You Were Suppose to Be A Turtle!!!

Its so hard to say goodbye!!  Little Man you have filled us with so much love and joy we can not even know what life will be with you not here.

June 30, 2002 your Dad and I wanted to start a responsibility together for we knew someday kiddos were definitely in the horizon.  We said lets get a turtle so we looked in the yellow pages I can just see the book in our laps and found Lockport Pets and said lets go there it would be cool to get a turtle.

When we got there we were ecstatic we found this Greek turtle he was funny we took him out of the tank and he would have been bigger than you even and slower just.  We started piling everything up all that we needed according to the associate.  The tank, lights, food, bedding, ect.  Everything came to $1,000 and back then with no kids it was easy for Mommy and Daddy to go halfsies with our paycheck.  

As we were standing there with the associate Fate had another plan.  Daddy turned by where the doggies were and I still learning how to care for a huge turtle.  I hear, “Jos come here” I said hang on I will be right back.  And there you were this cute little bunny up in the right-hand corner looking ar us like HI !  With your eyes bigger than your body.  And we were both like, Hi!  Mommy asked the associate right then and there, Can we hold him?  That was it!  The turtle turned out to be Our Pug, Nautica.  The name because that is all Daddy wore. 

I will never forget that ride home to our first apartment we had.  You were the beginning of our Beautiful Family together.  Grandma and Grandpa in NJ would guide Daddy and I on what to do for we had no clue on having a puppy.  Grandma said whatever you do, crate him.  Even if he wines and cries still keep him in there.  It was so funny because getting off the phone with my Dad and Karin I remember telling Daddy what they said, and we were so young we said lets do this.  Ok this was a big fail!! LOL We put you in this crate and we only imagined you were back at the pet store.  You CRIED so loudly it was crazy!!   We were in bed and said ok give it 5 min., 10 min, ugh Baby we gotta get him.  Yup, you guessed we brought you in our bed.  We did try a few nights, maybe even two weeks but then you were like nope that bed is too comfy.  You sure did you had us wrapped! <3 

We are go grateful for these 16 and half years the time we have with you to grow with you.  When we brought you to NJ to see Dad and Karin they would babysit you and tell Mommy and Daddy go you kids have a good time.  I will never forget trying to give them instructions with a coffee can and pennies someone told us to help to have you stop barking.  Hahahahahaha I think that even make you bark louder and longer than you have ever in your life. Grandpa was so thrilled though he got to share love to you like a proud Grandpa was.  He said just go, get outta here have fun!  He didn’t get a chance to Love on your Brother and Sisters while on this earth.  You were the one the first born son and the first grand dog.  

Mommy remembers you always on my lap.  While in our first home I was going to school and I remember being in the office doing work and you always sitting on alllll of my papers you loved to be held so much and also I think of the feeling of paper =’D Mommy got an awesome opportunity while taking the civil service test and passing at Buff State and had to go to training for 6 weeks to Georgia.  God was this hard for me to go.  You have stole my heart but thinking of our future and our future Family Daddy and I agreed he would hold the fort up.  I will never forget my return at 3am you running across the floor slidding with your contant kisses on my face sitting on the top stair.  It was so good to be reunited with my Family again.

We knew you were in great hands, when Daddy had to go to work he had to crate you because of your puppy mischief that we would do them over and over again with just you if we could.  Those same cries you did to us to not ever want to be in the crate you did it to Gigi who lived next door at that time she too couldn’t leave you in there we totally understood you stole all our hearts.

Firsts leading to many years we are so thanful to have shared with you.  As Grandma Karin guided us she told us we gotta keep you active and sure enough you may have been the first pug to have accomplishments in agility.  We brought you to Canines Sports Complex to join in competitions with other dogs your were amazing in the courses running with your Dad the most favorite you loved was the tunnel and the teater and weave not so much.  Table you were a pro!  This was a weekly thing like we were bringing our kid to school it was so cool.  Mommy and Daddy named you then your agility name, Nautica “Competition” Baio.  

We later brought you to PetSmart to compete in big time and I think you finished the fastest than any other dog.  It was awesome!!  Gonna miss taking you to see Santa speaking of PetSmart.  God you loved that place!

You have taught us so much Haasy!!  You taught us unconditional love, loyalty, responsibility, the importance of Family mostly.  Also, you taught us how to pray over our children.  Some may think is crazy but I prayed over you like no bodies business and you always turned out to be A Ok!  God definitely, loves us together as a Family I know many times he has smiled down on us.

You were there for our engagement Mommy and Daddy, you were a happy lil Man when you went to the Amherst Boarding Kennel that was your jam when Mommy and Daddy would take vacations.  You were so excited to go in and see your friends and that much more when we came to pick you up!!  

The time we came back from our honeymoon you were missing us but your personality where ever you went you stole everyone’s heart.  Everyone wanted to keep you and dear friends even got pugs because of your infectious love.  Pastor Steve and Debbie we remember them watching you and you stole their kiddos hearts Alyssa and Josh were like can we get a pug.  They still have their baby now too.  

When we were pregnant Mommy and Daddy we knew we were growing our Family.  You were very receptive to our Rach because that is the kind of heart you had.  You would sit right by her.  Not as a guard dog because you are a sweet temperament but a I am a proud brother stance.  I have tons and tons of pictures I will be putting together of all of the above.  Just such sweet, sweet memories.  

Then when Salvatore came home you were like finally I have a brother!  Sal is going to miss you so much!  If there is anyone that made sure that you were taken care in the small thinks every day was Sal.  

We brought home Aniella and again you loved and kissed the baby and took your proud stance.  I think you were just thinking another person to cuddle with.  The fun that we have all had with you the road trips, the park visits, the visits to the Grandparents, the walks, the parties, the Love we a just so so grateful we had with you!  Trying to keep you alive for the past 6 months has been too much we don’t want you to suffer anymore you deserve to cross that Rainbow Bridge.  With dignity, Mommy and Daddy will say today see you later!  We love you so extremely much!  We will have a big hole in our home now and miss you so much! We know you lived the BEST life you could have ever lived, because we live the BEST life with you so thank you Nautica for this awesome time and Thank you God for Blessing us with Wittle Man!!!

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society LLS Zumbathon at Golf Dome Arena

This arena is massive and a chance of a lifetime!!! Come join the fight together against Leukemia and Lymphoma at the 1st ever LLS Society Zumbathon

A huge shout out to Councilman Danny Crangle for making this possible and for all the businesses that are absolutely over generous and supporting with dozens of chances to purchase raffles to win some really incredible donations! Together we are making a difference!

On Behalf of Our Entire SowFit Buffalo Crew,


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SowFit Buffalo Bio

We have rebranded and are Sow Excited and Pleased to present to you and your associates: Welcome to SowFit Buffalo! Where All Inclusive Fitness takes place! No body left out!

