a study I have in the near future working with physicians.  Which when reading this I am currently looking for a possible graphic designer to create an incredible portfolio.  If anyone would like to represent me in any way you believe would assist please contact me.  For my own personal records and data I would be honored to mail a “Self Assessment Quiz” to everyone willing to participate anywhere in the world.  If I know you and you know me you know I pretty much already know a lot about you and if I don’t know you and you don’t know me, it’s quite alright just ask any others and they will tell you your information is safe with me. 🙂  I really am excited as to what results these questionnaire’s gather and know and acknowledge the help of others this will perform.

Most Personal Trainers from what I am gathering this morning charge a least $100 just for this self assessment.  Not me, I believe the information we gather will be worth more than Gold.  If you can help me please message me your address or see me and say I will and I will get one to you.  Remember, no lying or cheating either if you do I will find out anyways.  Lol Just Kidding =P I wouldn’t but why kid ourselves when we will help ourselves and can for others too!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this!

I am Joscelynn Ann Baio and Today I am your Personal Fitness Trainer =D

Together, Building Healthier People

Mainstreethost Helped My Business

Mainstreethost supports and educates the average business lifestyle a person needs.  For those such as myself who need guidance, support, and the best top notch service there is to offer Mainstreethost offers that for me.  The company employs and educates the best qualified people to take the opportunity and turn it into a masterpiece.

The mediocre web person such as myself has been taught all of which I need to know behind the scenes to bring me the successes of my business today.  When employees would say the SEO department, optimization department, developing department ect. are all handling my site.  I know one thing for certain that the customer service handles my business in the utmost professional manner above all else.

Reaching out to 1,000s of people here in Buffalo, NY.  The website I hold is not only what is extraordinary.  The desire and passion we have to reach out to help those in need through health and challenges in this here life is what we are on a Mission to accomplish.  Mainstreethost offers this flexibility and support for us for over 10 years now the opportunities to grow and maintain a strong healthy lifestyle.

The invitation is open for you to contact Mainstreethost for your seo and web services and to learn for yourself the genuine integrity each one holds.

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For Immediate Release
March 12, 2012

Local Web Developer Making a Difference for Community

Buffalo — March 12, 2012 — Local Web Developer Peter John Baio is now offering the best web service ever thru the company whom he has been employed by named, Mainstreethost.   Baio’s office is conveniently located in Amherst, NY.  Monday through Friday he reports to his office.  Although, one does know and understand our web never sleeps.  With this fact, Baio is at his best whenever his services are needed around the clock.

In addition, he holds the highest integrity and utmost respect for those whom he works with.  Web Development is the most misconstrued field out there.  A messy job describes a lot about a person. There are no more first impressions in this 21st Century.  A site either has it or it does not.  For the genuine, detailed, seasoned employee Baio adds value to the field.  He holds every aspect of what businesses today need to survive.

For over 10 years now Mainstreethost  continues on a mission assisting many opportunities for clients to create a masterpiece shaped to their lifestyles. Baio attended the Microsoft Learning Center to further his education.  In appreciation of Mainstreethost these certifications allow Peter to stay abreast in his field with new, brilliant ideas of today and incorporate the many, many old ropes from yesteryears. All Baio’s websites are meticulously thought through and implemented. Baio is thrilled to offer his outstanding services to those who desire the opportunity for their company to flourish. “I do my research daily and I have seen companies multiply in profit in a little over a year,” Baio said. “I feel like I am on web mission,” said Baio who has been developing and managing sites for over 10 years now.

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Someone did have a question about gifting to yourself..LOL Well, in fact, Deal Chicken did forget to put my allowance of up to 4 purchases person. So, Yes! I will honor gifts to yourself for you are the most important! =D

What a day!!!! I am so thankful for today and the new hour that is given to us. Adjustments anyone? LOL Our routine will def. require some time 🙂 As a lot of you have said this morning I was like right there with ya..Our Little Man was up @ 5:30am could it be that we are loosing lots of sleep when we gain time. Ahhhh..just sleep when we die, right! Right! I really can’t wait to hit the floor with some Zumba later to get my endorphines going and heart pumping with excitement!

So I woke up to the surprise of Deal Chicken..Yup, I knew it was coming but actually seeing it was really cool. I remember Marty from Channel 2 calling me on a warm summer day giving me the break down of how this works and I was sceptic at first because it was not “Groupon.” I did my research and learned that Deal Chicken is now a small town Buffalo Company, who I now believe in and I believe they will make it really big and I hope that I help that for them as much as they helped me! If you know anyone who has a business in Buffalo for a listing for exposure let me know I will be happy to hook you up with a really great guy.

