Are you Ready for a Challenge?

I’ve always loved working out and try to eat healthy. My mentality was if I live a mostly active lifestyle and eat healthy most of the time, I don’t need to worry or feel guilty when I indulge in a cookie or a big dinner out or a few drinks with friends. I was never a competitive athlete, which is why I love running as an adult so much more than my high school days. A long run is the perfect way to be one with your thoughts, clear your head and burn major calories doing so, which makes you want to eat more. I miss the days of long runs and “second breakfasts” at Alton’s.
What’s changed? Kids, work, motivation. We all have our reasons for being motivated to be fit as much as the excuses for not staying on track. My motivation 5 years ago was my wedding. All the work that goes into that one day, I never thought I would care so much about my appearance. But the realization that I would be standing in front of HUNDREDS of people all looking at ME (and my husband)! I wanted to make sure I looked good. And I did, we worked our butts off – running, Insanity, flat belly diets, Sassy water. And when the big day came around I was a size 4 for the first time ever in my life!
Newlywed life was great, we spent a week in Mexico unplugged, sat by the pool all day, ran once to stay in shape. Upon returning we got right back into our fitness routine as we were training for a half marathon. I wasn’t as strict with my diet but I was still living that (mostly) healthy life.
A few months after the race I was pregnant, and running back-to-back-to-back races. Two half marathons and a 10k all in 3 weeks! With my first son I did everything right, I think mostly because I had the time. I ate healthy, worked out as much as I felt up to – as I told my husband I was now exercising for health not weight loss so I didn’t want to get sweaty. Post-baby I worked out as soon as I got the go ahead (maybe a little sooner). We put him in his baby swing to watch while we did T25. Then, just a few weeks later I got a call no one ever wants to get. In the midst of one of the worst storms WNY has ever seen, my dad collapsed in his driveway while snow plowing and died. It was a huge shock as it was so sudden and unexpected. During the next year, getting fit was not my priority. I still had a family to take care of, work and we sold our house and moved in with my mom. I lost the baby weight, but not because I was trying … I had no time to eat, drink and be merry. And then before I knew it I was pregnant again!
Baby number two was not the same pregnancy in any way, including taking the time to workout and eat only the healthiest options. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain as much the second time around despite my constant cravings for olives and onion rings, but the weight was much harder to lose.
I struggled with how this made me feel for a long time. I decided long ago I didn’t want to be that size 4 girl again because it was too hard. I just wanted to be healthy and comfortable in my body.

So what does all this mean for you? Maybe you didn’t have a wedding or a baby yet, or suffer the loss of a parent or close loved one. But, you did fall off the healthy wagon and we are here to get you back on board. The biggest thing keeping me going is being accountable to my class, my friends, family and myself. I’m not trying to fit back into those size 4 jeans (hmmm but I did have some pretty cute dresses …). I just want to be healthy and show my boys how to be healthy. So they watch me practice new routines, get in the stroller when we go for runs, and my 2 1/2 year old even gets down and does squats, lunges, push ups and sit ups with me – 5 reps each because 5 is his favorite number.

Remember, you reap what you sow. Do good and get great results. The catch? You have to do the work, we are just your cheerleaders. Join us for just 5 weeks and see how much YOU can do!

Author: Carrie Fick