SowFit Buffalo started June of 2007 here in WNY. Owner Joscelynn Baio moved here from NJ to work as a Department of Homeland Security to serve and protect our US/Canadian borders. As a US Customs and Border Protection Officer, this field has taught me diligence and a keen perception of individuality.

That year was the year my first daughter was born and knowing one child was not just in our future. Still giving oath to our Country and working within our boundaries, the hours on the field were tireless and no place for a family, I later resigned my duties as a Customs Officer and pursued fitness.

Physical activity and exercise has and always was my mindset that we must keep our bodies moving with my mom being diagnosed with a bone and joint disease back in 1987, this was from when I was 8 she taught me with her disability that movement is essential. I also had a sister that was one year older than me that had died with spina bifida who my first born was proudly named after.

Graduating with my AS in Criminal Justice in NJ has brought me to Buffalo and my continuation at Buffalo State College brought me to study to be a teacher. In high school and college, I took my fitness seriously and with no doubt anatomy and physiology was to be my minor. Our body is incredible in what we are capable to accomplish. The bootcamp at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center taught me physical awareness and the mental awareness of what goes on around us with our terrorist training as a result of 911.

Fast Forwarding to five years, and 3 babies later obtaining my Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Group x Training thru AFAA, BS in Sport Management with Columbia Southern University, American Red Cross First Aid, Inclusive Fitness with Individuals with Disabilities Credentials working within our Community thru Daemen College, and array of Group x classes including but not limiting with the credentials we hold, Zumba(r), Zumba(r) Toning, Cardio Kickboxing (AFAA), Pound(r), Barre Class, BootCamp proudly serving our Military, Transformation Challenges, All Inclusive Josh & Friends ZIC(r) (Zumba in the Circuit), 30 Minute Circuit Training with muscle conditioning and strength training machines, Zumba(r) Gold, Silver & Fit(r), Hula Hoop Class, SilverSneakers(r), etc.

SowFit Buffalo now employs 10 employees, myself included and job creation is very important to me as my Sport Manager degree allows my expertise on the field over 10 years experience to grow our great City of Buffalo. Working with many great facilities and events here in Buffalo has allowed me to be the person I am today to help others grow and be the best version of themselves possible. SowFit has also worked at the Niagara Library in Buffalo to offer our free services to eliminate aggression off the streets and save lives in Buffalo by getting folks off the streets and into the weight room. This is an extremely tough task but at SowFit we give a crap. VA Hospital of WNY is another organization we serviced to and as our service men and service women return home from the battle field overseas, they too have a place to call home at SowFit.

SowFit Buffalo is currently sponsored within our great Urban Development of Canalside(r) Buffalo Corp. and offering an array of classes at our beautiful waterfront downtown. The 3 major events that SowFit Buffalo hosts are Josh & Friends, which is our essential fitness variation for our DD/ID (developmental and intellectual disabled) population focusing that muscle conditioning and strength training is mandatory and just Zumba(r) cardio is not at the fullest potential for all bodies where the ZIC (Zumba in the Circuit) is essential. SilverSneakers(r) is another fitness variation we teach to our seniors here in Buffalo, NY This consists of low impact, fun fitness for which I inquire our Zumba(r) Gold expertise and for all fitness levels. Lastly, our “Get Kids Movement” segment that is widely recognized by our big corporations and sponsored by them. SowFit Buffalo is honored to getting our Children’s bodies moving and grooving. This too is all-inclusive in fact this is SowFit’s motto, don’t ever put a cap on what you are capable of and our mission is No Man, Woman, or Child is left behind.

Lastly, SowFit Buffalo looks forward to partner with our Buffalo Police to focus on our Children for they are our future. They are striving to make our city a more safe and more fun environment and are doing a fine job, our mission is to continue to work with our inner city children and surrounding areas to focus on our future generations to be more confident and self aware that each and every person is incredible and has a huge purpose in this life. We look forward to continue to selflessly serve all that the Lord is doing for our great city of Buffalo.

For more information and a presentation of our services feel free to contact us at information below. We are be happy to share with you more about our services as well as opportunities we offer to various organizations and corporations like yourself all across WNY not just at our satellite office below on the corner of Sheridan and Military housing our Sheridan Parkside neighborhood.

Live Healthy, Live Strong on Behalf of All of Us at SowFit Buffalo!

Warmest Regards,

Joscelynn Baio, Sport Manager
SowFit Buffalo
1292 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo, NY 14217
[email protected]

My Pants are Falling Off (One Week Down 4 to Go!)


Carrie Fick and I are having the time of our lives delivering what we love to do the most outside of spending time with our Family and that is teaching Fitness and Nutrition. We work so hard behind the scenes together to deliver the top notch service and results every body deserves.

Does not stop there..We are to practice what we preach right! The challenge started one week ago and we agreed Carrie and I we were going to be the challenge as well!! This is hard to believe we just kicked our first Fit2BStrong Transformation Challenge last Friday.

In any event, we tell our participants to give us 10 days (our acceleration period!) and with great surprise after working out last night (the 6th night) everyone shared they felt so great!!! The pain has been overcome!!! We say 10 days because that specific day for some reason we look better, feel better, sleep better, loving the skin we are in !!! God has created this special program for us to follow and we are so excited of our participants to conquer all our challenges together!

Tonite “Party with the Pros” we are not only excited for our weekly meeting but we get to celebrate our successes and meet our challenges together!!!! Who will be this weeks winner tonite!! We shall see!?!?!?!

Temple Transformation Challenge

Fit2BStrong 5 Week Transformation Program

We are So Excited to Start Our 9th Round of A 5 Week Transformation Program is starting November 1st, 2016. You don’t want to miss this! This is a way to get your goals if you are needing to lead a healthier lifestyle. The program is just $150 for members and $200 for non- members. You ask what the difference of members and non-members (Just 20 bucks)!
Accountability is required for this incredible program we have created for you! We are not one of those gyms that are going to rip you off for 600 bucks like thousands are doing across the world. Now we are only charging you above and if the goal is not met after the 5 weeks and lose 10 pounds you get a crisp 100 bill back as well as collected points getting you may win prizes throughout our entire 5 weeks. All you have to do is show up and your goals will be conquered!
Also, upon finishing your body transformation program with us our monthly membership program to keep your goals attained we are only $30 a month, keeping it at the least expensive of our Fitness Boutique here in WNY. Making it affordable unlike those other smaller gyms charging up to $150 a month for the same classes with the passion of assisting many clients not just a few and health benefits are our goal not our bottom line. Each class is a point and prizes such as TVs, theatre tickets, restaurant certificates, Ect. are just a few to mention and so fun to work towards.

ENROLL HERE: Are you Ready for a Challenge?

Fitness that keeps on Giving: Every enrollment goes toward feeding a meal to one family either the FoodBank of WNY or The New Covenant Food Pantry!!!

