A Fish Called Wanda

So we have had 3 fish in our tank for some time now. Really content going on their business day in and day out. Gracefully swimming back and forth in the tank. IT is true what they say, fish tanks are very tranquil and is highly recommended to be in the location where you do your most work to have that peaceful environment to do work and studies in. It does work…

So we wanted to add to the fish family..you know of course the kiddos have names for these fish. This one we called, Wanda. We brought it home really pretty, tiger striped had a distinguished added color to the black and white stripes and was just a pretty fish. The pet store said, no worries these fish do well with the ones we have.

Day one, Wanda went in crazily swam back and forth in the tank almost looking like it was banging it’s head into each side of the tank. There was no seeking tranquility with this one LOL

As the days passed this extreme action turned into pecking at the other 3 fish. Literally attacking them! You could see the fear in these fish. I mean I was starting to feel really, really bad for them. I watched this behavior for a couple of days. After about a week you see the other 3 fish instead of running from Wanda they would now hide behind the filter and stay there. These fish lost their fight, the fight I don’t even think was there to begin with. But the fight that they could have had they were willing to just sit there and give up. What really, to that big bully these 3 fish..yes 3 fish were willing to put all arms down (or should I say fins =P) to die behind the filter. All 3 fish hid behind the filter.

Uh uh, nope not going to let that happen! You had to have seen how mad I got! I was like this fish is going down! I will flush him down the toilet so fast he won’t even know what is coming to him! I was ready for the battle..I got the fish net and went to battle with this fast little sucker! He was bouncing off the walls not letting me get him. He would hide I almost got him and then bounce. A soup spoon was not successful either. Then I tried putting my hand in there with not so good visibility that did not work.

With the other fish still in the corner this little stinker was I would guess exhausted. We have a little castle on the bottom and Wanda swam into there and hid. I guess hoping no one would find him there. I was so heated at this point. I was like HAha!!! I got you sucker!!!! I lifted the castle outta water with fish in it heading for the toilet bowl.

I did the right thing though I got a baggie and headed this inconsiderate, crazy fish back to the pet store! Our fish at first were hesitant to come out and live peacefully, took some time. Now the three of them swim gracefully in our tank and are enjoying life.

Wanda, well I don’t know her future but I picture maybe a huge shark coming at her…Haha Just Kidding! =P

Was a GREAT Movie too!! 🙂