Thank you so much for joining SowFit Buffalo Sports and Fitness!

My name is Joscelynn Ann Baio, (JAB Fitness), B.A. Sports coach, Adaptive Fitness Trainer, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, AFAA (Aerobics Fitness Association of America) Group Certified fitness instructor, AFAA Kickboxing Certified, and owner of SowFit Buffalo.  I just want to personally drop in and thank you for us to serve your fitness goals.

Just so you know, my team and I work extremely hard to create exercise programs that actually work and we care very much about your experience. With that, please know that we are here for you if you need anything at all, we genuinely want to make sure you’re totally satisfied with your fitness investment. Feel free to contact us here or call us at 716-331-3671 folder if you need help at any time.