I Love what I do..I Love to have Fun..But Most Importantly I Love to Show people they are Capable of Doing Anything..Yup Anyone Can and Should Do What Their Heart is Tugging Them To Do! This is God’s Gift to me and I am so Blessed and Thankful to Live This Here and Now 🙂

I would like to Thank those whom have contacted me and those who have joined our incredible bunch. Each one person is very special to me and know that your success is my responsibility. But, as I just told our newest member, a Doctor from Roswell I will be your accountability partner yes, but I need you to meet me half way. Slow progression=results and results is what your passion will get. I myself have lost 62 pounds so I know Zumba is exhilerating and exciting, I get it. So what are you goals? What are your dreams? Who are you living healthy for? What health challenge could you be facing if not taking those steps?

Don’t miss out on this today only, Deal Chicken Deal going on today 10 Classes for $25. Prices will go back to 10 classes for $50 or $10 per class at midnight tonight. Our Zumba newbs always know and remember your are not alone..I got your back…this is the average price you will find all across the world. Did I mention, no gym fees. Get on this great deal! I feel like a saleswoman I am so not! LOL So get yours today and also if you are thinking of starting your Holiday Shopping. Here you go!! A Great Gift for those you care about! 😉
IMPORTANT: Please Don’t forget to Vote for Tomorrow’s Election Day!!!!

Last but not least, I am also excited to offer…Anyone who decides to donate items to Buffalo City Mission will receive a free class from them to a Zumba Class with Joscelynn Baio ($10 Value). Just like them on FB to be updated with necessities. Get plugged in today!

Thank you sooooooooo much for reading, if you’d like to respond I’d enjoy your writing, if you’d like to join us and look at that Beautiful Incredible Bunch in that Picture! =D I look forward to Us Dancing!!!! See you next time! 😉

Together, Building Healthier People

A Fish Called Wanda

So we have had 3 fish in our tank for some time now. Really content going on their business day in and day out. Gracefully swimming back and forth in the tank. IT is true what they say, fish tanks are very tranquil and is highly recommended to be in the location where you do your most work to have that peaceful environment to do work and studies in. It does work…

So we wanted to add to the fish know of course the kiddos have names for these fish. This one we called, Wanda. We brought it home really pretty, tiger striped had a distinguished added color to the black and white stripes and was just a pretty fish. The pet store said, no worries these fish do well with the ones we have.

Day one, Wanda went in crazily swam back and forth in the tank almost looking like it was banging it’s head into each side of the tank. There was no seeking tranquility with this one LOL

As the days passed this extreme action turned into pecking at the other 3 fish. Literally attacking them! You could see the fear in these fish. I mean I was starting to feel really, really bad for them. I watched this behavior for a couple of days. After about a week you see the other 3 fish instead of running from Wanda they would now hide behind the filter and stay there. These fish lost their fight, the fight I don’t even think was there to begin with. But the fight that they could have had they were willing to just sit there and give up. What really, to that big bully these 3 fish..yes 3 fish were willing to put all arms down (or should I say fins =P) to die behind the filter. All 3 fish hid behind the filter.

Uh uh, nope not going to let that happen! You had to have seen how mad I got! I was like this fish is going down! I will flush him down the toilet so fast he won’t even know what is coming to him! I was ready for the battle..I got the fish net and went to battle with this fast little sucker! He was bouncing off the walls not letting me get him. He would hide I almost got him and then bounce. A soup spoon was not successful either. Then I tried putting my hand in there with not so good visibility that did not work.

With the other fish still in the corner this little stinker was I would guess exhausted. We have a little castle on the bottom and Wanda swam into there and hid. I guess hoping no one would find him there. I was so heated at this point. I was like HAha!!! I got you sucker!!!! I lifted the castle outta water with fish in it heading for the toilet bowl.

I did the right thing though I got a baggie and headed this inconsiderate, crazy fish back to the pet store! Our fish at first were hesitant to come out and live peacefully, took some time. Now the three of them swim gracefully in our tank and are enjoying life.

Wanda, well I don’t know her future but I picture maybe a huge shark coming at her…Haha Just Kidding! =P

Was a GREAT Movie too!! 🙂

The End is The Beginning

The Last Day of Zumba Convention 2011 was an AWESOME close to an incredible weekend! I have to say this was certainly a learning experience for me and continues to be so every step I take in class from this day forward. I am forever thankful for the people I meet day in and day out and I am Blessed to be a part of Our Wellness Industry. Yes, Dancing is Fun and Exciting and Zumba is just oh so enticing! I LOVE IT!! Your wellness continuum is at work when doing Zumba and that is just the most important perk that we just don’t realize. Just imagine how much healthier, even I have realize within my own Crew and of course, I know my body as well and I see the transformation in myself. It is incredible for those whom apply themselves the incredible change is pure Excitement! Just so self-fulfilling knowing the body is being cared for in each and every participant!