Where mind, body, and spirit are our goals.. your determination is what attains them
Where mind, body, and spirit are our goals.. your determination is what attains them


On March 3, 2016 I stepped on a scale and was very unimpressed with the number on it. I found out the following week it was off by 10 pounds but I was already super mad about what it said. I started eating better, and putting more oomph into my workouts. Added a few extra classes as I could. From March 3 to June 14th I lost 17 pounds! June 14, 2016 I started the Temple Winner journey (which I WON!!). That motivated me even more! From June 14 to Sept. 24, 2016 I lost another 23 pounds and 14 inches!! Total lost was 40 pounds in 29 weeks!!
The encouragement and support from Sow it Now is amazing! Even on days I wanted to throw in the towel, I’d think “you are doing this for YOU, YOU have to go!”
I have not be this light in 10 years. I have never been this strong or fit in my life!! Fitness for me in 2016 has been the best investment in myself I’ve ever made!! Check out the before pic (feb 2016) and After (Oct 2016) pic!!

Ready for a Challenge? Fit2BStrong 5-Week Body Transformation Challenge

Holidays are hectic…staying on track during the holidays doesn’t have to be

As the holidays are approaching, we all want to look and feel great but the parties, shopping and late night treats get the best of us. Join us for this season’s body transformation project and let the Sow It Now Health & Fitness team be your accountability partners. For just 5 weeks we will provide you with a workout schedule, group fitness classes and nutritional guidance. Set your goal and let us help you get there, rewarding your progress every step of the way.

Be ready to take on the holidays feeling your very best!
Only $150 for SinFit members ($200 for non-members).
Weekly drawings for prizes and a cash grand prize will be awarded at the end of the 5 weeks.

Don’t wait! Sign up today!

Visit for more information

Save the date!

Saturday, November 26th, 2-4pm
Shake Away Hunger Zumbathon to benefit the Food Bank of WNY.
Get tickets and more information here!

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Are you Ready for a Challenge?

I’ve always loved working out and try to eat healthy. My mentality was if I live a mostly active lifestyle and eat healthy most of the time, I don’t need to worry or feel guilty when I indulge in a cookie or a big dinner out or a few drinks with friends. I was never a competitive athlete, which is why I love running as an adult so much more than my high school days. A long run is the perfect way to be one with your thoughts, clear your head and burn major calories doing so, which makes you want to eat more. I miss the days of long runs and “second breakfasts” at Alton’s.
What’s changed? Kids, work, motivation. We all have our reasons for being motivated to be fit as much as the excuses for not staying on track. My motivation 5 years ago was my wedding. All the work that goes into that one day, I never thought I would care so much about my appearance. But the realization that I would be standing in front of HUNDREDS of people all looking at ME (and my husband)! I wanted to make sure I looked good. And I did, we worked our butts off – running, Insanity, flat belly diets, Sassy water. And when the big day came around I was a size 4 for the first time ever in my life!
Newlywed life was great, we spent a week in Mexico unplugged, sat by the pool all day, ran once to stay in shape. Upon returning we got right back into our fitness routine as we were training for a half marathon. I wasn’t as strict with my diet but I was still living that (mostly) healthy life.
A few months after the race I was pregnant, and running back-to-back-to-back races. Two half marathons and a 10k all in 3 weeks! With my first son I did everything right, I think mostly because I had the time. I ate healthy, worked out as much as I felt up to – as I told my husband I was now exercising for health not weight loss so I didn’t want to get sweaty. Post-baby I worked out as soon as I got the go ahead (maybe a little sooner). We put him in his baby swing to watch while we did T25. Then, just a few weeks later I got a call no one ever wants to get. In the midst of one of the worst storms WNY has ever seen, my dad collapsed in his driveway while snow plowing and died. It was a huge shock as it was so sudden and unexpected. During the next year, getting fit was not my priority. I still had a family to take care of, work and we sold our house and moved in with my mom. I lost the baby weight, but not because I was trying … I had no time to eat, drink and be merry. And then before I knew it I was pregnant again!
Baby number two was not the same pregnancy in any way, including taking the time to workout and eat only the healthiest options. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain as much the second time around despite my constant cravings for olives and onion rings, but the weight was much harder to lose.
I struggled with how this made me feel for a long time. I decided long ago I didn’t want to be that size 4 girl again because it was too hard. I just wanted to be healthy and comfortable in my body.

So what does all this mean for you? Maybe you didn’t have a wedding or a baby yet, or suffer the loss of a parent or close loved one. But, you did fall off the healthy wagon and we are here to get you back on board. The biggest thing keeping me going is being accountable to my class, my friends, family and myself. I’m not trying to fit back into those size 4 jeans (hmmm but I did have some pretty cute dresses …). I just want to be healthy and show my boys how to be healthy. So they watch me practice new routines, get in the stroller when we go for runs, and my 2 1/2 year old even gets down and does squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups with me – 5 reps each because 5 is his favorite number.

Remember, you reap what you sow. Do good and get great results. The catch? You have to do the work, we are just your cheerleaders. Join us for just 5 weeks and see how much YOU can do!

Author: Carrie Fick

Technology is Amazing

Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted on here! Time sure does fly by. Anyway, during this past year a lot has happened; I finished school, got a promotion, and unfortunately put my health and fitness on the back burner. For the past couple of months I have been wanting to get back into exercising but just Day 1couldn’t seem to find any motivation to do so. Last week I sent a message to Joscelynn telling her how I missed her training me and that she always kept me motivated and excited to work out. She then suggested that we train via Skype (well she said facetime, but since I’m an android fan, so…Skype it is!) twice a week, starting today.

We got off to a bit of a rocky start with continuous disconnections and some major frustration on both ends, but once we got a call to go through and not end for unknown reasons, we kicked it into high gear and she whooped by butt! Let me tell you, I am going to be sore tomorrow and probably for a few days after! I don’t have any major goals I want to achieve just yet, so for now we’re focusing on getting my strength and muscle definition back, and of course making sure I concentrate on my diet in order to gain weight (I promise it’s just as hard to gain weight as it is to lose it).

As Joscelynn put it, “technology is so crazy cool” and I completely agree! Without her I don’t know where I would be, so I am beyond thrilled and blessed that she is taking the time to train me 1400 miles away!



