It’s All About You

When we take ourselves out of the equation to help others something incredible happens! When you are ready to be the true network marketer you are meant to be. When you want to own your own life and no one else does.. When timing is just right now to get started for something for yourself… Read more »

I Told You

New Year, New You! Now is the time to achieve those dreams and goals you have always wanted to accomplish in your health and fitness! Dance Now for Less! TO BRING IN THE NEW YEAR RIGHT I AM OFFERING YOU AN INCREDIBLE 4 WEEK DEAL! A 10 CLASS PUNCH CARD NOW ONLY $50.00 OR $10… Read more »

Benefits of Zumba Dance Fitness

Benefits of Zumba Dance Fitness The most common cause for people putting a break to their exercise is boredom and lack of time. Zumba has the ability to solve both these problems by offering a complete body workout in just a single session, thus making exercise fun. With the beats of lively music the mood… Read more »

Let’s Make a Difference Together! Are you In?

Warm, Filling, and Nourishing Meals What could a little girl accomplish with a rich, warm meal in her belly? What could she achieve and dream? What could she grow up to be? One third of child deaths worldwide are attributed to under nutrition.* Children also suffer from malnutrition, chiefly caused by vitamin deficiency. Warm, satisfying,… Read more »

New Year, New You!!

Things I am thankful for 2010… I am so Blessed for the Family you gave me God, Thank you! =”)Watching our children grow and being the parents we are Blessed to be 2010 has been an amazing year. In January of 2010, the New Year I am fired up with my business with 4Life.  The… Read more »

An Important Truth about Turkey Bacon

Hmmmmmm… TURKEY BACON Pork bacon’s got a bad rap for wreaking havoc on your cholesterol. But is turkey bacon really any better? The Truth: Stick with the pig. As far as calories go, the difference between “healthy” turkey bacon and “fatty” pig is negligible—and depending on the slice, turkey might sometimes tip the scales a… Read more »

Imagine the Growth

For a long time I have felt something that has kept me back from doing a lot of things. I have always wanted more in life. Not more materialistically because I really didn’t come from that type of background. Wanting more was to want betterment not just in my life but the lives of others.… Read more »

What is Zumba?

Already six months that I have been a part of the Zumba Family. I have to say what an incredible journey this is and to know it is just the beginning..just a baby still this excites me on the inside so much!! :”’)) I have learned that being a part of Zumba we are all… Read more »


What are your dreams, your goals, your desires, your passion, your greatest excitement? Do you have something you have been writing in a journal since you were younger that you have been rewriting over and over again that you would just be over joyed if that came true? Have you been wanting to do something… Read more »

Protect your Body, Tune to Health

4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime™ supplies an added source of support for healthy immune cell function, especially during times of increased stress. Glutamine is an amino acid that serves as a major source of fuel for immune cells. Glutamine is continually needed and used by the immune system but reserves can become depleted by additional everyday… Read more »

1 yr. Birthday Dedication to Our Little Man

I cannot believe this time last year hubby and I, we were heading to the hospital for and gave birth to our second amazing child our little boy, Salvatore Gregory. How fast time flies with these kids I cannot believe it..I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it…I am looking at You, ZaZa… Read more »

Buffalo New York Z.I.N. Member

I hit the jackpot…Jaaaaajaaaajaaaaackpot…Cha ching Okay so I am super excited right now it has been some odd months now that I have become a part of the our “ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR NETWORK.” You know it is very healthy to have the access to this site for us instructors there is no doubt about it. I… Read more »

Top soil and Gravel

It was September, 2 years ago our 3rd year Wedding Anniversary.  Hubby and I got an awesome gift for a couples massage from my in-laws.  A day at Niagara on the Lake for an awesome massage with my amazing husband!  Isn’t a massage much needed most of or all of the time?!  Ahhhhh..I remember how… Read more »