First Instruction of My Sunday…Bringin it down right with some Island Soul! 🙂

Zumba® Instructor Convention
Armando Salcedo, ZES, international presenter of ECA Miami 2010/2011, Fitness Brasil 2011, Festival
Del Fitness Italy 2011
Feel the rhythms of the Caribbean in this session that gives new meaning to the phrase “warm Caribbean breezes.” You will learn fiery yet sensual movements and choreography that are easy to follow and integrate into your routines. Find yourself fully engaged in one of the smoothest, most pleasing workouts ever

Objective of the Class: Dance, cardio and tonification
History of the Rhythm/Guidelines:

Trinidad y Tobago, Jamaica, Angola

About the Rhythms:
Soca is a form of dance music that originated in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago from calypso music.
It combines the melodic sounds of calypso and strong percussion, and in most modern songs now,
Electronic and local chutney music.

Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music. A sparser version of reggae, it also speaks on politics and religion but not as direct as roots style. Today, we listen to digital dancehall (or ragga), which has
Faster rhythms.

Kuduro originated from Luanda, Angola, when African percussion samples were mixed with simple
Calypso and soca rhythms to create a style of music then known as batida. Now, it has a lot of influences
With modern electronic music. Kuduro dancing is similar to dancehall dancing of Jamaica.

I will be back to tell of my Last but not least Workshop…

Here we go, here we go, here we go!! =DDDDDD



Whenever I sit at the dinner table and have someone’s amazing Gravy and they say can I have the end piece of the Italian Bread…I say hey it’s not an end it’s just the beginning! =P

Zumba Toning 1st Class in Buffalo, NY 2011

I am proud to say Zumba Toning has been a HIT here in WNY for almost 2 years now!! Now with my Personal Training Certification almost 1 year and 1/2 ago I am more confident with proper form and alignment. Educating ourselves of the human body is intense and very rewarding. Having Afaa is such a Blessing to keep me abreast of our ever changing fitness world.

When making the right decision to a healthier you which in this day we have know other choice but to do so. Otherwise, death is in fact at our door. Where exercise, as well as healthy eating is crucial as we all know; but the truth not only requires 3-5 days of cardio workout daily BUT Muscular Endurance Training is so important. This requires the temple to perform 2-3 days IN ADDITION to the 3-5 days of cardiovascular training .

Weighted workouts are designed to increase muscular endurance and has to be a vital part of our fitness training. Unfortunately, current typical high/low impact aerobic classes provide only a max of 15 min. muscle sculpting activity as well as muscle endurance. Our bodies require double this a dedicated 30-40 minutes. The result of lack thereof muscular endurance is then looked over and really should not be.

Zumba Convention 2011….

Bring Zumba Toning to Buffalo, NY

The Zumba Toning Program in Buffalo, NY takes the original Zumba dance-fitness class to the next level utilizing an innovative muscle training protocol and the addition of lightweight toning sticks or dumbbells. Created to emphasize muscle work along with rhythms, this combination of cardio and dynamic resistive exercises is an effective use of progressive lightweight training to improve overall performance. This Latin-inspired dance and tone program also includes, for the first time, combination rhythms within the same songs which adds to the fun and flavor: Latin Disco, Reggaeton-Cumbia, Conga Hip-Hop, Merengue Hip-Hop, Reggaeton-Belly Dance, Techno, and Salsa. This program is assured to provide the participant with a safe and effective, redefining total body workout! ZUMBA TONING creates the same party atmosphere as every other ZUMBA program because the rhythm of the dance is the passion and foundation which keeps the participant engaged and coming back. ZUMBA TONING is exhilarating, different, challenging and effective and provides a new avenue of weighted activity for the participant.

Important Safety Information
-Consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program. If at any time during exercise you feel faint, dizzy, experience pain, stop and consult your physician. The training presented in the workout instructions is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling.
-Use fitness toning sticks only as intended and demonstrated in the Zumba Fitness workout instructions. Do not use with other exercise programs.
-The Zumba Fitness Toning Sticks are intended for home use and Zumba classes only. Not for commercial use.
-Inspect the Zumba Fitness Toning Sticks for damage before each use. If cap ends are loose, discontinue use.
-The Zumba Fitness Toning Sticks are not toys. Keep the Toning Sticks and all necessary pieces away from children at all times. Toning Sticks contain small parts and can be choking hazards.