Plantar Warts

I cringe at that very possibility to ever get one again in my life.  Summer 2015 my Family and I went to Olcott Beach we were excited to venture to sand and water and to our surprise was aweful.  So disappointing the NY Lake line has and there is nothing being done to restore its beauty.  Long story short, I got glass in my foot during this visit.  Trying to remove myself by picking and scraping (I even purchased a scraping tool) I eventually a month later got to the foot doctor.  Well all it took him was some drawing salve and boom out.  The healing process was not the speedy recovery we would all hope for.  Another month has passed and something was just not right.  Mind you I am a Zumba(r) Instructor, Kickboxer, and Personal Trainer and was truly an uncomfortable pain to endure.  I went back to the foot doctor and he told me I acquired a virus from the glass site, which grew into a plantar wart.  Oh my gosh, the pain I endured I tried EVERYTHING!  I tried to google the solution and it was almost like everyone was afraid or ashamed of the truth behind such a virus.  I was desperate the doctor first prescribed a medicine that was $3,000.00.  That right Three Thousand Dollars!  Can you believe some drug company had the nerve to charge us that?!?!  Anyway, the alternative in my opinion Imquiod was not any better being $100, but again I was desperate.

The people on the internet suggested trying duct tape, squeezing, scraping, pumice stone, and even the Imquiod burn my foot terribly.  Nothing worked!  With the medication the doctor had me cover in this tape then add muleskin over it so I was able to teach my students in not such bad agony.  OMG would you believe I then got athletes feet from the sweat of covering my foot for comfort?  I am not kidding something that was suppose to get better went far south than I could ever have anticipated!!!  It was now December and the suffer was from August at this point I wanted to stab my foot right off my body.  The pain, the itching, the lack of sleep, the difficult ability to continue in my profession was just horrid!!!

The last and only straw I was to take now was to contact my dear friend and colleague, Allecia Vella and  .  As a Holistic Health Coach Allecia Vella is determined to help bring Health back, one body at at time.  That is her mission and that Ms. Vella certainly delivered.  I have to say within two weeks of Allecia’s advice to me in such a dire time and honest to God, dark time of my life.  Lack of sleep is no good for the most average Active Mom and always on the go.  So folks, if you demand answers and guaranteed solution Allecia is God Sent and I am in tears to say I am100% healed!  Don’t live in agony and suffer no longer!  Your solution is finally here just reach out to and be on the road to your healing path as well.  Many thanks to you and your professional knowledge Allecia!!  You are Absolutely Incredible!!!! Oxo

Your Health is Our Priority…

Not Our Bottom Line!!!!!

Team Failure
This is very near and dear to my heart being the fitness industry is my Forte. There are just certain conformity’s that require change and have so needed such change even decades ago. Gym memberships and the requirements they still hold are all a sham. I remember when I was 17 years old and had a gym membership and no longer wanted to be what I call now, “locked and loaded” No customer likes to be bound to a contract and yet companies still refuse to get rid of that mentality and even take it a step forward to displease their clients. Companies and the Customers Who Hate Them”, written by authors Gail McGovern and Youngme Moon is a perfect example of unhappy employees as well.

Team building is in a modern day relic of understanding and growing a team not just a heresy, but actually applying these very morals and values within a team. Granted to cover this basis is not a difficult task to still put the customer first and employees first as well. Failing to instill honesty and integrity from the top is a grounds for failure for the future. Gym often times still make customers sign their life away and lock them in such contracts that force them to stay for such time said. Not to mention the hidden fees. Now to all of us as the customers there is this lie that the employee of such health club that is such a conformity and joke that still exists today.

Review and Evaluate
The authors point this deceptive way of business in many different professions and the main focus here is the health clubs because it is so near and dear to me. The way these authors describe this poorly organized teams I could not have described better any other way. “Health club companies have a long history of luring customers with attractive short-term offers, assaulting them with aggressive sales pitches, and then binding them with long-term contracts. That’s because some of their most profitable customers on a cost-to-serve basis have been those who were enticed to sign up for a long-term membership but then rarely visited the club. Indeed, many companies, knowing that the typical health club customer will under use the facility, intentionally sell many more memberships than they have the floor space to accommodate” (McGovern & Moon, 2007). Not only is this a poor way to perform business in 2007, but it is a way that is still performed in this very many today almost a decade later.

Going back to my experience almost 20 years ago when I was locked into a gym membership with Gold’s Gym. I actually had a lawyer and went to court to get out of such a contract. That’s right that was twenty years ago and still these health clubs are still pulling this same old scheme that they have in fact done so twenty years ago. “Effective team leaders understand that the way they manage the team and individual team members is strongly influenced by the degree to which the team members are skilled and motivated” (Dyer W. G., Dyer, J., & Dyer, W., 2015). Leading me today to open my own fitness complex and not require my clients to sign their life away at the dotted line. In fact, allowing them the drop in

In fact, allowing them the drop in rate that has changed and will continue to change company culture through the years. Not only is the return rate higher and has proven so the past 6 years, but with a conscience here at Sow it Now Fitness that we able to know and understand we are an honest company to deliver service with honesty and integrity.

A wise man in his 80’s once said, “Remember that 80% of the success in any job is based on your ability to deal with people.” ~Unknown Author

Change Where Change is Necessary

Change Where Change is Necessary

Joscelynn Ann Baio

Columbia Southern University



”Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

– Will Rogers


“There is a reason for every season” whose words come from a spiritual leader who speaks life over thousands people every day.  She goes by the name of Joyce Meyers and is the very stewardship leadership that I envision as great.  There have been many times I turned on the television and heard just what I was needing to hear and learn about on that very day, but that particular quote has stuck with me every day ever since.

Keywordstransformation, steward, innovation, leadership, change-centric, strength, weaknesses, coalition, stakeholders.

Change Where Change is Necessary

Leading change is a task not anybody is prepared or entitled to be a force in action, but no one says there is an easy way to carry out this plan.  In fact, the call of duty is a greater one and to be able to use the article written I chose on G.W.’s birthday is coincidental.

The Shepard

In the article, “The Transformational Shepard” reviewed by Professor Marshall shared that the one clear example of a transformational steward in the federal government is the recently retired commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Thad W. Allen. In the book’s foreword, as well as in a recent speech at George Washington University (GW), that was the neat coincidence to me.  Allen espoused the aspects of an effective transformational steward. He noted that public administrators must learn to expect the unexpected and that the challenge for public leaders is “to create organizations that are change-centric learning organizations” (Marshall, 2015).


Now there is a certain way these plans and outlines must be carried out.  The managerial styles and leading appreciation must be one by the followers.  None the less, these are the greatest supporters whom will in fact be a part of the fight when in a battle to overcome all adversity.

Implementing Change. There are some really great strong points in this article all leaders can learn from.  One being, “Leaders can never communicate or collaborate enough. Transparency of information breeds self-correcting behavior” (Marshall, 2015).  The truth is in the pudding, there are never enough solutions though out to underlying needs that may or may not occur.  Not to lack emotional standpoints of these needs is also a very important innovation.

Toolkit.  There is an importance as leaders to not look at all areas of aspect when it comes to delivering successful change here is another great tip Professor Marshall reiterates that, “Managers examining a particular issue can use the book’s Leadership Change-Risk Diagnostic Instrument to analyze how the organization is undergoing change. The advantage of the instrument is that it provides a diagnostic tool that enables the manager to find in the book practical suggestions and additional readings to better understand and address areas of weakness” (Marshall, 2015).