Sow In Love

I am so truly Blessed of the Love that surrounds me…The opportunity to pour out my hearts content. There is no greater feeling than sharing a special moment with those that you love and that love you unconditionally! I grew up with parents that separated and divorced when I was three there was no tension,… Read more »

Excersize daily, walk with God

The feeling is so incredible to walk with God everyday. I say this with truth that I need HIM and always did I was just to stubborn to notice. I am so grateful for salvation. All we do is so not worthy of God’s Love as he continues to pour into our Faith in hopes… Read more »

Things To Be Thankful For


Grazing the water…

Yesterday was the day we did some serious tubing…Never did I imagine I would be saying I love this so much! I truly am so sore and worked muscles I have not used in a very long time. Or what I say my fascia hurts lol I seriously cannot wait to do this again.. Taking… Read more »

Practice makes perfect

Okay so whoever said that was so not perfect! What it should say is practice makes practice! Have you tried to learn something over and over again and told yourself I am so not gonna get this. I can’t do this. Even being so close to having a knowing of the absolute target. For 5… Read more »

Fear–You Can Do It!!

What a scary word huh? Not really, F.aith E.ndures A.lways R.ight!?! Did you ever have a fear or do you have one currently? How do you overcome your biggest one? Have you overcome? Tell me about that… The enemy tries to steal, lie, cheat and destroy the truth that we all have the choice to… Read more »

Life Stream

Company Testimonials 4Life makes is easy to break out of my comfort zone and communicate effectively “When I joined 4Life, I was shy and it was very painful for me to talk to people. With my sponsor’s help, I gained confidence to promote the 4Life Products and Opportunity on my own.” —Shirley L. 4Life Distributor… Read more »

River of Life

I am a medical doctor. At first I was a bit skeptical about the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor until I began to notice the immune support it provided to my patients. I decided to give my four year-old son 4Life Transfer Factor Kids to help support his immune system. Today he is a healthy… Read more »

Baby Boomer Truths

There are 74 million Baby Boomer born between 1946 and 1964 worldwide. The Boomers are the fastest growing population segment. The number of Americans over 65 is expected to double by 2030 to 65 million. There will be 9 million over age 85 compared to 4 million today. Every 7 seconds a baby boomer turns… Read more »

Zumba Beginner/Zumba Gold Beginner

Not strickly for the older active adult…for people of all ages!! I never took a Zumba class until recently and let me tell you I highly recommend starting off in a Zumba Gold class and I am talking from all avenues in life. Not only because the moves are explained one by one in a… Read more »

Zumba Chair Class

It warms my heart to know that there is an organization such as Zumba that created a class for what we call our “Gold Market.” This workout is designed for participants that have physical and/or psychological limitations. I have specialized and have trained for the condition of the limitation in range of motion for my… Read more »

Why is Transfer Factor so special you ask?

I like to seriously say Nature’s Miracle…Strengthen your immune system now! FAQs: Q: What are transfer factors? A: Transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs—substances that add nutrients to the body. Transfer factors are molecules that actually transfer immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another. Q: When were transfer factors discovered? A:… Read more »

Belief System…

We all have our own thoughts and mindsets and it’s interesting to see how we are all wired totally and completely differently. I like to take the kiddos to the supermarket every day getting little odds and ends for dinner. Not at all because I like to go food shopping avidly. The mere fact that… Read more »

Here’s the Scoop..

Thank you for your interest in 4Life Research and Transfer Factor. We distribute the Transfer Factor products sharing the information with people we know personally and in business. The Transfer Factor product technology is really scientific. We provide education to our people. We do that through conference calls, drive-time audio cd’s, websites, etc. We also do a… Read more »

Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating

* Be aware of the size and shape of containers. It’s the amount of food that counts, not what it looks like. * Serve food on smaller plates and bowls. Empty plates and bowls cue some people to stop eating. * Use nutrition labels, paying attention to the serving size listed. Consider the facts; don’t… Read more »

Love is…

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes,… Read more »