Now available and ready for purchase! Our order will go out on August 2, 2011!


I am going to let you in on a little secret. So you know I like music, right?! =P Well there is this one particular song that pumps me up when I do huge things it has for many, many years now. I put this on and just bock out!!!!

Life is not easy I know this but what I have learned is that when times are difficult hard and seems impossible THAT is when to move forward run through that hurt, anguish, and pain…The rush from the end result is the biggest accomplishment. Who cares what is going on. Who cares what adversity just slapped you in the face it doesn’t matter. Trust me this was the BIGGEST challenge in my life and I guess I just have too many angles over me hitting me upside the head so many times. LMBO I know now to literally GRAB the Bull by it’s horn and RUN!!!!! There is no better saying that it is not what we are going through that makes a difference it is how we deal with it that matters!!!

I just read something that spoke so deep into my heart. Work the fields, continue throughout mid day because you do not know when the profit is going to come to you. This is another lesson learned..Money is not a bad thing too many, myself including take the thought of money way too far. Some even WAY, WAY too far…Money is a good thing when working those fields.

I am proud to say a Professional Networker for an amazing company 4Life Reseach. When there are people who are willing to pay the price, willing to work those fields, ready and oh my gosh we are all so able amazing things happen and that thing called freedom just happens. Ben Franklin, yes the president on the 100 dollar bill said it the best, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Still so true to this day! When making calls to most of you, making big decisions in life, or just needing to accomplish something that has to get done I play this song. I recently sent this song to a Partner of mine in 4Life, Joe Coles in Port St. Lucie Florida, this song reminded me of him and the undeniably asset we are in each others lives.

Last thing I want to say is Rise Above, Reach For the Stars, The world is Yours!!!!! Now let’s go gettum!!!

So yeah the First Day of Zumba Convention 2011 that night I went back after a refresher @ my In laws my journey to The Peabody was an awesome concert with who? What? Reaally? Yep, Pitbull!! I saw him LIVE! Come on I am chillin right now…You know when you say you would love to see someone and you do…nothing better than that!!! =D Try it sometime!!! The RUSH!!! Ahhhhhhhhh…

If you are in fact looking for that opportunity to pay the price for what you desire in life. Get with me for a free cd. I will get it out to you immediately. Even during these hard economic times our business is SOARING!! Adversity worked at it’s GREATEST!

Entered the Jungle

Still day one of the Zumba Convention and still so very pumped!! I was ready to learn the newest passion I have been holding. There is a connection with me and the desire to dance in Africa. I hold the same passion with my Husband that we would love to travel to South Africa so hopefully this lifetime we will be able to do this. The rituals, spiritual, and tribal music is just so enticing. I knew this entering the jungle and feel Blessed to have an instruction on this day.

Ahhhh..the video is AMAZING!! I had chills at that convention watching this, I believe this took an entire year if not longer to make this:

Rhythm Is Movement And Movement Is Rhythm

Many African languages have no word to define music of rhythm because it is not something their create, it is life itself.

Everything is Rhythm and Rhythm is Everything!

Tribal African Music is Poly-Rhythmic (compared with Western music which is mostly poly-phonic)

European (Western) rhythms-typically emphasize the primary beats.

In sub-Saharan African origin rhythms, typically emphasize the secondary beats. African music may have multiple rhythms going at the same time into one single “music” Interesting! All credit of these write ups go to whomever was in charge of creating the Instruction at the Zumba Convention. I have just added my own experience to what they already have done for us.

This often causes the uninitiated ear to misinterpret the secondary beats as the primary beats, and to hear the true primary beats as cross-beats. In other words, the musical “background” and “foreground” may mistakenly be heard and felt in reverse.—Penalosa (2009: 21)

Those poly-rhythums are the roots of many other culture rhythms and music gender were brought to Congo in the mid 1920’s and when mixed with electrical guitar sounds gave birth to the Soukous–mother dance of all African modern dances of today. So Africa dance today is still very much poly-rhythmic but also poly-phonic.

The Role of the Drum/Drummer
It was really cool and magical to have been there to listen to the beating of this drum. The beautiful artwork that was put into this detailed instrument and created especially for our Zumba Instruction.

The sound and rhythm of the drum express the mood of the people. Oh boy did it on that Friday…what a BLAST this was!