Set in Stone. All things in change are challenging whether rolling with the punches or creating them.  Our textbook author shares the best advice and not to be taken lightly that “implementation is a critical aspect of any initiative.  Leaders should strive to understand why people resist change.  The leaders should use communication and training, participation and involvement, and as a last resort coercion to overcome resistance” (Daft, 2011).  Without setting these implementations in the change of course the plan or organization is destined to perish.  What is a family without deep rooted values and appreciated traditions?


Daft, R. L. (2011). Leading Change. The leadership experience (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South Western.

Marshall, Gary S. “The practice of transformational stewardship.” The Public Manager Winter 2010: 76+. Academic OneFile. Web. 16 Feb. 2015.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream
Joscelynn Ann Baio
Columbia Southern University


Withhold not good from them when it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it (Proverb 3:27).


“The American dream has always included material aspiration, especially for those who start out with little or nothing. But as James Truslow Adams–who popularized the term in his 1931 history, The Epic of America–wrote, it was “not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.” It was the freedom to seek and pursue one’s own path. Most important, it was the freedom to follow one’s conscience without constraints from governmental authorities” (Plane, Ann Marie, and Tuttle, Leslie, 2013).
Keywords: Making a difference, dreams, hopes, aspirations, goals, objectives, speed bumps, challenges, hurdles, mountains, boundaries, overcome, reach, leaps, bounds, blood, sweat, tears.
Living the Dream
When reading the article written by William Damon, “American dreams and visions” I was drawn in with the very first line of his text. “The American dream isn’t just about riches. Even in the twenty first century, it’s still about freedom.” Our own free will is what leads us and guides us, which is if we will.
I Have a Dream
Not like Dr. Martin Luther King was talking in a selfish notion but the mission of a society. In fact, we all have this dream and we all have this power. There is this premonition that holds so true that if one is instilled in a greater purpose for greater good there is this assumption that it is always for personal gain. When a person has a burning desire that is instilled not just in their mind, but burns deep in the heart of the soul to conquer a greater good. I read the book “Dreams, Dreamers, and Visions : The Early Modern Atlantic World” in parallel to this article and the authors all agreed, “some dreams remain garbage, but a few constructions have promise, and if they deal meaningfully with issues important to the dreamer and to a larger community, they are taken seriously (whether or not they are acceptable). Seen in this perspective, the dream is a random search for an alternative survival strategy when standard plans have failed and thus can be seen as an adaptive evolutionary device, biologically wired into the brain, like the capacity for mutation in the genome.” When trusting in those dreams that hold true is standing to make a difference for greater good there is an understanding to create the plan.
Blueprints of the mind are a great distinction of what role the leader needs to play out in the yearning of creating the environment of future successes and learning experiences. Our textbook elaborates in the role of strategic leadership, “this role can very well be overwhelming to the leader for the big picture” (Daft, 2011 p. 396-397). When knowing this is a great obstacle is better knowing as a plan like the “Six Thinking Hats” to put into play with the make it happen attitude will destine to any organizations future.
Sense of Community. There is a greater good occurring when a community is involved what is technically called synergy. Now in the works of leading a group to the future of belief and understanding in the opportunity of change. There is nothing that could get in the way to lasting results of an organization’s entity.
Leader’s Involvement. It takes a special person to open to the dreams in the works of the unknown, but it takes a special work within a team to create commonality to accomplish that which a community is in need for the change and the discipleship that entails in that change. One person at a time may seem like a tedious task as it is, but the result of knowing one family is affected by a single dream, with the vision of the greater good not for the self of the individual, but of the creation of all sheep.
The Big Picture. We all have a mission we all have a purpose. I believe personally those of an appreciation of the most hardship, the everlasting pain, the sacrifice for the dreams to come true. There is a greater love of success or the journey thereof. Not just pinpointing on the famous phrase, “living the America Dream.” Rather like Damon says, “those who appreciate the elevated meanings of the American dream that have triggered hope in good times and bad, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy—a harbinger for a nation that is still rising” (Damon, 2014).


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Copyright © 2013. University of Pennsylvania Press. All rights reserved.


Going back to the followship and leadership with our honoring what our participants have to say as leaders we are not allowing the entire picture to play their roles to the fullest potential.  Now the idea of feedback is not to defeat or destroy.  Or conquer or be of a burden, but rather a growing experience or even a growing pain.  I myself have found myself biting my tongue trying hard to make others happy.  Learning the one way this is not a possibility to make them all happy.

There are going to be those folks that help in decision making, whether they are the ones with the most criticized feedback adding value to the leader and their goal.  I believe each person is put in our lives for a reason whether we are to learn from them or grow from them.  “There is a new reason for a new season” (Joyce Meyers).  The learned lesson is to always take negative feedback into action if necessary of course, but if it is an opportunity for growing from then it is time to rise up.

Living and learning for me is the only way to explain this, but the saying holds so true, “take it with a grain of salt.”  I like to grow from the area of negative responses with joy now. I do have to add this was definitely not a natural thing.  I look back now and see the diligence that was showered over me to handle negativity with grace and poise this is how I handle conflict.  With that being said even those very same negative people that have complained with their negative feedback they even still come back for more. It is a test I tell ya! J

As for the fear aspect, we are all scared at times but knowing there is that courage inside of us where we can stand tall and grow from is also a teaching by a great leader.  I like to say stand tall on the inside, it works while we are working out at the gym and instilling such a small saying in someone’s life could very well be an inspiration in everything we do in our lives.  The author made this fun for me to read, “Leaders are willing to take risks for a larger, ethical purpose, and they encourage others to do so” (Daft, 2011).


Daft, R. L. (2011). The leadership experience (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western.

Life in the fast lane

Followers want in leaders life changing experiences.  There is no idea better than the one that a true leader holds than to have the desire to have follower’s needs met and be a positive experience.  Time is of the essence in our culture today instead of borrowing dollars it seems each passing year we are just buying time.  Time is precious, so if must be spend not just wisely but with the utmost value.  Now, as the leader it is his or her duty to recognize what the followers not just by the want but absolute need.

I just recently read this incredible book written by a great author named, James R. Heldwein. “The ability to multitask is seen as enviable in a generation that appears to be constantly in a hurry.  The generation that appears to be constantly in a hurry.  The generation that believes that more is better and wants to have it all.  They feel entitled.  Most people seem to be in a desperate hurry to go, but to go where? It appears that whatever the destination there is an over-riding sense of urgency, of rushing, as if on a mission of extreme importance, all the time (Heldwein, 2014).

