Biggest Winner Round One

My name is Erica Steele and I am the winner of the first biggest loser challenge. I lost 42 pounds in the 15 week challenge. I feel amazing and am more confident than ever. It is a gratifying feeling to get back into my “skinny jeans” and to not dread going clothes shopping. I’m excited to keep going and to stick to my new healthy life style with the love and support from my husband taking this journey with me.
I never thought exercising was fun till Zumba came into my life. I was excited when Joscelynn introduced the biggest loser challenge as it was a way to give me motivation and really make me think about my life style. I give many thanks and gratitude for all the love and support from my Zumba family and especially to the best Zumba instructor Joscelynn who gave me inspiration and of course a big hug at the scale every week. I also want to thank my Zumba partner, my mom Amy, who was right there with me every week! She, along with all the other ladies, did an amazing job! So if you are thinking of doing the biggest loser challenge next time I say go for it! It was a great experience and fun at the same time.