The drum is he sign of life; its beat us the heartbeat of the community. Such is the power of the drum to evoke emotions to touch the souls of those who hear its rhythms. This is really a special truth.
In an African community, coming together in response to the beating of the drum is an opportunity to give one another a sense of belonging and of solidarity. It is time to connect with each other, to be part of that collective rhythm of the life in which young and old, rich and poor, men and women are all invited to contribute to the society.

Dance is the link between the past and the present. The African Grove/Swag
Traditional African moves, have always served a function. They have meaning to the community and speak to our blood and out very soul. I love this! They are the retentions and secret behind our ancestors survival and success.

These dances teach social patterns and values and helps people work, mature, praise or criticize members of the community while celebrating festivals and funerals, competing, reciting history, proverbs and poetry, and to encounter gods.

To remove this memory, this power, this ancestral connection, from the dance, is to remove the vital energy of the dance.

While the music have changed over time, many moves remains present in today’s dances.

Rhythm and Dancers Make One
The voice is the most common and popular music instrument in African music but the whole body is used and contribute to each other to make one. Dance is not separate nor enslaved to the rhythm but a part of what makes it. He/She is the rhythm and part of the instrument. The drum throbs with the heart, vibrates with the shoulders pulsates with the hips, beats with the feet pounding or tapping the ground.

African Jungle Workout-2011-Copyrights reserved to Mo Diakite and Ricardo Marmitte

Thank you guys for an AMAZING experience. What I truly learned is no one knows music until we actually dance to all of the different cultures this world has to offer. We are all one and will unite together on the dance floor. I am excited to continue to learn every music genre…

Now to obtain some really incredible African Rhythm’s you can go to

Kickin Off Zumba Convention 2011 Off Right!!

The Excitement from the night before sure did not allow me a lot of sleep but was totally worth all the awake time with so many extraordinary people. Hubby got me to the convention and left I had bags for the day and was told I would not be allowed to enter the kick off concert with any bags..Hmmmm now what? Baby Cakes is gone and I have lots of bags. Not knowing what I was going to do a fellow instructor offered me to be able to keep my things in his room..What really? People actually are helping people out like this left and right all weekend. Where am I? And we are from all over the world TOGETHER! My fellow Buffalo Zumba Instructor, Anthony Jupin said it absolutely perfectly, if this is what heaven looks like I don’t want to leave! We are all in one place, on one land, with eachother, toward the same common goal to share how to care not only for eachother, but the world out there. One person at a time!

The concert was Incredible showing a taste of what lies ahead for each instructor in the Peabody was to experience that amazing weekend. Also, we were previewed with a surprise! The guests who were to visit us later Pitbull and Wyclef Jean! Ahhhhhhh…Pause!! Look at that Girl..Stop..Drop..Pause!!! SOOOOOO FUN!!! =D

Leaving there left me inspired…I want to learn more and that I did! My journey to Brazil left me to a room of 100s of people. Placing my bags in the front there were men playing their musical instruments and singing. I sat right down and rocked to the sweet rhythm learning seconds later I was jammin with the band!! How sweet was that!

Our amazing presenters and instruction:
Zumba® Instructor Convention Presenters:
Priscila Sartori and Fabio Barros
Director of choreography:
Andrea Araujo
Moises Junior,
Petala Rosa
Roger Siqueira

Forró is the most popular dance genre in the northeast region of Brazil. Different genres of music can be used to dance to
the forró. Traditionally, all of these music genres use only three instruments (accordion, zabumba, and a metal triangle). Which I jammed to how cool was that!

The dance also becomes very different as you cross the borders of the northeast into the southeast. As part of the popular culture, it is in constant change.

The dance known as college forró is the most common style between the middle-class university students in the southeast,
having been influenced by other dances like salsa and samba-rock. The traditional music used for forro’was brought
to the southeast from the northeast by Luiz Gonzaga, who transformed the baião (a word originated from baiano and used as a warm-up for artists to search for inspiration before) (Okay so no coincidence my last name is Baio…Hahahahah)into
a more sophisticated rhythm. In later years, forró achieved popularity throughout Brazil, in the form of a slower genre
known as xote, which has been influenced by pop-­‐rock music and accepted by the Brazilian youth of the southeast, southern and central regions. Funk carioca, favela funk and elsewhere in the world, baile funk, is a type of dance music
from Rio de Janeiro, derived from Miami bass. “Baile funk” in Rio refers not to the music, but to the actual parties or discothèques in which the music is played. Although it originated in Rio, funk carioca has become increasingly popular
among the lower class in the other parts of Brazil. In the whole country, funk carioca is most often simply known as
funk, although it is very different musically from what funk means in most other places. Axé music is a popular music genre
that originated in Salvador, Bahia and Brazil approximately in 1986, fusing different Afro-­‐Caribbean genres, such as marcha, reggae and calypso. It also includes influences of Afro-­‐Brazilian music such as frevo, forró and carixada.
The most important creator of this music style was Alfredo Moura, conducting Carlinhos Brown, Luiz Caldas, Sarajane and
others. The word “axé” means good vibration. Samba is a Brazilian dance and musical genre, which originated in Bahia with
its roots in Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) and Africa via the West African slave trade and African religious traditions. It is recognized around the world as a symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian carnival. Considered one of the most popular Brazilian cultural expressions, samba has become an icon of Brazilian national identity. The Bahian Samba de Roda (dance circle),
which became a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity in 2005, is the main root of the samba carioca, the samba that is played and
danced in Rio de Janeiro.