Where I just felt like I was just speaking about myself, my live in the moment intuition kicks in immediately and understanding that we all need to focus on the here and now.  Not wanting to slow down and enjoy the moment but with the necessity to do so.  To be this leader effectively to show each person their presence in their own lives matters now.  Not just today, tomorrow, but a lifetime goal to strive together.

I myself am a huge part of followership and this is how others can and will view us as being real because we all breath, live, and go through struggles just like the next guy.  To be soul support to one another is our God giving ability for each one of us to carry out.  In order to be the difference in other people’s lives we need to be the difference in our own lives first. Also, a challenge.  This is why understanding my family and my professional teams are so imperative to me, not just watering the well-being of others; but living and breathing with those whom are willing and able to grow in the betterment of their own lives; and as the awesome result the lives of others as well.

Courage is the one special trait we can walk these abilities out not just for ourselves but to instill in others as well.  Our textbook author shares, “Many people know intuitively that courage can carry you through deprivation, ridicule, and even rejection and enable you to achieve something about which you care deeply” (Daft, 2011).


Daft, R. L. (2011). The leadership experience (5th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western.

Heldwein, J (2014).  Wind Chimes.  The Simplicity of Being.  Bloomington, IN:  Balboa   Press.

Buffalo’s West Side

How can we bless others with our business services? We are here in a community that is suffering and we are giving everyone a chance to offer services by Sow it Now Health and Fitness.  We are here together building healthier people with the greatest opportunity to TEACH – LOVE – EXERCISE.

The needs of the customer there is an area of demographics in need of revitalization, there is a possibility this business owner to bring a complete change to all surrounding neighborhoods.  This is where I think outside of my box to reach all customers and creating opportunity when poverty is stricken and crime is at an all-time high this may very well be the dreamer of making a difference.  There are a lot of supporters to those who want to accomplish sometimes through these tedious tasks and there may very well be funds to support such a mission.  When there is boldness there is opportune resolve.

Sow it Now Health and Fitness is offering the services of fitness and wellness with state of the art exercise equipment one can only dream about.  An adult playground, or after school program  are growing crucial here in Buffalo, NY.  According to channel 2 news our local news stations, “BUFFALO, N.Y. — More than a third of WNY students are overweight or obese, according to new figures released by the state in a report that breaks down the numbers by school district.  Nearly 80,000 students in public schools in the WNY eight county area are obese or overweight according to the CDC” (WGRZ).”  This is why I would offer special events to inner city folks to be assistance to those in need to exercise and learn to be healthy and fit in the community.  Not only will this save lives, but will also change the way people think in decreasing bullying, depression, and even worse suicide.  The impact of just exercise is so crucial for our society today.

Currently as a non-profit organization we reach out to numerous organizations to assist us to make this change from so many different organizations.  Now, the buying decision is made by upper management according to the author.  “Other influences are the users the line workers and the supervisors, the influences of the engineering or research and development are involved in writing specifications, the buyers as management involved in purchasing from suppliers of important inventory, the deciders are usually with top purchases are made by the top managers, and the gatekeepers are in charge of the flow of information” (Perreault & McCarthy, 2010).  Not living in the inner city I very well hire a gate keeper.  This is the job for her to be in charge of all frontline business flow.


Perreault, W. D., Cannon, J. P., & McCarthy, E. J. (2010). Essentials of marketing (12th ed.). New York, NY:  McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Wooten, Michael (2013).

30 Day Push-Up Challenge

Hello friends! I’m finishing up my third class of my MBA program, and let me tell you it was very demanding. I try to workout 6 days a week, but attempting to get up at 4:45am Monday-Friday didn’t always happen these past 7 weeks. That being said, I am back full-force and am making sure to get my hour of exercise in 5-6 days a week. To make sure that happens, I decided to start another 30 day challenge, one that will be more difficult than the plank challenge; the 30 days push-up challenge. Sounds fun right?! Yeah, I dislike push-ups as well, but these arms aren’t going to get stronger if I sit back and relax. I chose to start with a beginner push-up challenge, and then maybe once I successfully complete that I can move on to the more challenging one. Below is the challenge I will be following, though you may choose to follow a different one:

For those of you who want an even easier challenge, or those of you who feel that this is too easy, I found a website that gives you multiple options of challenges to choose from:  I recommend checking it out as it gives you exercises, recipes, and fitness news on top of the many different challenges.

As usual, I will be posting updates throughout this challenge. But for now, I must get back to finishing up my final three days of this class.

Happy Sunday!



5 Minutes

5 Minutes

I did it! I successfully completed the 30 day plank challenge, and on my birthday no less! And what a good feeling that is. When I first started this challenge, I thought I’d never be able to hold the plank for 5 minutes. My body, very clearly, proved me wrong. This was probably the toughest challenge for me yet, but also the most rewarding. I encourage everyone to try it, even if you can’t make the full 30 days, go ahead and challenge yourself anyways. You might be surprised with how far you get; I sure was. For my next challenge, I’m thinking of trying the 30 abs challenge, and you know I’ll be updating you on my progress and encouraging all of you to try it!

I told Joscelynn this morning that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, and one that I choose to continue even without her being in Florida with me. It’s tough not having that constant motivation, but I’m doing my best to motivate myself and to become the strongest, healthiest, most fit person I possibly can.

Sending my love to each and every one of you!


Plank Challenge-Day 16

fitness journey

Today was day 16 of my plank challenge. 2 minutes. Whew that was difficult for me, but I made it! I was able to hold the plank for about 1 min 40 sec before this challenge, so you would think those last 20 seconds would be somewhat easy right? Wrong. My arms were shaking by the end and I thought my abs were going to explode. Those final 20 seconds seemed to last a lifetime, but they also made me stronger, and will continue to.

My fitness journey hasn’t always been easy, so every milestone I make, whether it’s small or big, is huge for me. The results I see makes all the pain and setbacks completely worth it, which is why I never give up no matter what. I have to motivate myself each and every day and push myself to the absolute limit. There have been times I felt like death, but those times when you feel like giving up, don’t. Those final reps or seconds are what counts the most. Push yourself each day; do one more set of bicep curls, hold the plank or wall squat for 10 more seconds, do 5 more depression dips. I promise you will see results. My favorite quote is: “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Give it 12 weeks. Don’t quit.” There are so many people who quit after a few weeks because they aren’t seeing the results they want, but results don’t always show right away. So I’m telling you to never give up and to work out for yourself and for no one else. Healthy equals happy, so go and make yourself happy, not the rest of the world.

Sending motivation your way!




Buffalo Bills








As we all sit on the edge of our seats in Buffalo, NY wondering where the great works of Ralph Wilson’s legacy will stand is our greatest concern here in the north. Not only is the future owner in question but the future location is also up in the air. Is Buffalo going to be in the hands of money and no management experience moving abroad? Or are the Buffalo Bills going to stay home where they belong to be with the people of the deep hearts for their team right where they belong and with someone who has the same mentality like the great Ralph Wilson. Time will only tell in this anxious decision for all of 716.