As you can see Zumba Dance Fitness is not just about moves and music. The Flavor and Rhythms are much more special than that! The history is Beauty…

I will be back to tell you about my African Tribal Session!! See you next time! =D

Thrills…10 Years of Livin the Party-ZumbaⓇ


On Thursday July 7, 2011 I have flown with my family to our family in Orlando, Florida for an incredible exciting weekend of the ZUMBA CONVENTION 2011!!! I am excited because not only is Zumba 10 years in the making, our other company that gives people endless opportunities all over the Globe, 4Life Research is around 10 years!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Coincidence and exciting to be a part of two incredible EXCEPTIONAL models for us to dream, believe, and help soooooooooooooo many others!!

My schedule consisted of so many exciting programs starting on Friday. Registration ended at 9pm and we landed at 7:30pm so I really wanted to get registered so I can start my Friday off right! My mother in law came to the airport we then went to the Peabody Hotel :DDDDD

Okay, so at this point we were at the hotel lobby..I was told the registration is all the way on the other side..AHHHHHH =P I can do this! 8:50pm I am running through the halls..I see Joy from Zumba Gold..Ahhhhhhh how exciting was that!! She really taught me everything in the beginning having taken Zumba Gold to start. I found her style is very helpful and effective. That was soooooo cool to see her!! Then I see the twins =DDD So cool they taught me the Mahwah Silah!! Sooooooo FANTASTIC!! Love Them!! K..So I need to get to the registration booth I have 5 minutes.

The last door to outside to go into the convention center is Jammed…Ahhhhhh..Oh no! So I bum rush literally my butt has to get there..As I was anxiously exiting the door this sweaty dude is coming out with his head turned away from me not quite paying attention..As I am saying excuse me he turns to me I realized I fell right into the arms of Beto Perez! Hahaha..was so funny I squeezed him so tight..You know how hard I squeeze LOL Well he said Oye Ve…Hahahahaha..That was AWESOME!!!

I ran thru his entire camera crew, jetted down the walking escalator and thru the doors..There it was A-Z and B allllllll the way down the way…I booked as they were closing up shop and there @ 9:00pm.

Ready to Start MY Busy Day Tomorrow!!! =DDDDDDDDDDD

Note: Girls and Guy Alike…IF you have not taken a Zumba Class yet..Make sure you do so! You have no idea the benefits your wellness continuum is experiencing..INCREDIBLE! Also, if you have not thought about your future and want to start now I challenge you to take a further look at 4Life Research and the opportunity will rock your socks off! Until next time…

A New Beginning

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to mourn for some time until appropriate time is necessary in each individual life. It’s exciting to celebrate, a break out, and endurance that not all people get to experience when you have endured the pain. I have to say I know for certain you are a stronger person and life is a different perspective. A vision no one else holds or may be could never grasp. But that’s okay it’s your life not theirs. Celebrate, embrace the goodness for it all is entirely so important and look to your side or a close picture near by..isn’t that all the reason to persevere, whether it is a legacy necessary to continue, or loved ones that are your love your life..yes, they are reasons. Not to mention all others that are not put in our life by accident. After reading please take a moment on paper perhaps a good day to start a journal. All the deeds He has done for you!

Psalm 96
1 Sing to the LORD a new song;
sing to the LORD, all the earth.
2 Sing to the LORD, praise his name;
proclaim his salvation day after day.
3 Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

4 For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
he is to be feared above all gods.
5 For all the gods of the nations are idols,
but the LORD made the heavens.
6 Splendor and majesty are before him;
strength and glory are in his sanctuary.

7 Ascribe to the LORD, all you families of nations,
ascribe to the LORD glory and strength.
8 Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name;
bring an offering and come into his courts.
9 Worship the LORD in the splendor of his[a] holiness;
tremble before him, all the earth.
10 Say among the nations, “The LORD reigns.”
The world is firmly established, it cannot be moved;
he will judge the peoples with equity.

11 Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad;
let the sea resound, and all that is in it.
12 Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them;
let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.
13 Let all creation rejoice before the LORD, for he comes,
he comes to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness
and the peoples in his faithfulness.

This truth you will reflect on paper day in and day out hold truth of the walk in the doctrine you experience is beautiful! Not to mention the spiritual warfare that is necessary in our daily walk in this here life. Prayerfully thanking for you and with you the reader..God Bless you now go make a difference in an individual’s life who needs you! Much Love, Joscelynn Baio

What is your LifeStyle Like?

Is your life exactly where you want it? Do you have it all figured out or is life always taking you by surprise? I just recently heard a speaker say that what we do over and over consistently is the result of the way we think day in and day out. A pretty interesting thought that could hold a lot of truth. Life is not exactly the way I want it, yet and will I ever have it all figured out..NO! I can tell you one thing for certain though I am going to try my hardest as a servant leader to grow with those that want more. Recently, I have just partnered with a pretty incredible person. A skeptic if you will. Which I believe we all are there until we grow. This 4Life business is all about growing day in and day out and we learn something new every day. That is the beauty of Network Marketing that our personal growth is unlimited. The day we decide to commit ourselves to something that we know for a fact is gonna take us to where our heart’s desire wants us to go that is the day we are unstoppable. Or as many Big Guys would say, 10 feet tall and bullet proof! Don’t you love that!?!

If you are looking for a way to rekindle those dreams you have held so far within you that is meant to come to fruition we are all here to help you get there whatever it take but only under one circumstance if you are willing and teachable. Bring to the table your commitment and all together we are going places. Whether you want to work now and have your money work for you in the near future or you want to work for someone else tiredly day in and day out bringing in the dough for others is entirely up to you!

Now I know for a fact you really needed help with the latter which is why I am here to assist you to sweet dreams once again!

Your Partner In Success,

Joscelynn Baio

Together, Building Healthier People

It’s not how high the bird flies but the song he sings…

Today has been a really Incredible Day…Waking up to the Loves of my Life to the song of Happy Birthday from the Sweetest Tones of My Children to the Sweetest Words of My Gentle Loving Husband. How so very Blessed I am to have such amazing Family and Friends in this here life..All day has been something else!

While my Daughter was in school little man and I came home when life can change direction in an instant it did for me just here and now…While standing near the kitchen window a small strike to our window occurred and most of us know the end result of this..Why do birds fly into windows any way?? God should have made birds have whiskers like cats and dogs so they won’t do this…haha true story of living and learning!!

So I went to the sliding door to see what lies on the ground under our window and there it was a baby bird..don’t know what kind of bird a grey one. Hubby says all babies are grey any ways! So I watched it it was blinking fastly and I remember being told if someone blinks fast it means they are nervous..this poor bird was winded and shortly after closed it’s eyes and took a gasp of air what looked like it’s last breath. I was like oh no, uh uh not today..not on my birthday LOL I ran out there sat on the porch with son and dog watching me out the door I picked this bird up and perched it on my hand and prayed…Lord please Give this bird life…

Isn’t it so true that parents are always there for their children no matter what, but not always there when we fall..Well there the Momma was on the wire above looking down at I am like is she gonna come down and get me hahaha

So this cute little thing comes back to heart beating super fast on my pointer and middle finger! Yay God!! Like my Aunt said this is your Birthday Bird LOL Thank you Jesus!! =D

So we have a bird bath in the back I walked this birdy too and wanting to make him as comfy as possible put him in the top part and ran inside..just maybe the Mommy will come down to reunite Hahaha…Not the case

I run inside get some warmer water because it is chilly out and the bird seed we have…

Son and Son are both still at the back door looking out so I leave the door open so they can both come out as I come out on a comforting mission..Haha
As I pour the water slowly in with birdie he skits out and flies! Does he fly into the huge world that he now belongs to? Does he reunite with his Momma and siblings? No, remember that open door I had…Well, you may be able to guess it…The baby bird decides to fly right into my house…The cup is still lying on the ground outside with my jaw after I lived this…haha

We go inside I am whistling, looking, digging thru toys, going thru closets in the bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it no bird..he just doesn’t want to talk..I had to pick up my daughter from school shortly. Also, did you know that this is finally the time the Momma wants to come and kick my butt…looking thru my slider like I want my baby..I just knew it..