Keywords: Football, Ralph Wilson, Stadium, Future Owner, Future Site

There has been lots of talk here in Buffalo, New York and all across the nation about the sale of the football stadium housed by the Buffalo Bills and who will actually acquire this purchase. The sad moment Ralph Wilson passed at a blessed age of 95 years of life. He was a devout and passionate owner who took not only his players, his team, but his entire Buffalo, NY into play when making all decisions to run a successful arena. Buffalo Bills being considered the All American Football Team keeping that mentality alongside the sign just when you enter the New York State Thruway at the Buffalo exit stating, the “All American City.” Where Wilson will be greatly Buffalonian’s sit at the edge of their seat to learn of who not only will be the next owner, but where with the legacy continue of the Wilson Stadium.

According to USA Today, “With private bidding underway for a club valued by Forbes at only $870 million – the last NFL club sold, the Cleveland Browns in 2012, went for $987 million, according to Forbes, and the NBA Los Angeles Clippers just went for $2 billion – an unanticipated buyer might emerge” (USA Today, 2014).

With a lower price tag than most organizations as you see hear we have heard of many interested buyers, almost farfetched, and some unwanted. To name a few Bon Jovi, who we all know as a singer with no executive facility management experience Buffalo is rarely welcoming of inexperience to carry on with the legacy of Ralph Wilson.

The least favored is the great Donald Trump. Where the money can talk yes, but to be able to run a successful sports industry well to many dislikes and opinions one must at least know the ins and outs of sports especially when it comes to the already established firm foundation.

Another interest to bid on the stadium was Tom Golisano, with the experience of the game of hockey he was the former Buffalo Sabres owner but again does not hold a good track record in the past of Buffalo’s history. Bringing us to the later owner an up to date interest of the now Buffalo Sabre’s hockey organization, Terry Pegula. Pegula is definitely a favorite here to the Buffalo folks for the successful management and track record he currently holds and the financial promises he already does offer for his people.

As well sit back and wait anxiously for the turnout of the owner here in Buffalo, New York we also need to hang onto the handles of our seats for the bumpy ride of not knowing exactly where this stadium will stand. Just like in the article of the USA Today, a Buffalo resident thinks, “Pegula is an excellent choice because he owns the Sabres and he’s going to keep the Bills here.”

A lot of talk of the team going to Toronto, Canada is another huge, saddening thought this is why Buffalo would love to see the passion of an investor who is looking to make our city of Buffalo better and brighter. I am one of those people, personally I feel that our city has so much potential to carry out and incredible opportunity to a city that has such old time charm and the adoration of such diehards in and out of the stands that I truly feel this city deserves the best change to be made with a like-minded legacy of Ralph Wilson to be passed to one who carries the same “BuffaLove.”


Gary Mihoces, USA TODAY Sport, 2014. “Buffalo Bills’ Sale Has Fans Leery of Rush to Relocate”

No more excuses!

Back Definition

The plank challenge has begun, and I hope you started as well! I don’t like excuses, so be prepared for my wrath if I hear an “I can’t do it,” or “I started but then it got too difficult.” This isn’t meant to be easy. That’s why it’s a challenge. You have to push yourself to attain the tone and muscle definition you so desperately want. You can’t expect it to happen if you don’t challenge yourself and push yourself to your absolute limit.

When I first started training with Joscelynn, there were some people who gave me looks of disbelief and asked why I even had a trainer since I was already skinny. In turn, I gave them a look and stated that while I didn’t need to lose any weight, in fact I needed to gain it, I wanted to get toned and have some definition. I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone why I had a trainer. It’s not about being thin. I wanted to be healthy. Plain and simple. My first year of college I lost a lot of weight that I couldn’t afford to lose. I had trouble gaining it back, and part of it was probably because I loved being so skinny. I was not healthy at all and everyone could see it. It took me about three years to gain back what I lost, and then a few more years to gain some more. I am finally in a healthy place and I am so happy with my body. Being able to see the tone and definition I’ve built gives me this feeling of satisfaction. That anything is possible. Sure, there are days I don’t like my body, but I have to remind myself that each person is different. We can’t all have the same body type, and that is okay. Slow progress is still progress. Don’t ever give up and don’t you dare compare your body to anyone else’s. Take the time to properly train and you will eventually see the results you want.

My body wouldn’t be where it is now without the help of Joscelynn. It’s easier to stick to it when you have someone who motivates you. I encourage each and every one of you to join an exercise group, whether it be a swim class, yoga, zumba, spinning, etc. If you live in the Amherst/Tonawanda/Kenmore area, go to one of Joscelynn’s crazy zumba classes. I promise you will love it and her!

No more excuses! Get off your butt and go exercise!


30-Day Plank Challenge

Hey everyone! So now that I’m getting settled into my new life here in Florida, I think it’s time that I try a new challenge. Last month I decided to complete the 30-day squat challenge which quite literally kicked my butt. Now, I want to try the 30-day plank challenge. Crazy I know, but who doesn’t enjoy a challenge, especially one that helps tone our bodies. Now for those of you who are interested in joining me, the schedule for this challenge is below. Begin when you feel comfortable, but do not quit no matter how difficult it might get, or how much you might hurt after. Getting to 5 minutes seems almost impossible, but I am going to prove to myself that I can do it and so can you! Now who’s with me?!!

plank challenge

Sending good luck vibes your way!


Quick Morning Workouts

Motivation2 Since a lot of us are busy people, sometimes we state matter-of-factly that there isn’t enough time in a day to workout. Well I’m here to say that there is time, whether that means getting up even earlier, doing quick exercises at your desk or during commercials while watching your favorite TV show. There is time and there are no excuses. I found some quick morning workouts for you all that will take at most 30 minutes, I promise. And once you are done, you will feel ready for the day, or in pain but that’s a good thing!

Option 1:                                                 Option 2:

25 jumping jacks                                   50 jumping jacks

5 push-ups                                            20 squats

25 crunches                                           30 second side plank (each side)

15 squats                                               20 modified push-ups

30 second plank                                   35 side-laying leg lifts (each side)

50 calf raises                                         1 minute quick feet

5 push-ups                                            30 second wall sit

30 second wall sit

Whether you choose option 1 or 2, complete the circuit twice and make sure to stretch when done!

There are plenty of other options as well that you can look up, but if I posted all of them, well we would be here forever and this post would be pages long! If any of you are up for the challenge, once I’m all settled in Florida, I will be starting the 30 day ab challenge which consists of doing the plank…I know everyone’s favorite!! Or, you can start with the 30 day squat challenge which is what I’m finishing up now. Let me tell you, that one kicks your butt, quite literally! I will absolutely motivate and encourage anyone who wants to try those, so let me know if you do!