After some time this thing flies in our living room trying to latch onto you can tell looking for like a branch or something and yep none of those are in my living room..pooping all over my room I was like bird just come down here with my hand out and sure enough he landed on the ground. I picked him up and said dear God don’t be scared just stay on me and I will take you out to your Momma…He did he stayed on I put him on the bird feeder and he flew away! Yay!!

That was a special part of my day amongst many…

Then my Dear Friend Jen comes over and surprises me with her delish banana bread!! Yummmmm!! So good…So Glad there is Zumba tonite because this Girl needs to work it!! Thank you Honey and your card is so beautiful too!! So thoughtful and so special!! I am soooo Blessed!!!

Ms. Maria came over to watch the kiddos and Pete and I went to my Akron Curves where I teach Zumba in the Circuit and he video recorded our class. Stay tune for these awesome clips!! =D Also, Lee Ann my sweet heart boss had a cake and presents for me! Those ladies are truly somethin else!! If you are truly looking to be a part of an incredible bunch of other women who are amazing come and join us! I know for a fact your life will be transformed as well as mine is! I love them all and you will too and it all starts with the Incredible Owner, Lee Ann Dussaeult. To reserve your spot call Curves @ 716-542-5615!

The awesome birthday night ended with a nice dinner with Hubby! Not to mention the sweet birthday wishes voicemail, text, and gosh Facebook is truly something else..A real awesome way to really make someone else feel so special!! I was really blown away at what you all took the time to write..As much as I hate the fact that the computer world has taken over..the advantage is some true really true former lasting friendships and relationships lasting through today!! I thank God for those of you in my life today and every day!!

Thank you all for such a Beautiful Day!! I dedicate this song to you:


How We are on the Dance Floor Is the Reflection of How we Live Our Life~Joscelynn Ann Baio

Have you ever thought about dancing? Do you desire to do something you have never done? Did you ever make yourself believe that you can’t dance and has that stopped you from doing so?? I believe how We are on the Dance Floor Is the Reflection of How we Live Our Life!! I have had the honor to dance with pretty incredible people throughout the years..Weddings have always been my excitement to get on that floor to booghy! As I grew older and time to go out dancing was most certainly a weekend must. To my joy I have always felt amazing dancing! I am really truly Blessed to have been partnered with my Life Long Dance Partner who we have danced (as you have read times before) together since minute one. We even danced for 24 hours straight at the Music Conference in Stratford Upon Avon where Shakesphere was born..Talk about INCREDIBLE!! Every chance we get we like to tear it up! We even did our Christmas play together last year together..Now that was Cute! And here we are..Zumba! I have not only have come to realize the importance to learn the body, study the music, and absorb the art of dancing that is all important yes, but the realization I came to this past weekend in Arizona. Amongst many other things thanks to Michael Bernoff my life has changed. I look forward to watching people dance more and more now. To see what people are made of from deep within is incredible. When we dance there is an amazing feeling that rises from inside of us and is so amazing! My best advice is to get out there, stand tall on the inside, and make that difference in your life and the lives of everyone around you. We only have once chance in this here world so make it happen. Don’t be scared just feel the music..Take it from someone who is so not perfect, but one who screws up really good! Have fun with this! Any chance you can get, any where around the country find yourself a Zumba Fitness Class. I don’t care if you are a woman or a man there is the right place, at the right time, with the right instructor for YOU!! Make it Happen! Only benefits not gained is if you do not show up and no one can do it for you..You wellness starts within and health is the first and foremost regard to an optimal life! Get out there and DANCE!!

Looking for People who are Looking for Us

Are you a dreamer? Is there still a dreamer in there in you?? I hope to reawaken there what could have been lost in what has been flooding our lives day in and day out! I have been around the block with this network marketing business and have come to realize that this is the way! So many people are like hampsters running in their ball day in and day out. If there are a lot of things you want to accomplish in this here life..Things you are willing to have blood, sweat, and tears with a team that is devoted and passionate to get us there together! Only serious people that want to grow with a serious team please connect with us. We want fruit! We want to grow with you!! Be sure to contact me and training will start once your contact is received! Are you serious about your life, your future, your dreams to apply oneself! Please be open to learn, open your minds, free your troubles and worries at time of surrender and understand this is the start to the new you…If you are not teachable..take it from me it will just have to take a little longer to get you where you want to go. That’s really okay though too we all have to learn and grow and start somewhere. The most important part is that you started somewhere! =D See you at the top!! =D