Have a happy and healthy week!

Sending love and motivation your way!





1044060_10151520585215617_1571843101_n (1)

The secret is out I wanting to own my own gym is now out in the open! I just went with a Director of a well known gym in this area to look at a property to open up my own facility. I know for certain too many people are not being reached and I need your help. My husband told me babe, you should start your own “KICKSTARTER” account and like so many other social media sites out there I just did not want to create another time sucker.

Well when I went to look at this ideal property we have come to learn this building has been sealed up and neglected for over two years now. In my disappointment with the visions of bodies working out and bettering their lives, getting kiddos off the streets and involved in fun activities, and also the seniors in this area with nothing fun to do I got the upsetting number of over 1 Million dollars that will be needed to renovate this location. When there is hope I believe there is still a possibility and if our “Reading Rainbow” friend can raise millions to get children to love to learn how to read again I can raise millions to get children, young adults, adults, and seniors to have healthy lifestyles. Now this is my mission:

Moving Time!

breathe, plan, let go

Hi guys! This is my first blog post on here, but not my last!

As most of you now know, in about 2.5 weeks I will be making the move to Florida, the one state that I always said I’d never move to. Funny how things work out isn’t it! This move is for an incredible job that I feel so blessed to have been offered, and while I am beyond excited to start my life somewhere new, I am also, naturally, terrified.

This whole process happened fairly quickly and out of the blue. The company I will be working for found and contacted me towards the end of May, and I proceeded to have two phone interviews with them before ultimately flying down for an all day interview in early June. And by all day, I mean from 8am-3:30pm. Yes it was a long day, but I am so glad that I went down for the interview. Who knows how long I would have waited for another opportunity like this to happen. By the end of June I was offered the job, and, well, now here I am attempting to pack, cancel everything here, get everything set up for my apartment there, all while working out to relieve stress and making sure my school work is completed on time. My days are packed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This transition has been tough on me from the very beginning. Those who know me are well aware of the fact that I am a complete homebody. I enjoy where I live and the fact that my friends and parents are close by. However, this move is necessary for me. Not only do I need to leave because there is nothing for me in Buffalo related to my job, but I need this change to figure out what it is in life I need and want. I’m comfortable where I am, but now it’s time for me to be pushed outside my comfort zone. Planning and preparing for this move has already made me become more outgoing, which is the complete opposite of my usual quiet self. I’ve been telling everyone that this move will be good for me, and I think that by me telling them that, it is making me believe that statement is true.

I am beyond grateful and blessed for all the support, encouragement, excitement, and well wishes from everyone. Without those who have stood by my side when things started to go downhill, I’m not sure that I would be making this huge move. Those few individuals mean the whole world to me and I couldn’t have asked for more perfect and amazing people to share this experience with me! I love you all to the moon and back and know that you are always welcome to stay with me anytime!!

Sending love and encouragement your way!

Ready To Pop, Ready To Party !

Holly Zumba Baby ShowerCome to this special Master Class to help ZJC Holly Kerr celebrate her upcoming arrival of baby Kerr!!

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Baby Shower and Zumba® Party will directly follow MC! you can attend both or just one or the other (no ticket needed for shower)!! 7:00pm-9:00pm

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Baby Kerr’s gender is not being revealed just quite yet!!
Holly Kerr is registered at: Target, Buy Buy Baby, and!

Pre-sale tix will be available from several instructors and at the PACC!!

Any questions contact Mary Gibbons 913-5829 or Joscelynn Ann Baio 490-0506!!

Pick up ticket at event.


We are our own boss regardless of what you think or less importantly what anyone tells you. I grew up understanding the lies we tell ourselves are so detrimental. If we just arise from that dark place and as humans we all have them it is our duty to turn them off. Also, the lies told by others it is time to let those look in their own mirror and stay in there own mirror. That is why when we work out, especially during our intense workouts I say it is between you and you baby no one else!

I grew up like everyone else with adversity. We were coming home one Christmas Eve back in 1987 to be exact and I was in the back seat, step dad driving, and mom in passenger seat. Well a drunk driver ran a stop sign, hit us broad sided and we crashed into a brick wall. I just remember hours later my step mom pulling glass out of my hair piece by piece.

This is where my fate of my life lived. My mother was diagnosed as being terminally ill with a bone and joint disease. Which she is still here with us today now 2014. She lay bedridden my entire knowledge of knowing her my entire growing years still until adult life. Kind of exhausting how the capabilities one could have her whole life and the choices we have to always see the wrong ones constantly being made. Instead of vitamins and oranges juice drug and alcohol has always been their choice. My step dad did die of a heart attack a few years back and well mom still chooses to battle the addictions.

Watching all this in happening in life I am so thankful I found God and have been able to live the light that is so graciously instilled in each and every one of us. I always stood in amazement at the human body and how we are able to restore and heal on own is just so incredible.

My desire to take care of this body we temporarily have here on earth I know my passion is overflown to bring the knowledge to each individual who comes into my life to take the time to share the abilities that each one holds in their own lives. I always tell my client don not ever put a cap on what you are capable of. I have literally seen clients transform into butterflies and move like they have never have before. The possibilities are endless and I never give up hope either. I do pray that right person comes into my mom’s life that she will listen to and let in and they impact her with her limitless possibilities. God is in control!

Always remember, never put a cap on what you are capable of! Until next time….

Ken Ton YMCA

2014 YMCA Annual Campaign from WNYMedia Services on Vimeo.

As most of you know my fitness career means everything to me. There are times when I look back and reflect and thank God how far I have become with this journey. To witness so many lives transform before my very eyes is impeccable to me. I have been teaching Zumba for five years now. First started with Zumba Gold, for the older or deconditioned participant. Now I have to stop here and reflect for a minute I not only learned the Zumba foundation here in this program but the woman who had taught me Zumba was an 85 year old Zumba presenter and a breast cancer survivor. Yes, I mean it she taught me everything I know today about Zumba. What she most importantly taught me in life is NEVER put a cap on what we are capable of doing.

I then later took into liberty to teach Zumba Toning. Zumba Toning was the avenue I am meant to be on with the sheer fact we are to workout with muscle strength and training for 2-3 days and I would have never been educated of the human body as to follow the beneficial fitness aspects of Toning if it were not for my Personal Training Certification through AFAA (American Fitness Association of America). Now being my second favorite specialty I have a new found love.

Aqua Zumba where the party meets the water! Water aerobics are so good for the human body and less impact is on our bodies. Just an awesome program I am so blessed to now lead at the Ken Ton YMCA on Belmont Ave. in Tonawanda. If ever in the area and you have never been to this Y feel free to come visit the pool on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am. Just go to the front desk and tell them I sent you. Who would have ever thought you can actually sweat in the pool!?!